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Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Posted on: February 10, 2012 7:35 am
Edited on: February 10, 2012 12:33 pm

The Yankees and Pirates are continuing to talk about a possible A.J. Burnett trade that could lead to more activity in the form of a couple free-agent signings by the Yankees. As of Thursday night, the teams were thought to be a few million apart in the Burnett negotiations, but they were still talking and there is some hope for a deal.

The Yankees, in a twist, want to clear some money to sign their preferred positional candidates. They are considering Raul Ibanez and Johnny Damon as possible DH candidates and Eric Chavez as a reserve. They appear to be leaning toward Ibanez for the DH role, though Damon and Hideki Matsui, two former Yankees stars, also have been under consideration. In another twist, some say it's because they perceive Ibanez as the more adept outfielder than Damon at this point (the lefty DH could be employed in the outfield in rare circumstances). The Yankees loved the way Chavez fit into the clubhouse last year and wouldn't mind using Alex Rodriguez as a DH on occasion.

The Pirates tried for Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt and seek a proven veteran starter such as Burnett, but so far have not acceded to the Yankees' monetary request. The Yankees have offered to pay a substantial portion of the $33 million remaining on Burnett's deal over the final two years--though, not quite enough money in the Pirates' estimation. The Pirates also have rejected a Yankees request for Garrett Jones in trade talks.  Word is, the Yankees at least initially asked the Pirates to pay well more than one-third of the $33 million, something closer to a 50-50 split of the financial obligation to Burnett. The Pirates are believed to ha ve countered by offering to pay less  than $10 million of the $33 million to go.

The Yankees have seven viable starting pitching candidates and have been looking for a trade partner for Burnett, who generally has been a disappointment in New York. No other teams have surfaced publicly as potential suitors for Burnett as of yet. He has a limited no-trade clause which curtails the number of places he can be traded.

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 3:09 pm
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Posted on: February 10, 2012 3:00 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

BOC: Nice post.  Appreciate the fact that it's level-headed, factual and well-written (unlike 3/4 of the posts that seem to have found their way here).

Funny how you and I were writing pretty much the same thing at the same time.  Great minds think alike. Wink

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 2:53 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

I'm sure all the Yankee fans on already saying, "He was never a true Yankee anyway." The most arrogant statement in sports.
WHERE exactly has this been said?  I am a Yankees fan and I, for one, am NOT saying that.  In fact, I'd say that his demeanor and his effort HAS made him a "true Yankee" (and wait, I'm not quite done yet being "arrogant".Wink  ). 

Burnett was fine (not a world-beater, but fine, thank you very much) in 2009; not so 2010-2011.  Frustrating because, even with the slight fall-off, he still had decent-to-good velocity and real good movement.  You see this, you hope.  But after two years of not being able to command his pitches, you give up on that hope.  That's what the Yankees are doing, and I agree with the attempt to find him another home.

Call him a "head case" if you will but one way or another, the bottom line here is that the results just weren't there.  THAT is why I would not mind seeing him traded.  I am NOT going to say "good riddance, you never really were a true Yankee" (again, where did you SEE this?).  I will say "good luck A.J." and pencil in Hughes or Garcia as 2012's #5 starter.

Actually, not at all offended by the above post - actually, rather amused; it's obvious that "you were never a true baseball fan anyway".

Arrogantly yours,

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 2:50 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

AR19 and UG,

   Well said both.

   Burnett did many great things his first year with the Yankees and was a big reason for their World Championship in '09.  I, like many Yankee fans hoped each time he went out for his next start that this would be the one that would turn it around.  Burnett, while many people feel he's a head case, was one of those players that stood up and took the slings and arrows that came his way and for the most part took it like a pro.  The guy is a big time competitor, but I believe the city and wearing the pinstripes was too much pressure for him to bear. Just like playing in Boston or LA, cities where the fans are both rabid and knowlegeable about the game. They will call you on it if you're not performing up to your contract. Burnett is a big time compettor that only wanted to do well in New York.   I believe the harder he tried, the worse it became for him.  I can only hope he does have a new start, the guy still has a lot in the tank and a small market team like the Pirates may help him.   A veteran such as Burnett may help some of those younger pitchers on a team that looks to be on the rise.    I wish him well where ever he ends up and if he's till wearing the pinstripes we'll hope that this may be the year he turns it around.  With each spring, hope springs eternal for all baseball fans, regardless of the team you follow.

