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Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Posted on: February 10, 2012 7:35 am
Edited on: February 10, 2012 12:33 pm

The Yankees and Pirates are continuing to talk about a possible A.J. Burnett trade that could lead to more activity in the form of a couple free-agent signings by the Yankees. As of Thursday night, the teams were thought to be a few million apart in the Burnett negotiations, but they were still talking and there is some hope for a deal.

The Yankees, in a twist, want to clear some money to sign their preferred positional candidates. They are considering Raul Ibanez and Johnny Damon as possible DH candidates and Eric Chavez as a reserve. They appear to be leaning toward Ibanez for the DH role, though Damon and Hideki Matsui, two former Yankees stars, also have been under consideration. In another twist, some say it's because they perceive Ibanez as the more adept outfielder than Damon at this point (the lefty DH could be employed in the outfield in rare circumstances). The Yankees loved the way Chavez fit into the clubhouse last year and wouldn't mind using Alex Rodriguez as a DH on occasion.

The Pirates tried for Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt and seek a proven veteran starter such as Burnett, but so far have not acceded to the Yankees' monetary request. The Yankees have offered to pay a substantial portion of the $33 million remaining on Burnett's deal over the final two years--though, not quite enough money in the Pirates' estimation. The Pirates also have rejected a Yankees request for Garrett Jones in trade talks.  Word is, the Yankees at least initially asked the Pirates to pay well more than one-third of the $33 million, something closer to a 50-50 split of the financial obligation to Burnett. The Pirates are believed to ha ve countered by offering to pay less  than $10 million of the $33 million to go.

The Yankees have seven viable starting pitching candidates and have been looking for a trade partner for Burnett, who generally has been a disappointment in New York. No other teams have surfaced publicly as potential suitors for Burnett as of yet. He has a limited no-trade clause which curtails the number of places he can be traded.


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Posted on: February 11, 2012 9:24 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

AJ Burnett is still playing?!?!

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 3:48 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

A.J. Burnout already failed in a small market. He choked miserably when he was with the Marlins. He was the first booted out, because down the stretch in the second halfs he pitched horribly under pressure in meaningful games. He needs to go back to Toronto.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 1:05 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Yeah, because there has never been a time when the Pirates have traded away a promising prospect for an over-the-hill type. The question is, why are the Pirates even talking about Burnett? If they are seriously considering this deal, then why wouldn't they consider moving McCutcheon? I understand a McCutcheon deal makes no sense, but neither does this one.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 10:25 am

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Can you people stop mentioning McCutchen in these trade discussions.  There is absolutely no way the Pirates would ship a good player like him away for some fill in starter like that pussy Burnett.  Hell, they wouldn't even give up Garrett Jones.  Besides the Pirates have McCutchen under control through 2015.  They will either re-sign him before then or at the least play it out through then.  Stop with this foolish talk.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 8:48 am

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Burnett will be a stud in NL non-pressure situation. If Yankees eat most of his contract, could be a good deal for Pirates as long as they don't trade anything of significant value for this bum
I completely agree. I think Burnett would pitch far better in a smaller market. I also agree that Pittsburgh mustn't trade anything of value for him. If they can get New York to agree to paying at least 2/3 of his contract, it is worth the risk. I've just got this feeling that the man will win 13-15 games if he plays for Pittsburgh. I'm sure I'll be called crazy for this, but just remember, it's just a hunch.


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Posted on: February 11, 2012 7:06 am

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

If the Pirates made that trade I'd fire whoever signed off on it if I ran the Pirates organization.McCutchen is becoming one of the premiere OFs in the Major Leagues.Our rotation 1-4 should look a little something like this when the Yankees leave Tampa.Sabathia,Kuroda,Pineda & Nova.Our choice of 5th starters are Freddy Garcia,Phil Hughes &/or A.J.Burnett,who by the way is rumored to be on the trade block going to the Pirates for Garrett Jones which the Pirates are saying they're not interested even with the Yankees offfering to pick up the majority of his contract.I'd throw in another player or two for McCutchen.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 6:04 am

