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Posted on: December 7, 2011 12:50 pm
Ok let's see Scouts and long is it before the Habs change coaches? The even bigger question is who will be the new coach? Well here's where it gets general the Habs feel they need to hire a bi-lingual coach, I don't agree with it but hey I only live here in Quebec. Obviously after the blah-ness of the jacques Martin era, they'll want a fire in the belly kind of coach. Well just down the highway in Quebec City is a coach who folks in Montreal know well...fella who played nets for the habs with a little success. What's his name...Patrick Roy!! He's owner,GM and coach of the junior team- the Quebec Ramparts. Has had good success with them. My question is...WHY NOT!!!

 Is there a more complete hockey team than the Bruins? Penguins and Blackhawks maybe close but the Bruins right now are it!

 What's Vancouver going to do with 2 starting goalies? Schneider is a free agent at the end of the year and at this rate will get big bucks but they have Luongo signed long long term to bigger bucks that no one would take on.

 When will Pierre McGuire get a good GM offer? I'd like to see him in Montreal.

I can't believe Jeff Garcia got signed by the Texans. Happy for him but wow!

Major coaching carousel coming in the NFL....Bye Norv!

Jerome Igilna will be traded by the deadline this season...who gets him? Iggy would look good beside Sid the kid...Olympic flashback?

One last thing...Albert, please don't sign with those 2 scum suckers in Florida...Loria and Samson....don't do it Albert!

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