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Notre Dame and the bowl picture

Posted on: November 25, 2008 8:19 pm
Edited on: November 25, 2008 8:35 pm

If Rutgers beats Louisville on Dec. 4 and Notre Dame loses to USC, the Irish are going to be the most sought after 6-6 team in history.

First, let's assume in all scenarios that Notre Dame loses to USC. And remember Notre Dame falls in the pecking order for Big East bowl placement.

Now if Rutgers beats Louisville that would give the Big East six teams with at least 7 wins and six Big East bowl slots. Which means a 6-win Notre Dame team can not take the place of a 7-win team. So the Big East picture would look like this -- Cincinnati to BCS, West Virginia/Pitt winner to Sun Bowl, West Virginia/Pitt loser to Meineke Car Care Bowl, Connecticut to International,  Rutgers to and South Florida to St. Pete Bowl.

So what happens to the Fighting Irish? 

Well, they would have to find a home in a bowl that has an open slot due to conferences not being able to fill.

-- Texas Bowl could have a Big 12 slot. So this might be a home for the Irish. Notre Dame vs. a C-USA team (Rice/Houston/Tulsa) on the NFL Network. Half the country wouldn't even be able to watch Notre Dame. So much for TV ratings.

-- Poinsettia Bowl will have an open slot because it won't be able to fill its Pac-10 slot, but it has a backup deal with the WAC. So scratch that one.

-- and Independence Bowls will have slots to fill from the SEC, but they have a backup contracts with the Sun Belt. According the Palm Beach Post, both the PapaJohns and Independence must fill it with a 6-6 Sun Belt team unless there is another 7-5 team out there without a bid. So scratch those two. The Independence is going to have a slot on the Big 12 side too, but it looks like they will land Louisiana Tech.

-- Hawaii and Emerald Bowls will have an open slots because it won't be able to fill its Pac-10 slot. So maybe Notre Dame could meet Hawaii in lovely Honolulu. Hey, there are worse places you could be on Dec. 24. Or maybe even San Francisco on Dec. 27 against a team from the ACC -- Clemson? Boston College? Maybe even .... Notre Dame vs. Miami (Fla.).

The biggest problem with the Hawaii, Emerald and Texas Bowls is that a MAC team is going to grab one of these slots. The MAC has three slots and assuming Ball State is in the Motor City and Buffalo is in the International -- either Western Michigan or Central Michigan will be in one of these games with the other in the GMAC Bowl. Both teams have more than 7 wins, so they have to be in a bowl over Notre Dame.

Now all this above becomes moot if Louisville beats Rutgers, because then Notre Dame can take a Big East slot and will most definitely be in El Paso, Tex in the Sun Bowl to play Arizona/Oregon/California or Oregon State.

But if Louisville wins, the Irish will have to scramble, but it looks like the Hawaii, Texas or Emerald Bowls are going to be their best chance to land. Hawaii Bowl pays the least, Emerald Bowl pays the most.

Your guess is as good as mine.


... It doesn't look like Boise State is going to land in the BCS, so that means either stay home at the Humanitarian Bowl or opt out and find another place to play. If it decides to stay home, the Broncos would be matched up against ACC No. 8, which could be Wake Forest or Maryland. If it decides to find a new home, the Poinsettia Bowl would be the best place for them. The Poinsettia Bowl would need a replacement for a Pac-10 team and would match up the undefeated Broncos vs. either BYU or TCU, whichever team the the Las Vegas doesn't take. This could end up being one of the best non-BCS bowl games of the year with the WAC Champions vs. the second-best Mountain West team. Call in the Non-BCS Bowl.

...  Speaking of Clemson. If the Tigers win their last game they will be bowl-eligible at 6-6 and become very attractive in the bowl world. According to The State, Meineke bowl director Will Webb said he can foresee Clemson chosen as early as the Champs Sports Bowl, which gets the third at-large ACC pick. “There are just an awfully lot of people who are going to be interested in Clemson, us included,” Webb said. Remember, ACC No. 3 doesn't mean third-place team out of the ACC, it means that bowl gets the third pick.

