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Da York's finally did something right

Posted on: November 8, 2011 6:56 am
7 and 1...Who of thought my beloved San Francisco 49ers have an instant turn around. Yes, it's too early to say what the end regular season result will be because even being currently 7-1, you can easily go 7-9 to finish. Most divisions you'd be finish but example last season the Seahawks went into the playoffs with that below .500 record. 

Kudos to the York Family and the Niner front office getting off their butts and landing Jim Harbaugh to bring back that Niner mystic. Granted the Stanford Cardinal are doing well without Harbaugh, it's the system that was implemented whatever Harbaugh did there and is doing now with the 49ers. Alex Smith was almost signed off, I wrote him off when he first arrived, but Harbaugh gave him a chance and gave him a workable package and how to utilize the star power around him. So even this is year one of the Harbaugh era the Yorks did something really right.

Looking ahead besides the NFC West still to face the 3 biggest test this week is the Giants, later Ravens and the Steelers on MNF. Wrap those key games up and the division with the help of the Lions beating GB on Turkey day and either a Lions sweep with the season finale game or to another opponent, the Niners could see themselves with the NFC #1 seed and home the entire way of the playoffs...
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