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NFL Conference Championship Games...

Posted on: January 23, 2012 4:36 pm

Where did I go right? Well not very many places. I picked New England to win in a shootout. They won but not a shootout. New England looked good where it really needed to on Sunday, the line of scrimmage. Both the defensive and offensive fronts looked particularly good against the Ravens. Brady wasn't on but he didn't need to be. I think this bodes well for the Patriots. The defense needs confidence going into the superbowl and they got it. Brady needs something to prove, I think he has that now. It was a good football game, even without the shootout. The Ravens played good enough to win but fell just short. They shouldn't hang their heads in any possible way. Ravens will be back next year and I wouldn't bet against them winning the superbowl in Ray Lewis' probable last season.

Where did I go wrong? Everywhere else. Between picking the shootout and picking the 49ers I had a bad Sunday. This was a damn close game, but it really didn't seem like it should have been. The 49ers were better, until when it mattered. And what is worse for them? They could be a one hit wonder... I’m not sure if this team has what it takes to make it back here next year. Bringing Alex Smith back is a start, but they need a change of pace back, a possession receiver, and a deep/speed threat. The defense will continue to be stellar but they will need to prove to me another year before I can truly believe in this team. The Giants on the other hand.... are a team that will continue to perplex me. Talent wise they shouldn't be here(division champs? Yeah. Superbowl Champs? No.), record wise (9-7), and Quarterback wise (Eli the lesser). Yet they still are here. Talent is no longer a question, just consistency. But what’s a losing streak in the regular season mean when your in the superbowl? Record? Well its 3-0 in the playoffs. Eli? Well a win away from having more rings then Payton. But with all that said the Giants will also not be back. It’s their M/O. They won't even make the playoffs next year. The Giants are the team that climbs the mountain and then takes a year off at the local pub down on the base.

So who wins the Superbowl? Well not a team coached by a Harbaugh. But maybe
next year.  

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