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Albert goes where?

Posted on: December 8, 2011 11:06 am
WOW!!!! Albert you signed with the Angels? Alot of money by the team to commit to....obviously he'll help any team that gets him. He's no A-rod but wow!
My question with these guys is always the same. They say it's never about the money but low and behold they lie. He leaves a place where he's been the ultimate hero, has won championships. And was paid very very well, obviously a rich man beyond our comprehension. So here's my question...if it's not about the cash, then why leave all this for the unknown? How much money is enough? If you're making say 220 million like the Cards offered, really how much happier will 250 million make you? He already has more money than generations of little Pujuols can spend.
I know he seems like a great guy but it always seems to come down to same crap....they lie and their egos need that extra cash even though their wallets don't.
We should be used to it.
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