  With regard to Undergrounded comments, he is absolutely right.  Whether you wear the uniform of the Yankees, Red Sox or any other team, that player is permanently woven into the fabric of that team and it's history.  Burnett will always be a  "true" Yankee and a big reason, as previously stated,an integral part of the '09 team that will always make him a champion.

  As I already wrote, I wish him well wherever his next destination, wherever that may be.    

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 2:49 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Burnett's stuff is still amazing.  Anyone who watches him pitch can see that.  But when you can't find the plate, it doesn't matter that you can throw 94 mph or drop a curve ball 2 feet.  I'd love to get him off the roster, even though he's been pretty good when he needs to be.     &n

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Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

ryob2 said

Burnett   He has the talent to be all world

Sorry to disagree with you.  He no longer has that talent.  Age has taken it away.  If you listen to YES broadcast the last two seasons when Al Lieter did the games you would had heard this.  Burnett has not learned how to pitch with diminished stuff.  He has never had the command to get by with dismissed stuff.  He has never learned to a third pitch to get by with diminished stuff.  Even with all that great stuff he had he was with the exception of one year basically a 500 pitcher.

So ryrob2 what can you expect?  Certainly not the number 2 starter that Mr. Cashman said he would be when he signed him for a contract that no one in baseball was even offering Burnett.    &nb


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Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Most people on this site are Yankee haters pretending to be Yankee fans? A.J. Burnett had a great first year and won a World Series ring in his first year. So, yes he is a pain at times and a hot head which causes him to be very inconsistent through the season but the guy when he puts it all together and is on his game has one of the best breaking pithces in the game. It's too bad he just can't play in New york but he will be a good pitcher in the National League. Pirates are pushing it too the limited asking for the Yankees to pay the whole salary basically. If they are to pay the majority of the salary then they need something good in return. This guy might put it all together and have 200k's you never know. He also has a great playoff record don't forget that. So although they don't need him anymore all the real fans thank him for helping win a world series and we wish him all the best.

I am again sorry to disagree with a superstar since I am just a lowly Rookie.  I messed up when I entered my screen name  it should have been Not Y Hater.  I have tried to change it but am unable to.

The problem with Burnett is that he was always a two pitch pitcher who could get by with his fastball.  Unfortunately he has losses a bunch off it and with the poor command he has always had he no longer can get away either with mistakes in the strike zone or have batters chase pitches. because hitters no longer have to start their bats early.

Every year starting in 2008, Burnett’s last year with the Blue Jays, he has lost velocity. He would be able to hit 100 back in ’07, that dropped to about 96-97 mph range in 2009, 96-95 mph range last year and 94-95 mph. The drop in velocity is normal for a pitcher of his age, but his lack of pitchability has really hurt his results.

Burnett’s 25 wild pitches were the most since Juan Guzman threw 26 in 1993. Aside from those two only Tony Cloninger (27) has thrown more in a single season since the dead ball era. Talk about wild.

  Burnett actually used his changeup a lot more in 2011 (he threw it 10.9 percent of the time compared to just six percent in his career). However, the addition of his third pitch didn’t keep hitters from sitting on his fastball.    &n

With hitters seemingly sitting fastball on him all season they were able to get the big hits. His HR/9 rate of 1.5 just won’t work for any team anywhere.

Just like his 2010 season, Burnett’s 2011 season will go down as one of the worst seasons by a Yankee starter who qualified for the ERA-title. 

 The problem with Burnett is not that he can't pitch in New York is that he has never learned to pitch in the first place and now with diminished stuff he is unable to get major league hitters out consistently.

Add him to the long list of bad signings by Mr. Cashman. I can't believe that Mr. Cashman  is now going to not only have to pay another team in excess of 20 million dollars to take him but also the luxury tax on this 20 million dollars.   

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 2:18 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Please, at the first sign of trouble (remembe Boston) he threw his battery mate under the bus.  Thats the shame of it all.  He has the talent to be all world.  How many people are old enough to remember Eddie Lee Whitson?  Same story, good pitcher just not in NY.  I'm a big yankee fan.  That doesn't mean you have to love every knob that puts on pinstripes.

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 2:16 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

Yes I was joking.

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 1:39 pm

Yanks, Pirates talking Burnett trade

I'd say, dump AJ to White Sox for Alex Rios.

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