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Change in the BCS... they should listen to me.

Posted on: January 11, 2012 5:34 pm

Two postings in one day you say? Full of hot air you say? Wonderful.

So the BCS is considering change again. Have they contacted me yet about advising them through this process? No, but they really should. It’s a really easy fix and its right under their noses.

First thing is first, give in to Mr. Jones and his Jerry world. Add the Cotton Bowl to the rotation. Then just because you can add the Peach Bowl as well. Why? First because it makes adding Jerry less special and that makes me happy. Second because you know Arthur Blank is ready to bulldoze the Georgia Dome down to ground to build his own Arthur Blank Wonder Stadium Inc.... That will happen soon, just wait. So now you have 6 sites that can host "BCS" games. That’s the first thing the BCS needs to do.

The second thing the BCS is needs to do is stop branding these bowls "BCS Bowls" Take them all out of the equation. The BCS should be 3 games; The BCS National Semi-Final 1-4 Matchup, The BCS National Semi-Final 2-3 Matchup, and The BCS National Championship Game. And before you go crazy about what about my Big 10-Pac 12,000,000,000 (see what I did there? Exaggeration is funny), take a breath. I’m going to get to that. By taking those bowl games out of the situation you can add some legitimacy to the situation. At the end of the bowl season the top 4 teams (no matter what conference or if they won the conference or any of that crap) move on.

So how do you do this without pissing off the current Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, and Rose? Easy. Keep them in place, don't tell them how to pick teams for their bowls, and make those sites (along with Dallas and Atlanta) apart of the rotation for the "BCS Final Four." I know you like that. So what if the Bowl System is outdated and boring. The powers that be like it, the networks like it, and the students love them. So don't get rid of them. Just place the "BCS Final Four" after them. Everybody gets to have their cake and eat it too. This year we would have 1. Alabama vs. 4. Oregon and 2. LSU vs. 3. Oklahoma State. If we Alabama and LSU won again and we had a third helping of Bama vs LSU people wouldn't be as mad. Because it gave Oregon and Oklahoma State a chance. And really fans wouldn't be too mad. How many times in the NFL Playoffs have we seen teams meet for the third time in one season?

One knock for this is that it lengthens the season. That it puts students in a bad situation. I say :P to you sir. Yes that’s text speak but whatever. Almost all the major D-1 football programs are set up in a way were "student" athletes have every resource available to never miss practice, games, and etc. This would be no different.

It would work and you know it.

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Change in the BCS... they should listen to me.

Love it!

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