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Week 12 and the NFL firing will come shortly..

Posted on: November 28, 2011 4:24 am
Some college teams didn't take very long to start fresh with firing their current coaches and more to follow as the regular season wraps up this week. Five more weeks left in the NFL and I expect a number of coaches that'll be shown the door, starting off with Norv Turner as he never gotten the Chargers to it's highest level since replacing Marty Shotteinheimer especially this season in wide open AFC west, today's lost to Tim Tebow and the Broncos givng them lost number 7 show be the icing on the cake for Turner's firing. 

Next on the NFL firing list would be Andy Reid, Philly needs change despite some unfavorable calls by league referees, the lost of Michael Vick & WR DeSean Jackson's antics. Reid lost control of the team, hired a OL coach to be DC after the previous DC spent one season in that role after the passing of DC Legend Jim Johnson (God Bless his soul). Now Reid may get a 50/50 chance to stay because of a very talented team that underachieve, maybe Jon Gruden leaves ESPN after the re-upping for 5 more years doing tv, he's gotta be hungry to roam the sidelines and a quick call to SC and rescue Monty Kiffen from his son, Lane.

Other expected teams to fire their coaches would be Jacksonville & Miami possibly St. Louis, K.C. and I even think Shanahan with Washington is on the hot seat, Pete Carroll in Seattle and why not Rex Ryan with the Jets if they don't make it to the postseason.
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