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Yet another Earnhardt coaster in the works

Posted on: August 26, 2009 2:48 pm

It seems DEI is getting into the coaster/amusement park business as a second Dale Earnhardt-inspired coaster was announced today.

Last week I blogged about a coaster dubbed Intimidator 305 being constructed at Kings Dominion in Virginia.

Well, a little bit closer to the NASCAR homebase in Charlotte, N.C., another Intimidator is going up at Carowinds, a sister park of Kings Dominion.

Carowinds is dubbing their Intimidator as "the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in the southeast", though it won't be quite as tall or as fast as the 305. I guess "southeast" is the keyword there. It will have a slighly longer track and running time than the 305.

The unique feature of the Carowinds Intimidator is the ride cars that will feature open-air stadium-style seating with a T-bar restraint rather than an over the shoulder harness.

So if you'd like further details about this particular Earnhardt coaster, check out this web site:

Looks like yet another amusement park I'll have to pay a visit in the coming summers.

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