Blog Entry 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Posted on: December 8, 2008 1:47 pm

Let the complaints begin.

We all know about Texas' beef with the BCS system. The Longhorns feel they should be in the BCS National Championship over Oklahoma because they finished with the same record and beat Oklahoma on a nuetral field.

We will continue to hear that talk through the New Year.

But what about Boise State?

The Broncos are ranked No. 9 in this week's 120, but they will be left out of the BCS Bowl picture as a two-loss Ohio State will meet Texas in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Poinsettia Bowl, which will feature the Broncos and No. 11 TCU, will have two higher ranked teams than the Orange Bowl (No. 12 Cincinnati and No. 19 Virginia Tech). The Holiday Bowl will have No. 14 Oklahoma State and No. 15 Oregon.

"As long as the Ohio State players and coaches aren't tired of coming to the Valley of the Sun, we're not tired of having them," Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker said. "The university is the same, but the players all are different. It's just another version of that great tradition, and anytime you can match up a co-Big Ten champion against a No. 3 program that people think should be playing for the national championship, it seemed like a natural."

Welcome to the bowl system -- it's not about how many losses you have or where you are ranked. It's all about tickets, TV ratings and marketability. And that hurts Boise State.

Last year, the Georgia/Hawaii Sugar Bowl had the lowest TV ratings of any BCS game, the year before it was Oklahoma/Boise State. And in 2005, if was the Utah/Pittsburgh Fiesta Bowl.  

The Fiesta Bowl had the choice to take Utah or Boise State instead of the Buckeyes, but President John Junker chose to go with the Buckeyes even though they've played there four times since 2003.

"It was (discussed)," Junker said of Ohio State's visits to the website "But it's not like it's professional football. Obviously in the years that (Ohio State has) appeared, it's always a different group of players with the changes on their roster."

Sorry Boise State, take your undefeated record and higher ranking somewhere else. But don't feel bad for them, because Ohio State coach Jim Tressel doesn't.

"I've got to be honest with you, I didn't feel for them, because I'd rather go," Tressel said of Boise State. "I'm a compassionate guy, but to an extent ... I'd rather the Buckeyes be there."

Boise will now take its show on the road to San Diego in what could be one of the best non-BCS games on the schedule.


... San Jose State (No. 70), Bowling Green (No. 80), Arkansas State (No. 84) and Louisiana-Lafayette (No. 92) are the only bowl-eligible teams not playing this postseason.

... The Hawaii Bowl features two of the lowest-ranked teams in the 120 -- No. 65 Notre Dame vs. No. 67 Hawaii.

... Florida Atlantic is the lowest-ranked team is the lowest-ranked team in a bowl game at No. 85. The Owls lost to Arkansas State 28-14 a few weeks ago, but didn't make a bowl game.



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Posted on: December 9, 2008 4:01 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

I live in Boise and am a big Boise State fan. I can tell you there is very little whining around here about missing out on a BCS bowl game. Certainly some disappointment, but most people here are very excited about playing a very tough and highly ranked TCU.

Most college football fans, top conference or not, can imagine the disappointment when your team goes undefeated, is ranked in the top 10, and yet does not get to face another top 10 team in a bowl game. It is unfortunate the BCS bowl games are more about money than about the "sport" of it. It is surprising to me college football has this problem while professional sports gives a chance to the little guy. Sports should be about the best team rising to the top. Those of us here in Boise wanted our chance to do that.

All of that being said, Boise State will have its hands full with TCU. They are a great team with a top ranked defense. The game should be very exciting and provide our team some great "So Cal" exposure. Go Broncos!

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 3:10 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

7 teams from the big ten made it to bowl games this year bud, get  facts straight


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Posted on: December 9, 2008 3:09 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

I understand were u are coming from with your argument but we can argue why Boise State should be there but that aint going to change what bowl there playing in now, in my opinion they should be playing bama over utah.....that would make some fans happy, but then ur taking from utah, so the whole point is til they come up with a better system then the way they do it now there will always be teams who get the raw end of the boise state did this year, and maybe a playoff system is not the answer but it would be way better then the system they have now......

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 3:07 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

your just a damn idiot, thats all i have to say

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 3:02 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Why don't you stop it Darst. We had to listen to Boise cry and whine like little babies for three weeks and now you have to stir up the pot again. Come up with something else instead of making all of the rest of us have to listen again to how good boise is and how its not their fault they can't get any good teams to schedule them. Hey we aren't your AD talk to him about it. The truth is you play a horrible schedule. Have fun in the high school bowl.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 2:56 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Hey it is what is it is and obviously its not for you. Get over it and enjoy your bowl.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 2:54 pm

Time to move on Boise

Want more respect?  Move on to another conference that has some good competition for football.  To get respect, you have to play with the big boys like hte Big 12, the SEC etc.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 1:40 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

This cracks me up. Two years in a row, OSU has lost in their bowl game. Since 2003 (Jim Tressel's second year, his first with some of his players) he has lost two bowl games, one because they were fat and cocky from the Media love and banquet scene, last year they admittably should not have been there. It should have been USC and LSU, with OSU in the Rose and Illinois in the Capital One. They were predicted number four in the BigTen last year, number 13th to start the year in the polls, they overachieved, this year they achieved what was realistic, especially with Beanie's injury.

If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at Utah, they are the ones who I truly feel are overrated, yes criticize OSU's schedule but Utah has done very little to convince me they are a real player. No I don't count the win in the Holy War as I give no credit to BYU who was decent but not 16th in the nation by any means. Boise yes you are a good team, but honestly, can you look me in the eye and say that a five point victory over a 3rd string true freshman QB in his significant game time is seriously a more impressive win than a 33 point win against #18 MSU or a 30 point win over #24 Northwestern. Sorry, not true. By the way that Oregon team that you beat by five, two weeks later was destroyed by 34 by USC with their starter, not a third string true freshman.

Sorry guys, until you play in a major conference, calm down.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 1:14 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

The wrong decision was made.  Utah and Boise State and Ball State should all be in BCS games ahead of Ohio should not get rewarded for matter who the competition...winning should matter....I don't buy the whole we lost to better teams than you beat argument...losing is losing and it should remove you from BCS games period....

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 1:11 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

to all BCS teams:


Quit being wimps and play us during THE REGULAR SEASON and we will beat you...just like Oregon, Oregon State, and Oklahoma...The only reason Boise State has a weak schedule is because BCS teams are afraid of the should be Play

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