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Things I'd like to see in 2012

Posted on: February 13, 2012 3:37 pm
2012 is going to be huge, not only is it another huge year of sports, but it doubles as an Olympic year, meaning that thousands more athletes will be known to those worldwide as they head to London for the world's biggest sporting festival. This doesn't mean that the next season of College Football and Hoops will be less exciting, or important, (and also the NHL and MLB, and NFL to a certain extent, but the NBA has kinda lost my liking), but certainly those weeks in August will be huge. As a New Zealander, I, of course hope for some great kiwi performances in Athletics (especially my friend from school, the young and rising Jacko Gill), Rowing, Cycling and Swimming.

But, that's just what I want to see from an Olympic perspective, what I want to see overall in 2012 is this, as I'm sure Americans couldn't care less about the NZ Olympic team.

1. I want to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. I may be a Twins fan, but this has to happen, the fans are too diehard to not win the Fall classic.

2. I want the NHL CBA to expire and be renewed quickly and without lockout this year.

3. I want the SEC's run of championships ended, and hopefully for USC to end it.

4. I want the BCS system dumped and guaranteed to be gone at the end of its contract.

5. I want March Madness won by the underdog team. Although I still want them to be a true Conference Champion.

6. I want the Olympics run smoothly and without any political screwups.

7. I want the US and Canada strengthening Rugby in the country.

8. I want the Denver Broncos to come back even stronger and prove that last year wasn't a fluke.

9. I want Tim Tebow to finally be recognised as a true NFL QB.

10. I want Boise St to prove that they're the real deal without Kellen Moore.

11. I want the Colts with Andrew Luck to do some damage next year, and for RG3 to make an immediate impact.

12. Of course, I want to see the Broncos win the Superbowl.

13. I want Rugby to become an NCAA sanctioned sport.

14. I hope that the MLB becomes so tough on steroid use that players are outright banned upon use.

15. And I hope that there are no steroid controversies in baseball this year.

AND I'd love for the Los Angeles Kings to win the Stanley Cup (we're sick of losing to San Jose!), and also for a Mid-Major to make the BCS NCG.
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