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Notre Dame and the bowl picture

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Posted on: December 4, 2008 5:46 pm

Notre Dame and the bowl picture

The best solution is for Notre Dame to take the spot in the Motor City Bowl in Detroit.  Close to home, good fan base and they could take on the undefeated Ball State Cardinals.  If they lose, they lost to an underrated undefeated team, if they win, they knocked off an overrated undefeated team.  Anything wrong with that picture?

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Posted on: November 27, 2008 4:06 am

Notre Dame and the bowl picture

I cannot believe ND even won 6 games. They are just terrible to watch anymore. It must be lots of fans and money that make them so sought after, because it cannot be the on-field product.

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Posted on: November 27, 2008 12:16 am

Notre Dame and the bowl picture

The whole ND bowl picture is just Sad.  ND's standards should be higher than where they have fallen.  ND used to play the best, and now they settle for Rutgers, and next year Nevada is on the schedule.  ND should opt not to go to the bowl and should work to play for something better in 2009.

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Notre Dame and the bowl picture

I get alot of emails and message board questions about what's going to happen to Notre Dame. And by alot I mean more than any other subject, so I addressed the matter. So the ND interest is in secret, because their fans have all but disappeared from the message boards.

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Notre Dame and the bowl picture

What is a shame is we are talking about a 6 and 6 team that probably shouldn't even be considered for a bowl game and we have 2 undefeated teams that won't have a chance at a big payday, let alone a shot at the national championship, because the conferences that have the money don't want the small schools to have a chance to compete. 

I don't want to hear that Boise State, Utah or Ball State wouldn't have a chance to win it all, as we heard that 2 years ago when Boise State beat an Oklahoma team that was favored by what 30 plus points in the Fiesta Bowl?  These teams have upgraded their programs to the point where they could compete if given a chance.  And a 6-6 ND team should be religated where it really belongs and that is as an afterthought for a bowl game. 

You can have a 16 team playoff using the bowls as the 1st, and 2nd rounds with the major bowls always getting the semi-finals and final games.  As for Acedemics, give me a break Basketball plays 2 games a week for what 2 weeks in a row then they play on a Saturday and Monday.  and the last I checked Monday was a school day. So travel on Thursday, stay Friday-Monday, Travel on Monday night or Tuesday Morning, skip classes on Tuesday that isn't as much time as it would be for a football player to miss a Friday, and oh BTW most of the games would be after all classes were completed and school was out for winter break.

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Posted on: November 26, 2008 12:55 pm

Notre Dame and the bowl picture

This is incorrect. Both WVu and UC only have one in conference loss. UC has the advantage now because they beat WVu head to head but both have in conference games left. If UC loses to Syracuse which is possible and WVU wins out, WVU takes the conference championship.

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Posted on: November 26, 2008 12:33 pm

Notre Dame and the bowl picture

Yes, Cincy has it clinched unless they lose to Syracuse. Then that opens the door for WVU if they can beat Pitt and S. Florida.

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Posted on: November 26, 2008 11:50 am

Notre Dame and the bowl picture

You make no sense and just embarrassed yourself. Obviously you are a ND fan. I think the only people in the world now that are ND fans are old men and their sons. The good news is, the old men will die off soon. Hopefully, that will end the ND support. It is a disgrace to college football the special treatment they recieve. The should be forced into a conference. If the played in the Big East, this wouldn't be a conversation. No way they would have 6 wins. They just lost to Syracuse for christsakes!

Why do the ND fans even support them. 90% of them didn't even go there? I just don't get it. Was it your 80 year old catholic priest shoving them down your throat as a kid?

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Posted on: November 26, 2008 11:01 am

Notre Dame and the bowl picture

What have they done in the past that is catching up with them??

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