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Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

Posted on: February 8, 2012 12:44 pm
Edited on: February 8, 2012 1:10 pm

Josh Hamilton is said to have been seeking a contract befitting a superstar before he went on his recent bender. Whether that means eight years, or $200 million, or something a bit south of that, he should put that idea out of his head right now.

Hamilton and the Rangers both said aloud that contract talks, which were expected to get going soon, will be tabled indefinitely while he and they try to figure out where he went wrong and how it happened. And that's perfectly appropriate. But even after he thinks he has it all figured out, Hamilton owes it to the team to offer to do a one-year deal with the Rangers. It can have team options if he likes, but only one year should be guaranteed under the circumstances.

Hamilton surely understands that if the Rangers don't give him a contract rewarding his incredible talent while ignoring the obvious major negative that someone else probably will. But Hamilton should also understand now he belongs in Texas and with the Rangers, who have guided him and backed him, and really, saved him. He owes them big. It is time he defers the dollars for some common sense.

The reality, of course, is that Hamilton or any other ballplaying millionaire making such a one-year proposal is probably about as likely as Texas seceding from the union. Still, it would be refreshing under the circumstances. It would also be the right thing to do.

Hamilton acknowledged he owed his wife and his team for what he has put them through, and here's his chance to show at least the team that that wasn't merely lip service. The Rangers saved him by trading for him and watching over him these past few years. They assigned Johnny Narron, a professional baseball man, to be his "accountability coach,'' and now, after Hamilton's own father-in-law Michael Dean Chadwick turned down the job, they have brought in Shayne Kelley, a former team chaplain and baseball coach with the Univeristy of Alabama, to handles duties that are far more difficult than most of us realize.

Hamilton performed masterfully at his press conference beyond his hat being on backwards, his failure to answer questions and his rather casual jog off stage. But one must ask themselves whether it is all or mostly an act. He looks like he's gotten off scot free, except for the delayed talks. What exactly are the repercussions? Rangers GM Jon Daniels has acknowledged that Hamilton is unlikely to face punishment from MLB for his episode, which included by his own admission "three or four''' alcoholic drinks before a return trip to the bar after promising concerned teammate Ian Kinsler he'd stay in the rest of the evening.

Hamilton acknoweldged that he, as an addict, is adept at fooling people about what's really going on. The whole back story of that night isn't known, nor is very much else known about his recovery. He is mandated, as a player who regained admission to MLB after being banned for continuing drug test failures, to take at least three drug tests a week. So at the very least, he has been staying off drugs. But this is the second alcoholic episode that's been documented.

It is time for him to give back to the team. Rangers officials say they passed on eight years for Fielder not to concentrate on Hamilton, that they just saw the price as too high and the length too long for Fielder. But Rangers owner Bob Simpson suggested it was unlikely they'd sign both longterm when he expressed his preference for Hamilton. That was merely one recent act of kindness the Rangers have shown Hamilton over the years. They have saved his career. Now, as he suggested in his press conference, it is time for him to repay.

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 3:16 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

This has got to be the worst; most judgemental piece of garbage article ever.

Mr Hamilton made a poor judgement choice for the life he is trying to lead.

Mr Hamilton hurt himself and his family; no oneelserelly.

This article might have made sense if Mr Hamilton had done something illegal.  As far as we know; he didn't.

Mr Hamilton owes no one outside of his family anything.

Mr Heyman owes everyone who read this article for wasting our time.

Mr Heyman, you obviously don't understand addiction;  please don't write about things you clearly don't understand again. 

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 3:14 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

This is a really bad article, for many reasons. 

It would be the right thing to do? I hadn't realized that the sports writers on this site were moral arbiters. The dumb, dumb writer clearly understands that what is "right" has no bearing on contract negotiations but why would Hamilton owe the Rangers organization anything? He has helped them reach two world series and played really, really well but any team would have assigned some form of accountability coach to him because he is a valuable commodity. He should take Texas for all they're worth and if they won't pay him what he could get elsewhere he should go elsewhere.

Backwards hat? Oh no, watch out Matt Stafford because Heyman is coming for you. He seems to be trying to paint a portrait of Hamiliton as a spoiled, pampered athlete who has never had to live with any consequences for his actions. But how has he not!? He has to have an accountability coach and take 3 drug tests a week. Guy can't even go out and have a beer without a teammate harping on him - not that this was the wrong thing to do by Kinsler or whoever it was, but it is still a consequence.

