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Happy Birthday Fenway!

Posted on: April 21, 2012 11:36 am
So yesterday was Fenway Park's 100th birthday and what better way to celebrate the century than to renew the greatest rivalry in sports, Yankees and the Red Sox.  It is actually my favourite time of the regular season whenever these two teams get together.  I even have my own routine that I follow.  On the opening day of the series I make sure that I either wear one of my pinstripe dress shirts, or some other piece of fan gear with the Yankee logo emblazoned across it.  Yesterday was no different. Except now when I dress for the rivalry, I am dressing for two, and I was disappointed to figure out that I forgot to put my boy's Yankees shirt on thereby leaving him basically naked. 

In the town I live in now my routine is basically lost on those around me, but there was a time when I lived in Fredericton that when I put on my Yankees attire that I was either given a death stare, or a smile of approval.  I actually taught of class of grade 2's that was full of Red Sox fans, and they would come to school with something that their parents said to spite my love of the Yankees.  Inspired by this friendly rivalry I actually taught a lesson on Yankee-Red Sox lore.  I read Everyone's Hero, a story about a boy named Yankee and his love for Babe Ruth, I guess it is a movie but I have never seen it.  I was able to teach a bit about the curse of the Bambino as most wouldn't be familiar with it as the Red Sox had put that behind them at that point and were actually getting the best of the rivalry at that moment in 2007 (They started 9-0 against the Yankees that year if I remember correctly).

During my time in Fredericton I came across either a friend or a friend of a friend of former Angels all-star pitcher Jason Dickson.  He told me a story (but I haven't been able to determine it's factual basis and some of the "facts" in my story may be off but I like to tell the story anyway) about Dickson's first trip to Fenway.  I guess while in the outfield the scorekeeper called him over and brought him behind the Green Monster.  It was there that he asked him to sign where many others have signed before during their trips to the storied field. 

Whether the story is true or not doesn't matter as much as the mythology that follows it.  Imagine the types of names that would be tatooed on the inside of that wall.  Yesterday I came across a headline to a story asking whether or not Fenway could make it for another 100 years.  I hope it can, because these are the houses that contain baseball's history, and there aren't many historical parks left  The history is part of the game's mystique and what makes it so great, so thank you for a memorable century Fenway, and here is too 100 more! 
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