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Open Water 2

Posted on: January 15, 2008 6:26 pm

OK, I don't know how often I'm going to post in this blog, but what I do know is that when I do, it won't always be about sports.

This entry, for instance, is about a cruddy movie I stumbled across on while struggling to fall asleep the other night -- Open Water 2.

The premise was interesting enough, a group of people get trapped off a yacht because the owner (who wasn't really the owner, though it was never explained how he got the ship) failed to put the ladder out before he and his friends jumped into the water for a swim.

That's the quick synop at least.

Warning, there be spoilers ahead for anybody else who wants to watch this monstrosity.

3/4ths of it was OK, but the ending was atrocious. Those who haven't seen it, which I have to imagine is 99.9% of you, will have no idea what I'm talking about, but of the six people that end up in the water, only two survive before figuring a way back up. So the woman, who's had a infant baby trapped on the boat all alone for a rough guesstimation 12-14 hours, gets back on the yacht and lowers the ladder for the other guy who remains alive. However, he was the dummy who failed to lower the ladder in the first place and so he decides, he too must pay with his life for all the other lost lives and decides not to climb back on the boat and drifts out to sea.

This is where it just totally loses all credibility

After lowering the ladder, the mother immediately goes to check on her baby, who no doubt has to be all poopy and cranky and hungry and she's eventually shown falling asleep with her baby. Now to be able to change, feed, comfort and fall asleep with the baby has to take some amount of time -- at least an hour, though as a father of three, I know it would take hell of a lot longer that that. Anyhoo, she wakes up and wonders where her friend is so she goes up to take a look around -- in a pouring storm mind you -- and discovers he's not around. Somehow she's able to spot him in the ocean and after much thought decides to go in after him. Simply ridiculous.

And so what happens next? Good question, because we're shown what appears to be two endings. First a small tugboat comes across the yacht which appears to be empty except for a crying baby. Then it cuts to the mother back on the ship, with the guy either dead or passed out. And then credits.

So there you go. If you haven't seen this movie, DON'T. If you have, I feel your pain.

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