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 5:26 am

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Burnett is a great arm, the real problem is that he is what the vets call a "head case". The guy hits the slightest bump in the road, he gets bent out of shape. Every cheap hit or wild pitch compounds into something else and AJ simply doesn't have the heart to suck it up and get through the tough time. My father said it best "AJ BURNETT SIMPLY HAS NO HEART". The real great pitchers find a way even without their stuff to get through the inning. They find a way to dig down and make the pitch to get the big hitter to make an out. AJ by comparison folds under adversity 99 out of 100 times. He might have the nastiest stuff in the league when he's on, but when he's off, AJ simply falls apart on the mound.

Your father is right. Back when we were kids we would call Burnett a guy with a million dollar arm and a ten cent brain. 

XBomber Burnett I hope you can agree with a Rookie that Burnett no longer has that great arm.  Age has taken it away

When you look at his first 10 years in the Majors before he got to the Yankees he was 87 and 76. If you take out his one good year (18 and 10) you will find that he was basically a 500 pitcher (69 and 66) even with that great arm.

In Florida where he pitched for 7 years he was only 49 and 50. He was an injury waiting to happen there.

In Toronto he was 38 and 26 that includes going 18 and 10 with a 4 plus ERA.  That means he averaged 12 plus wins for them. Without that one season where he won 18 games he is again basically a 500 pitcher (20 wins and 16 losses for the two previous seasons).

With the Yankees he is 34 and 35 he has average 11 plus wins just one less win then he did in Toronto.

So if you are looking at just the wins and losses he is still producing close to the same results he has given the other three teams he pitched for.  He wins one and loses one.  Instead of giving up 4 runs he gives up 5 plus a game.  Luckily he pitches for a team that can score runs.

What bothers Yankee fans was that he was sold to us by Mr. Cashman as being something he never was going to be a number 2 starter on a championship team.  Burnett was always a
number 4 starter on an American League East championship team.  Even when in his good year on a 4<sup>th </sup>place team he was behind Doc and some thought that he was really the third best starter after Jesse Litsch.

Has he been basically what he has always been for other teams with the Yankees?  Again the answer is yes a 500 pitcher.

Is he worth being paid 16.5 million dollars a year?  No and again it is not his fault but Mr. Cashman fault for paying him that when no one in baseball would have.  No one in their right mind would ever have turned down that contract.

At this stage of his career he maybe better suited to the Pen as an American League East pitcher but not for that money.

Can he pitch in the NL? Again I have to defer to what Danny Knobler found out when he asked three scouts. 

Not one of the three was enthusiastic about getting Burnett, even at low cost.

It looks like we are going to be stuck with guy and his 16.5 million dollars a year salary for two more seasons.     



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Posted on: February 11, 2012 4:02 am

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

The Yankees should trade Sabathia instead. He costs way too much money and the guy does not deliver in the post season.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 12:40 am

Yanks: Take the Money and Run

How do we measure Burnett?  Easy.  How do the 9999 other fantasy baseball managers measure him?  Would you take him in the first ten rounds?  Not unless I had two bottles of Jack Daniels first.  Would you take him in the 15th round?  A .500 piticher with a power team like the Yankees.  What does that say about you?  Would you take him in the 20th round or leave him completely out of the draft?  Over 1000 managers, including me, did.  Every single manager who drafted him in the top 15 rounds lost.  They were stuck with a loser for the whole year and wound up usually in the second division.  A few made the playoffs despite him, but were elminimated quickly.  To put things in proper perspective, The FOURTH best Baltimore Oriole starter had better numbers than Burnett; and they were terrible.  Take the Money and Run, Baby.  Use it to spend on making the team better and to sign Ibanez.  How many fantasy teams drafted Ibanez? 100% of the drafts.  Save the 10 million and eat the rest.  It is the smart thing to do.  

Arthur H Tafero
Former Pitching Scout
Under Bobby Hoffman 

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