Blog Entry 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Posted on: December 8, 2008 1:47 pm

Let the complaints begin.

We all know about Texas' beef with the BCS system. The Longhorns feel they should be in the BCS National Championship over Oklahoma because they finished with the same record and beat Oklahoma on a nuetral field.

We will continue to hear that talk through the New Year.

But what about Boise State?

The Broncos are ranked No. 9 in this week's 120, but they will be left out of the BCS Bowl picture as a two-loss Ohio State will meet Texas in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Poinsettia Bowl, which will feature the Broncos and No. 11 TCU, will have two higher ranked teams than the Orange Bowl (No. 12 Cincinnati and No. 19 Virginia Tech). The Holiday Bowl will have No. 14 Oklahoma State and No. 15 Oregon.

"As long as the Ohio State players and coaches aren't tired of coming to the Valley of the Sun, we're not tired of having them," Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker said. "The university is the same, but the players all are different. It's just another version of that great tradition, and anytime you can match up a co-Big Ten champion against a No. 3 program that people think should be playing for the national championship, it seemed like a natural."

Welcome to the bowl system -- it's not about how many losses you have or where you are ranked. It's all about tickets, TV ratings and marketability. And that hurts Boise State.

Last year, the Georgia/Hawaii Sugar Bowl had the lowest TV ratings of any BCS game, the year before it was Oklahoma/Boise State. And in 2005, if was the Utah/Pittsburgh Fiesta Bowl.  

The Fiesta Bowl had the choice to take Utah or Boise State instead of the Buckeyes, but President John Junker chose to go with the Buckeyes even though they've played there four times since 2003.

"It was (discussed)," Junker said of Ohio State's visits to the website "But it's not like it's professional football. Obviously in the years that (Ohio State has) appeared, it's always a different group of players with the changes on their roster."

Sorry Boise State, take your undefeated record and higher ranking somewhere else. But don't feel bad for them, because Ohio State coach Jim Tressel doesn't.

"I've got to be honest with you, I didn't feel for them, because I'd rather go," Tressel said of Boise State. "I'm a compassionate guy, but to an extent ... I'd rather the Buckeyes be there."

Boise will now take its show on the road to San Diego in what could be one of the best non-BCS games on the schedule.


... San Jose State (No. 70), Bowling Green (No. 80), Arkansas State (No. 84) and Louisiana-Lafayette (No. 92) are the only bowl-eligible teams not playing this postseason.

... The Hawaii Bowl features two of the lowest-ranked teams in the 120 -- No. 65 Notre Dame vs. No. 67 Hawaii.

... Florida Atlantic is the lowest-ranked team is the lowest-ranked team in a bowl game at No. 85. The Owls lost to Arkansas State 28-14 a few weeks ago, but didn't make a bowl game.



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Posted on: December 9, 2008 12:38 pm 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

I totally agree with the person who posted "that's why we have a BCS system"  What's the point of having a computer ranking if it's just going to get overlooked?  The BCS says that Boise St. is better than Ohio State which brings us to this point:  Bowl choices do not depend on skill, and that's wrong.  The ratings have Boise St better than Ohio State so shouldn't they be in a BCS game?

And for all of you that say you barely beat Oregon's 4th string quarterback... it was 37-16 at one time.  We had already put in our subs.  The game was never in doubt.  Don't comment on the game unless you actually watched it.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 11:16 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

"Of the 120 teams in d-1 football, less than twenty have a chance for winning it all, even if they win every game (like Boise does, year after year). Everyone else is playing for consolation prizes.

Prove me wrong!"

Ok...every team that plays in a BCS conference has a chance of playing for the national championship game.  Look at the rankings of such teams as South Florida, Mizzou, etc. last year--not powerhouses before that, but had they kept winning, they would have been in the game.  So to say less than twenty is a gross exaggeration.  That puts at least 66 teams in the running (65 from the conferences + Notre Dame).

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 11:12 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Against Top 3 teams...............

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 11:03 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Smiles,.......I never said they should treat their conference games lightly! I said they should treat their conference games as many larger schools treat their non-con games. The conference schedule is too easy in the WAC so the remedy is schedule difficult non-con games (the reverse from BCS conference schedules).

