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As the Head Coach Turns

Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:05 am
Edited on: January 11, 2012 10:09 am

The Hue Jackson firing set me off yesterday. I get that he is not the new GM's "guy" but firing a coach after one year is insane. In fact not giving a Coach 4 years to groom the team into his vision is insane. There are always a few situations that are not football related but when it comes to X's and O's time is key. Let’s look at the Super Bowl winning coaches recently:

Mike McCarthy: 5th Season as Packers Head Coach
Sean Payton: 4th Season as Saints Head Coach
Mike Tomlin: 2nd Season as Steelers Head Coach
Tom Coughlin: 4th Season as Giants Head Coach (12th Overall season as a NFL Head Coach)
Tony Dungy: 5th Season as Colts Head Coach (11th Overall as a NFL Head Coach)
Bill Cowher: 14th Season as Steelers Head Coach (He also took them but loss in his fourth season)
Bill Belichick: 5th Season as Patriots Head Coach led to them 3 superbowls. In his 2nd season as patriots head coach when he led them to his first. (7th Overall season as a NFL Head Coach)
Jon Gruden: 1st Season as Buccaneers Head Coach (5th Overall season as a NFL Head Coach)
Brian Billick: 2nd Season as Ravens Head Coach
Dick Vermeil: 3rd Season as Rams Head Coach (10th Overall season as a NFL Head Coach)
Mike Shanahan: 3rd Season as Broncos Head Coach (5th Overall season as NFL Head Coach)
Mike Holmgren: 5th Season as Packers Head Coach. Also took the Seahawks to the superbowl and loss in his 7th season as the Seahawks head coach.

So what does all of this mean? Well if you take away Mike Tomlin and Brian Billick there is a learning curve. And both of those coaches had outstanding defenses to rely on. Owners and GM's need to show more patience with coaches. It is ok to move on, if you have shown patience. For instance Jack Del Rio stayed way to long in Jacksonville. He had 5 years and didn't cut it. They should have moved on. I still believe that Del Rio will be a good head coach. Much like a few you see above. It takes a 2nd time around sometimes. A couple of coaches to watch for are Jason Garret in Dallas and Leslie Frazier in Minnesota. Two different situations that could end up the same way. In Dallas you have a team that Jerry Jones believes is ready to win a superbowl now. If Jason Garret doesn't win next year or the year after I really believe that Jones will fire him. In Minnesota they are rebuilding a team that got close to the superbowl. If Frazier doesn't start winning next year look for him to be fired as well. But both need time. Give them both 4 or 5 seasons as Head Coach. If by then Garret and Frazier don't win a superbowl by then move on if you think the situation has gone stale. But look firing a coach after 3 years, 2 years, or even 1 year is not solving your problem. Am I saying every coaching hire could be a superbowl winning coach? Of course not. But I am saying 3 years is not enough time to tell if you have one or not.

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Since: Jan 5, 2012
Posted on: January 12, 2012 12:04 pm

As the Head Coach Turns

Hue Jackson fired himself with his big mouth. He thought Mark Davis was a the end he is the one who got punked.

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