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Posted on: January 16, 2012 10:23 am

I was so close. So very close. Three games came and went and I was 3-0. Just one game left until divisional playoff perfection!!! But it didn't happen. The Packers came in and played like a team who had two weeks off and coming off a week where the franchise faced tragedy. The Giants came in and took advantage. They didn't play great. What the giants did was simple; they did their jobs. Each player did its job. I hate the Giants, I really do. Almost as much as I hate the Redskins and the Broncos, but the Giants deserve credit. They came in with confidence and played like they were going to win.

A lot of people may be down on Tim Tebow this week after what happened Saturday but they shouldn't. I am not a fan of him and I really hate the broncos but that loss to my Patriots(which made Saturday very sweet) really wasn't his fault. The Broncos D is to blame for that loss. You can't give up 5 first half touchdown passes to Tom Brady and expect to win. Tebow's game is game management through clock control and a positive team turnover margin. Down as badly as they were as quickly as they were gave Tebow no shot. All the credit goes to the Patriots on this day. Bill Belichick knew about Tebow and his "magic." The best way to counteract that magic? Run up the score! Take chances early and often. If you fail you fail. But if you don't and the game is close at the end then you lose anyway. That’s the way of Tebow.

How on was I about the 49ers-Saints game? How awesome of a game was that? My score was off but if it wasn't for those final few minutes I would have been right in the ball park. Of course if Alex Smith slides and the 49ers eat clock at the end there, it still would have been. A really great game and thanks to the giants win it sets up a epic rematch 21 years in the making. Farfetched? Yeah but fun none the less. January 20th 1991 the Giants beat the 49ers 15-13 in Candlestick Park. Remember that.

Ravens-Texans? egh. Barley a game. Congrats to the Ravens for winning but it barley looked like anybody won that game.

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