Blog Entry 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Posted on: December 8, 2008 1:47 pm

Let the complaints begin.

We all know about Texas' beef with the BCS system. The Longhorns feel they should be in the BCS National Championship over Oklahoma because they finished with the same record and beat Oklahoma on a nuetral field.

We will continue to hear that talk through the New Year.

But what about Boise State?

The Broncos are ranked No. 9 in this week's 120, but they will be left out of the BCS Bowl picture as a two-loss Ohio State will meet Texas in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Poinsettia Bowl, which will feature the Broncos and No. 11 TCU, will have two higher ranked teams than the Orange Bowl (No. 12 Cincinnati and No. 19 Virginia Tech). The Holiday Bowl will have No. 14 Oklahoma State and No. 15 Oregon.

"As long as the Ohio State players and coaches aren't tired of coming to the Valley of the Sun, we're not tired of having them," Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker said. "The university is the same, but the players all are different. It's just another version of that great tradition, and anytime you can match up a co-Big Ten champion against a No. 3 program that people think should be playing for the national championship, it seemed like a natural."

Welcome to the bowl system -- it's not about how many losses you have or where you are ranked. It's all about tickets, TV ratings and marketability. And that hurts Boise State.

Last year, the Georgia/Hawaii Sugar Bowl had the lowest TV ratings of any BCS game, the year before it was Oklahoma/Boise State. And in 2005, if was the Utah/Pittsburgh Fiesta Bowl.  

The Fiesta Bowl had the choice to take Utah or Boise State instead of the Buckeyes, but President John Junker chose to go with the Buckeyes even though they've played there four times since 2003.

"It was (discussed)," Junker said of Ohio State's visits to the website "But it's not like it's professional football. Obviously in the years that (Ohio State has) appeared, it's always a different group of players with the changes on their roster."

Sorry Boise State, take your undefeated record and higher ranking somewhere else. But don't feel bad for them, because Ohio State coach Jim Tressel doesn't.

"I've got to be honest with you, I didn't feel for them, because I'd rather go," Tressel said of Boise State. "I'm a compassionate guy, but to an extent ... I'd rather the Buckeyes be there."

Boise will now take its show on the road to San Diego in what could be one of the best non-BCS games on the schedule.


... San Jose State (No. 70), Bowling Green (No. 80), Arkansas State (No. 84) and Louisiana-Lafayette (No. 92) are the only bowl-eligible teams not playing this postseason.

... The Hawaii Bowl features two of the lowest-ranked teams in the 120 -- No. 65 Notre Dame vs. No. 67 Hawaii.

... Florida Atlantic is the lowest-ranked team is the lowest-ranked team in a bowl game at No. 85. The Owls lost to Arkansas State 28-14 a few weeks ago, but didn't make a bowl game.



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Posted on: December 9, 2008 10:10 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Hey, I have an idea!

How about Boise State and either Washington or Washington State switch spots?

Washington/Washington State - welcome to the WAC

Boise State - let's see how you do in a REAL conference, with the likes of Oregon and USC on your schedule every year!


Hmm....yeah since they already beat Oregon on the road, and I'm pretty sure that they could lose by 32 points to USC just as good as Ohio State did!

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 9:51 am

Hawaii Bowl

I am an Irish fan but I am embarrassed that Notre Dame is even in a bowl game, even more this bowl game.  To me, if you can't make it to a BCS bowl game Hawaii always seemed like a sexy alterernative.  A week or so in paradise when back home it is snowing and like 20 degrees.  I hope Hawaii throttles the Irish.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 9:28 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

I AM a Hawaii fan...and I agree whole heartedly w/ your comment.  While having the little guy play in a BCS game is a nice story, the smaller conferences have smaller followings, therefore it doesn't pay for the BCS conferences to invite the unpopular kid to their expensive party if the guy has no pretty friends to bring along.  There's also other parties going on.  People will go to the one that has the popular, beautiful people attending.  This isn't a championship.  It's just a game.  There's nothing more to play for than your pride and to win...BSU can do that against TCU.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 9:14 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

I got to watch the BSU-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game in person and let me tell you, rooting for the little guy...then watching the little guy pull off the upset was exciting.  Given that, Ohio-Texas sounds like a WAR of heavyweights.  Who wouldn't want to watch Ali-Frasier 2009?  BSU's been there before and did the unthinkable in a game for the ages...I'm satisfied w/ the memory. 

