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Full Time Refs?

Posted on: January 20, 2012 4:07 pm

I wanted to post about this subject on Monday but decided to stew on it for awhile. The truth is that this is a complicated issue. But as always I have your solution. It’s easy and will never happen... The NFL needs to contract with a company to provide fulltime officials. This would be perfect for the NFL. Officials who can truly be held accountable for the actions, just not to the NFL. It allows them to safe face on both fronts. The "Ref Company" would be responsible for rewarding/reprimanding officials for game performances. The fans can keep complaining, just aimed away from the NFL which is what it truly wants anyway. By having fulltime officials the officiating will improve as well. The company can keep physical fitness standards, which can include sight and endurance. Improve the game? Check. Save face with the fans? Check. Win Win all the way.

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