And finally, the idea that this incident - which is really pretty innocuous - should affect his long term future with the Rangers is totally bogus. As an addict myself I understand that you have to flex the self control muscles pretty regularly in addition to everything else you must do to maintain sobriety. But what a lot of addicts don't talk about is that relapse is part of recovery. Some never relapse but most do and if/when you do, you try to limit the impact on every part of your life as much as possible and you immediately seek help preferably before during and after - though it doesn't always work out that way, unfortunately. He had a few drinks and then went to seek medical attention. Don't really see how that should affect anything other than Hamilton and those close to him. 

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 2:57 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

get a life pal.
I am 26 years clean and do not blame anyone but me.

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 2:09 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

Got off scot free?
Did I miss the part where he did something illegal?
This might possibly be the worst article I have ever read.
So many garbage lines that I won't list them all.
I'm a huge Hamilton fan and hope he stays clean and sober.
That being said, he's a grown ass man and a baseball player, his personal life doesn't really affect me.

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 2:02 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

Wow, Heyman, I'm sure glad you're not my agent or advisor. Are you kidding me? How many times have I heard, 'it's a business" when players, agents and front office people talk about trades, players and contract negotiations. The way Hamilton plays the game, who's to say he won't suffer a career ending injury running into a wall chasing down a fly ball, or take a 95 mph fastball in the orbital bone (Tony Conigliaro, anyone?). Hamilton and his agent should go to free agency, or sign a long term deal with the Rangers. If the Rangers are too gun shy, so be it. But Hamilton should keep in mind that, "it's a business".

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 1:50 pm
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Posted on: February 8, 2012 1:40 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

While in theory this all sounds nice, no Pro athlete owes their team anything. This isn't a charity event. It isn't Texas, or Josh, and frankly it isn't Jon (which I am a big fan by the way). The Rangers won't give Hamilton a big contract because he is a risk on a couple of levels. And I am not sure that is the best thing anyway to take any kind of concession when you are a premier star. Josh Hamilton helps fill seats in Texas Stadium. Same way Derek Jeter is paid on the value he brings to the Yankess organization - which is way more than merely stats on the field. Josh Hamilton can give back his time to the Rangers, sure. Doing cameos on behalf of the Rangers, signing autographs for fundraisers, etc. Yes, the Rangers gave Hamilton and Ron Washington second chances. Hamilton didn't do anything illegal in this case. Yes, he slid back. And yes, I don't think he should be paid like a top ten baseball player. But he should get paid like an all-star.

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 1:36 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

The Rangers "saved" him by trading for him??  Really??  Guess the Reds didn't have anything to do with his resurrection by giving him his shot at the comeback in the first place.  Huh.  And wasn't it with the Reds that Johnny Narron and Hamilton first connected? This dude is either terrible at history, or a Rangers homer.

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 1:29 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

This story had some really annoying wording in it.

"...But even after he thinks he has it all figured out,..."  He never said he had ANYthing figured out.  This line was rude.  Just plain rude.

How about this?:
"beyond his hat being on backwards, his failure to answer questions and his rather casual jog off stage..."

His HAT?  The way he WALKED?  Hey, maybe you didn't like his cologne either!  What a childish bit of "writing".  How incredibly judgemental.

And then there's "He looks like he's gotten off scot free..."
Ah, no.  No, he hasn't "gotten off".  He's doing heavy penance 24/7 both privately (I'm sure) and publicly, when he reads sanctimonious garbage like this!  Fact is, the incident will be factored into his contract, whenever that is, and it will probably cost him 6 or 7 FIGURES!!  For a few drinks on one given night, I'd say that's pretty harsh punishment.

How about this dopey line: "...nor is very much else known about his recovery".  Have you read his book?  Could his life and his failings BE ANY MORE PUBLIC???  My goodness.

The man takes 3 drug tests a week.  He's never turned up dirty with Texas.  He won an MVP and put Texas, for the first time in oh, about 50 years, into the World Series TWICE RUNNING!  He hit a game-winning home run, that, would have put him with Bobby Thomson, Maz and Joe Carter, if the pen could have gotten 3 miserable outs!  Yea, he owes the Rangers plenty.  He's just this big disgrace.

Awful thinking in thie article from top to bottom.  Wow.

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 1:24 pm

Here's an idea how Hamilton can repay Rangers

not be so selfish and take everyone out for drinks?

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