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Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

Posted on: January 11, 2012 1:18 pm
Edited on: January 24, 2012 10:53 am

The Reds got an excellent closer on a reasonable contract when they agreed to an $8.5-million, one-year contract with ex-Phillie Ryan Madson. What did Madson get? He received the opportunity to close for a very good young team where he has the chance to rack up saves before hitting the free-agent market again next year.

Madson came close to doing a $44-million, four-year deal with the Phillies earlier this winter, as everyone knows by now. But Madson's agent Scott Boras wanted to make it clear that Madson did not reject that proposal, as has been suggested in some places on the blogosphere, and in fact informed the Phillies he was ready to sign back with the Phillies for that $44-million deal he said was proposed. "He told the Phillies he would accept it, and the Phillies decided not to execute it,'' Boras said by phone.

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro has denied that the deal fell apart because club president Dave Montgomery wouldn't approve it but declined to get into the specifics of how it blew up. Word was, the sides were discussing relatively minor items such as incentives when Amaro raised the idea of needing to go to Montgomery, though Amaro has since said that Montgomery knew all along where things stood and was not the reason the deal didn't go down. The Phillies ultimately signed Jonathan Papelbon for $50 million over four years shortly after the deal with Madson blew up.

The Phillies at some point tried to re-engage Madson about returning on a much lower deal, but after being under the impression he had a deal with his old team for $44 million Madson never re-entered serious talks with his old team.

In any case, the Reds were the beneficiary of the deal that blew up, getting the improving reliever who saved 30 of 32 chances in his first year with the bulk of the closing time. He went 4-2 with 62 strikeouts in 60 2/3 inings.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 2:34 pm

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

If the Phillies really did pull their offer, why did Boras wait until now to make his claim?  It's much more likely that he didn't relay the offer to Madson or strongly recommended that Madson wait for a better offer.  Now that he has gotten his client screwed, he feels the need to save face (and, hopefully his relationship with Madson since he will again be a free agent closer next year).

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 2:28 pm

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

Why does anyone listen to Scott Boras has to say on anything?  Everyone knows he is a ego inflated, lying sack of digested horse meals.  as long as slime like him are calling the shots for players there will never be fiscal responsibility or true league wide competative ball.
Boras is slime but he only doing his Job, making sure the player he represents get the best deal possible. He have to be doing something right for he represents so many high-profile players

There no way that the league can be competitive when all team has a different budgets, Yankees budget is over 180 million while the Rays has a Budget of less then 80 million. A good way for A True league wide competitive is all teams has the same amount of money to spend on players, but that won't happen any time soon. Team like the Oakland A's who has a small budget to work with, while 4 top Yankees players make more money then some teams pay for their whole team.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 2:28 pm

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

In an informal poll, Baseball fans were asked who they thought was more likely to be lying, Scott Boras or Ruben Amaro.  Here are the results:


Boras -- 97%

Amaro -- 3%


Oddly enough, the 3% attributed to Amaro all came from family members of Scott Boras.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 12:43 pm

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

I loved Pap also. I was always thinking "Oh Boy, that the end of this game!" when he came in to pitch the 9th in his earlier years. In recent years though, it has become a real struggle for him it seems. Somehow he manages to get into more and more deep counts, and more baserunners, and by the end of the 9th, your fingernails are bitten down to the quick! Yes, he always seems to be able to pull it out. But the way he gets to that save is much much different than in seasons past.

He will be a good closer for you guys Phil fans, make sure you relax in the ninth though, or he can give you a heart-attack!

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 11:21 am

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

Enjoy Paps Philly fans. I'm sure he will find his kryptonite in the NL like the Yankees were his. Kid chokes in big games. I loved Paps in Boston and I backed him till the day he left. However, he is very predictible and in the last few years very hittable. He is no longer a dominant closer

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 11:05 am

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

I'm constantly surprised how nobody ever speaks of the farce that Boras and A-Rod pulled off a few years back!After realizing that they would get nowhere near the money after the horrible opt out during the world Series,A-Rod pretended to fire Boras and profess his love for the Steinbrenners and the Yankees so as to re-up for the worst contract in baseball history,only to quietly hire Boras back under the radar shortly after after the dust had cleared..They played on the Steinbrenners vanity,their need to be publicly vindicated for this lack of loyalty!Boras took the bullet for A-Rod and the rest is history!I would love to see a Hanley Ramirez for A-Rod swap while the Marlins are shelling out the dough..sliding Jeets over to 3rd....adding Ramirez makes us yonger AND better and would improve the defense...His contract is an albatross of gigantic proportions!!!

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 10:39 am

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off


Phils signed the wrong closer. Paplebon blew more saves in August and Sept 2011 than most closers blow in 2 years.

Look up the #'s you moron. Papelbon had 3 blown saves in 2011, he wasn't even top 60 in pitchers for blown saves. Wow you should have some stats if you are going to claim this. Oh and by the way he has a 1.00 era in 27 appearances in playoffs for his career, I guess that is just okay hahaha.

Madson is younger,

Actually Madson is 3 months older and has pitched more innings in the MLB. Oh and before 2011 Madson career wise as a closer saved only 48% of the time. Those are dreadful #'s.

Papelbon is better and has proved it. Madson is better and has proved it as an 8th inning pitcher, not as a closer. 1 year as a closer is not enough evidence for me, 6 years with Papelbon's career stats shows me he is top 5 every year.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 8:37 am

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

This is why more and more players - such as Beltran and ARod - are dumping Boras...he never knows when to fold 'em and accept the best deal for the player - whether it's about the money, or getting the player to where he wants to be. He pushes and pushes for too much, and guys either end up getting screwed like Madson, or playing in a city where they aren't happy, like ARod in Texas. Madson needs to fire Boras for this, and if Prince Fielder ends up in Seattle because they're the only team that meets Boras' price, he'll only have Boras to blame. How does a player the calibur of a Prince Fielder end up still a FA in mid-January???

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 8:30 am

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

Look at the quality people the Phillies have brought in (Halladay, Lee, Pence, etc).  I'm sure the Phillies didn't blow this.  If anything, Scott Borass pulled the same shenanigans he pulls everywhere.  My gues is Ruben Amaro wasn't going to get his chain yanked.  The Phillies have made so much money over the years, they had the flexibility to go out and spend the money and grab the best closer on the market.  BTW, look at the numbers...Papelbon's numbers are substantially better than Madson's over the course of their career.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 4:41 am

Boras: Ryan OK'd $44M bid; Phils backed off

So, the Phillies get a reliable, durable closer and only pay $1.5 million per year not to talk to Scott Boras... Considering his track record with Philadelphia players.... I'd call that a win for the Phils

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