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 8:34 am

The computers already decided

What's the point of having BCS computers if they don't use the results to rank teams?  The same system that was used to rank Oklahoma ahead of Texas is the same system that says Boise St is ahead of Ohio St.  You can argue strength of schedule all you want but according to the BCS computers, which supposedly factor in stuff like strength of schedule, Boise St is ranked higher and therefore deserves to be in the BCS.  The BCS has no credibility and they reinforce that with decisions like this.  One big problem is that BCS games shouldn't even be a decision.  It should by a fair, objective formula, such as all the precious Big 6 conference winners and then the next four teams according to the BCS, regardless of their conference. 

The Big 6 conspiracy is alive and well.  The Fiesta Bowl payout per team is $17M.  The Poinsettia Bowl payout per team is $750,000.  Of the 68 teams playing a bowl game, 43 are Big 6 teams.  Only two Big 6 teams are playing in a bowl game that has a smaller payout than the Poinsettia Bowl.  No other top 25 team (other than other non-Big 6 teams) is playing for as little as $750,000, and Boise St and TCU were ranked #9 and #11 respectively.  If you look at the bowl payouts and look at the huge discrepancy between the Big 6 teams and the non-Big 6 teams it's pretty obvious why the Big 6 commissioners don't want a playoff.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 8:34 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

You're a smaller school. You can't afford to pay large BCS schools from the SEC, Big XII or Big 10 to come to Boise. You just can't. A lot of those stadiums hold 80,000 or more fans and their not going to give up that money to come to Boise. You need to take a cue from Fresno State; Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime. You want BCS respect,....YOU need to travel, and that doesn't mean your annual contests against Oregon schools.

Take a cue from Fresno, eh?  When has Fresno won the WAC?  When has Fresno gone to a BCS bowl? How much "respect" does Fresno have?  Here is all you need to know about that wonderful piece of advice:  Boise St. 61-Fresno 10.

I love it Travel, but the trip to Autzen Stadium in Eugene, the toughest road game on the West Coast doesn't count.  Boise travels a lot every year, more than any other school in the top ten.  They played in Mississippi, Louisiana, and all of the Western States, 4 time zone, just a WAC schedule does that.  Heck, SEC schools barely leave the South and when they do, they often lose.

Treat your conference games as your non-con schedule.

What masterful logic, win your nonconference games, but treat conference games lightly.  How about Boise's approach?  Win every game!

The simple truth is unless a nonBCS school is undefeated, they have NO chance, none!

As to the first objection, if Boise gets rid of the blue turf, then, tell me now, which BCS school will sign a H & H deal?  You already admitted that none of the elite schools would ever come to Boise.  You know, when people get beat, they blame the goal posts, the glare from the sun, the stadium announcer, the long trip to get here, the fact that the cheerleaders were too close to the team and distracting the players, waaa, waaa, waa.  In Boise, losing teams blame the turf.  What a deep realization!  Maybe if those coaches & players had a team as good as Boise, they might do a little better, what do you think?

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 7:10 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

If boise is so great why did the BCS and all the other major bowls pass on them?  The Poinsetta Bowl?

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 7:05 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

If Bosie is so great why did the BCS and all the other major bowls pass on them?  The Poinsetta bowl?

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 6:56 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

No way Ohio St. wins against Texas. They should have just not accpted the bid for the Fiesta Bowl. And as far as who's schedule look stronger, what about Alabama, they played noone all year intill Florida, which they lost. Money speaks enough words. Only one thing can come out of this, and yes its the no good P word. Playoff. Everyone stop crying and just start it already. 16 Teams, 11 Confrense winners and 5 at large. LET THE Last 5 games Be ur BCS Bowls. No ones trying to shut out the BCS, but just have a real winner decided each year.

Week 1 Week2 Week 3 Week 4

16@1 8 Teams/4 games(BCS BOWLS) 4 Teams/2 games 2 teams/National Championship








This way u can either make 2 extra BCS bowls for more money or just give the 2 higher ranked teams another home game, seeing how the deserve it. I can See Texas and Atlanta hosting bowl games, inless u wanna give another one to Fla. or Cali.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 5:33 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Boise State isn't even in the same league as the other top 10 teams. They got so lucky against a half a$$ OK team who didn't even show up for the game a couple years ago. OMG seriously i would rather lose to 2 teams in the top 10 than run through a schedulae that even Michigan could go 11-1 . Trust me no one is scared to lose to Boise State. It just looks better when you beat an Ohio State or pretty much any one else. Oh and mentioning you beat Oregon who beat so and so who beat so and so is not getting technical, its getting stupid. You barely beat Oregon for one thing. All these teams, "big name teams" are only big name teams because they have been there many times before, they are the big name teams because they have been in the top 100 schools for the past 100 years, if your program is doing things right then they will get there chances. They are still a really young football school. Also I'm not saying Ohio State deserved this I'm saying Boise State wouldn't have either. Have patients and you will get your chance.

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