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The curious case of Earnhardt-Ganassi

Posted on: January 14, 2009 11:40 am

What is going on at the supposed merged operations of Earnhardt and Ganassi?

In the two months since the announcement that the two organizations were merging, there has been very little information forthcoming. Where's the direction?

When Bobby Labonte was released by Petty Enterprises after the season, everybody assumed he was headed to Earnhardt-Ganassi. In a previous blog I remarked that it seemed like the perfect fit, sort of like what RCR has with Jeff Burton.

As late as Tuesday morning, it appeared EGR was finally about to sign him on the dotted line with multiple reports that EGR was going to put him in the 8 car and shift Aric Almirola to the 41 car.

By Tuesday night he was the new driver of the 96 car for Hall of Fame Racing.

Ummm, what?

Reportedly Labonte was on his way to a lunch meeting on Tuesday with EGR to work out the final details when HOF swooped in.

Is EGR that much of a mess? Or did Labonte just grow tired of getting the runaround? HOF accomplished in a matter of hours what EGR couldn't get done over several weeks.

The merger between Earnhardt and Ganassi was supposed to save the two teams, but it's definitely not off to a very good start.


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Posted on: January 21, 2009 10:52 am

The curious case of Earnhardt-Ganassi

This whole thing is messed up! The merger was supposed to strengthen the 2 teams, now they have 2 cars!! Are you kidding me?? (simply a rhetorical question) Two cars is not a team! AGH!! Get it together people! I don't think the problem is Max, I am positive the problem is Theresa! When negotiating with Dale Jr somebody needed to step up and make that deal happen. She could have put her greed and pride aside and probably gotten Jr to stay at DEI.

Now, I have a vision ... it involves a wall and Theresa standing in front of it banging her head against that wall!

Hunker Down ... Go DAWGS!!

Jeff Gordon ROCKS!!

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Posted on: January 14, 2009 5:40 pm

The curious case of Earnhardt-Ganassi

Makes you wonder who is running the show doesn't it?  Now there are rumors or facts I can't tell which that Max Siegel is going to leave DEI supposedly for a position with NASCAR's diversity program.  Was Max the problem?  Makes one wonder with you start looking at a few facts.

Fact - Max Appointed president of DEI 14 Dec 2006

Fact - Dale Earnhardt Jr. leaves DEI in May 2007

Fact - Long time friend and sponsor of DEI Paul Menard leaves DEI for Robert Yates

Fact - Mark Martin - who stated he loved racing for DEI - Jumps ship to run full time with HMS

Fact - Since Merger DEI/Gannasi misses out on Bobby Labonte


Now I understand the owner is ultimately responsible for what happens to the company, but maybe Max was the problem at DEI not Theresa.  He appears to be running everybody off.  Maybe now that he will be gone, maybe just maybe DEI will be able to survive.


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