AND,....if you seriously think Boise State deserves respect for traveling to play Southern Miss, La. Tech & Bowling Green, then you really have been in the WAC too long. I honestly can't believe you consider those to be strong teams. Not to mention the La. Tech game is a conference game anyway. On top of that, your victory at Oregon was the schools FIRST road victory against a BCS school, and they got to do it against the 4th string QB. How close was that game anyway (37-32).

Again,....I have the deepest respect for the Boise State football program. You just can't convince me that there aren't 20 other teams out there that wouldn't have done the same thing with the same schedule.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 10:31 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

That's not entirely true. Many bowls are tied in to conferences and go by conference rank. There's some wiggle room for the bowls to invite, but all within some reason. Tell the players on these teams that this is all pageantry, when they're in a game at the end of the year in conference. Oklahoma State's win versus Missouri this year is the difference between the Holiday and Alamo bowl. Great matchup with Oregon vs walkover vs Northwestern and nobody watches.

Tell the kids from Boise it's because of their lack of fans and money that they don't deserve a BCS bowl, even with their track record in that same bowl. I don't like that in any way, and I will continue to watch college football.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 10:23 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Put asses in the seats.  If Boise could bring 50,000 fans to AZ, they would get a better bowl bid.  The bowls (title game excepted kind of) are about the fans.  They want to see their team one more time, make an event of it, maybe a vacation.  Bowls are little more than exhibitions, there to make money and give the fans what they want.  Notice how most bowls have a home team? Fan base, not record determines ALL of the bowls (maybe not the NC).  You don't like that, don't watch college football.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 10:23 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise


Exactly! Boise beat Oregon at Oregon. The Ducks are better than any team OSU beat this year.There is no debating that.  The Big Ten is just weak this year.  It will be another embarassing BCS Bowl season for the Big Ten.  Penn State and Ohio State could lose by a combined 60 points.  I'm obviously not hoping for this because I want entertaining bowls, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  (It doesn't help that Texas and USC have cases as being the best teams in the country.)

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 10:23 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

 Perhaps a little education is in order:

1. A team is invited to a conference, you don't just kick the door down and announce your availability.


2. Boise State is 60 - 4 since joining the WAC (this is taken from the Boise State Wiki page, so it may need to be updated). I think you can say, at least from a football perspective that Boise State is trying. Boise State university is very good in many sports, and efforts are in place to imprve all sports, academic programs, and facilities, to at least be appealing to other conferences.


3. How about non-conference scheduling? This is the area that I can see Boise improving. However, I believe our current AD does a good job making sure we aren't scheduling BCS opponents just to be a punching bag (See University of Idaho). Sure many teams would love for Boise to come and play in their own stadiums, but that is not how you build a program - traveling all over the country at the expense of the fan base to appease the powers. Boise State is not a punching bag, it's time for these teams to come and play on the Blue.


4. Stadium expansion? Ok, so some of these teams don't want to play on the Blue for the weak payout. Boise State has been working as diligently as financially possible to upgrade facilities - including stadium size. We are making tremendous strides in this area.


5. Unfortunately, we are all jabbering about schedules, stadiums, affiliations, money, TV, fans traveling, etc., to justify who belongs in what bowl. The fact is, the student athletes have nothing to do with the posturing - other than pouring their hearts out on the field. The athletes have done all they have been asked to do. It is too bad that the reward for their efforts is directly proportional to the opinions and effort of fans/media. While that is nice, it's not how we should determine the winners of games.


6. PS, I'm not saying that OSU is not deserving. I just thought it appropriate to shed some light.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 10:19 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

I have a problem with a non-BCS school with a weak schedule getting national attention (see Ball State prior to loss), but Boise beat Oregon at Oregon. The Ducks are better than any team OSU beat this year.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 10:18 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Ohh by the way,

Horrible comparison between Ali/Big Joe and Texas/Ohio State.

Ohio State is a year away.  They are too one-dimensional.  I'm from Pittsburgh and have watched Pryor play for 5 years now.  His arm just isn't there yet.  Plus who has Ohio State beat?  Michigan State's running game?  Oh wait, an overrated Northwestern team who didn't beat anyone?  The answer is no one.

Texas wins by 4 touchdowns.  Or in your comparision a 1st round KO.

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