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Alan Guftafson Caught Cheating on the #24 Car?

Posted on: October 2, 2011 11:34 am
WOW - did this really happen, was Alan Gustafson caught cheating by NASCAR before the #24 driven by Jeff Gordon went to qualify?

After Jeff Gordon did so well in both practices on Friday at Dover and fell on his face in qualifying I texted a NASCAR official to find out what happened. Here is the breif conversation: AZMO "What the heck happened to Jeff Gordon in Qualifying?" Official " They had to make the car legal" "the offset was wrong so they had to fix it" AZMO "Dude that's funny, why would he even practice in that set up then? Man that's brain dead." Official "I don't know what Alan was thinking"

Who would be that stupid to try and sneak something by NASCAR when the #24 was fifth in points 23 back? If I'm Jeff Gordon, I don't want Alan anywhere near my race car.
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