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Pressure on Cubs, To Win Now?

Posted on: November 3, 2011 7:53 am
I'm hearing a lot of talk about the new management team of the Cubs, feeling the pressure to win right away. Sure the Cubs haven't won a World Series in over a 100 and some odd years, (I stopped counting after 100) why can't we The Fans wait a little longer and allow Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyers, and Jason McLeod to build this team the right way. Theo stated in his press conference that to sustain success is to build from the ground, up. So when I read all the columns about free agency and where players might go and I read the Cubs section all the columnists and baseball insiders are saying Theo will have pressure to win right away and might overpay for a big free agent. 

My real question is where does this pressure to win right away come from is it us the fans? or is it from the media? I personally believe it's a little of both. There are some Cubs fans out there who don't understand how the farm system works or even who our minor league affiliates are, that want the Cubs to win right now and don't understand why we're losing or how baseball really works at all. These are most of the irrational Cubs fans, and often give most of us Cubs fans a bad rap, there also the same fans that still blame Bartman for 2007. But does the media create these kinds of fans, do these fans read articles that say the Cubs must win now with Theo Epstein in charge and are they influenced by these articles? In this way I think this is why both are the reason for the culture of must win now!

Personally I hope Theo keeps to his word and focuses on building up the farm system, a system that has been in the bottom half of organization rankings since 2009. In 2009 the Cubs had a dismal organizational ranking of 27th out of 30 according to Baseball America, in 2010 after the Rickett's family took over the Cubs in November of 2009 they ranked 15th, and this year the moved back a spot to 16th. Without a strong farm system we'll be back right where we are now. Sure Lou Piniella led us from a 90 loss team in 2006 to the playoffs in 2007 and another playoff berth in 2008, but that was a quick fix and a must win now mentallity and now look where we are, two straight 5th place finishes in the NL Central. 

So when I read all these articles about Theo needing to win right now I just shudder and hope that my fellow Cubs fans can wait a couple more years so we can win multiple championships when the time comes! We've waited for over 100 years what's another 2 or 3 more we've made it this far it's almost here. With more money spent on the draft this year than any other things are looking better and better for the Cubs everyday and I haven't even mentioned the firing of Mike Quade! 
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