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Just How Deep Is This Hole?

Posted on: December 1, 2011 10:32 am

Boeheim Adds To The Chaos

A word of caution to all parents. Do not, under any circumstances allow your young children to participate in organized sports unless you supervise what they are doing. And by supervise, I mean closely supervise. What started as something unbelievable, has now become something surreal. 

Bad enough that the Penn State situation has hurt so many young men whose parents were given the assurances that their young sons were being taken care of by professional coaches and staff, but now it seems there may be more than just an isolated situation in Pennsylvania to be concrened about. Syracuse, and it's coaching staff are now in the spotlight, and some are making inquiries as to how much Jim Boeheim himself knows about the whol. He scoffs at remarks, shows little or no concerne thing. Boeheim's attitude is not helping either, as his brash, New York State Of Mind bravado has come to show. He scoffs at questions, he brushes aside concern for the victims, and basically makes a mockery of the whole situation by playing the tough guy and refusing to acknowledge just how serious the whole thing actually is.

Does anyone else think this whole thing is just becoming too bizarre for words? No one knows for sure just how many people or places are involved in this whole thing. If it were not so incredibly sickening to see these predators in high profile places in collegiate athletics, preying on these young men, it would be the stuff of movies. Short of the Catholic Church admissions sometime back, this seems to be the worst situation that the public has seen when it comes to widespread abuse of young children by those who are supposed to be in roles that protect them.

Which leads to the question that no one wants to ask, but is on the tip of everyone's tongue. Who is next? 
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