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The Big 12 needs to Strike Back

Posted on: November 9, 2011 5:47 am
Only if the Big 12 would listen to me. Going forward with the departures of Missouri and Texas A&M, they need to hit a homerun with new additions to go with their current members. The arrival of West Virginia into the conference I see is somewhat a plus, their football program has a good history of making the postseason bowl games in the past, currently a decent record at 6-3 overall, 2 or 3 more wins will get them to a decent bowl game and men's basketball has an upside opportunity to create an exciting Big 12 conference.

Sadly with Missouri and Texas A&M going sayonara I'll miss the basketball rivalry of Missouri and Kansas and day after Thanksgiving Texas and Texas A&M added to the already gone CU vs. Nebraska game. Glad there is still OU vs. Okie St. to end the Big 12 regular season which this year should be a dandy if both schools hold up. Getting back to the hardwood West Virginia and Kansas has a nice ring and should live up to exciting basketball.

So here's my take... You still have Kansas, Kansas St., Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Texas, Texas Tech, Iowa St., Baylor and newly invited West Virginia. Big 12 officials listen up and work your tail off and add Cincinnati(Football and Basketball are solid), seriously stop Boise St. from entering the
Big L(East) and I think the Big 12 fans would agree to seeing Boise St and Oklahoma go toe to toe every season. Texas vs. Boise St. isn't a bad matchup either, another good addition would be BYU in the Big 12 and Finally the Homerun is get Notre Dame to join for football and basketball. Let the Irish keep their home tv games on NBC to have more exposure for the league and Texas too can keep theirs and televise all games except the Red River Shootout game. CBS can be the home for the Big 12 football and basketball seasons. The Big 12 Championship game can return to Cowboys Stadium and everything will be all good for the Big 12. 13 team membership and 10 game conference schedule.

My vision for football for the Big 12.. The Darrell Royal Division, Texas, Texas Tech, Boise St., Baylor, Iowa St. and West Virginia. The Barry Switzer division, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Kansas, Kansas St.,Cincinnati, BYU and Notre Dame.  Same team for basketball with the Naismith and Iba divisions.

Seriously this idea gotta happen and get back at those that left and conferences that tried to destroy you
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