Blog Entry 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

Posted on: December 8, 2008 1:47 pm

Let the complaints begin.

We all know about Texas' beef with the BCS system. The Longhorns feel they should be in the BCS National Championship over Oklahoma because they finished with the same record and beat Oklahoma on a nuetral field.

We will continue to hear that talk through the New Year.

But what about Boise State?

The Broncos are ranked No. 9 in this week's 120, but they will be left out of the BCS Bowl picture as a two-loss Ohio State will meet Texas in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Poinsettia Bowl, which will feature the Broncos and No. 11 TCU, will have two higher ranked teams than the Orange Bowl (No. 12 Cincinnati and No. 19 Virginia Tech). The Holiday Bowl will have No. 14 Oklahoma State and No. 15 Oregon.

"As long as the Ohio State players and coaches aren't tired of coming to the Valley of the Sun, we're not tired of having them," Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker said. "The university is the same, but the players all are different. It's just another version of that great tradition, and anytime you can match up a co-Big Ten champion against a No. 3 program that people think should be playing for the national championship, it seemed like a natural."

Welcome to the bowl system -- it's not about how many losses you have or where you are ranked. It's all about tickets, TV ratings and marketability. And that hurts Boise State.

Last year, the Georgia/Hawaii Sugar Bowl had the lowest TV ratings of any BCS game, the year before it was Oklahoma/Boise State. And in 2005, if was the Utah/Pittsburgh Fiesta Bowl.  

The Fiesta Bowl had the choice to take Utah or Boise State instead of the Buckeyes, but President John Junker chose to go with the Buckeyes even though they've played there four times since 2003.

"It was (discussed)," Junker said of Ohio State's visits to the website "But it's not like it's professional football. Obviously in the years that (Ohio State has) appeared, it's always a different group of players with the changes on their roster."

Sorry Boise State, take your undefeated record and higher ranking somewhere else. But don't feel bad for them, because Ohio State coach Jim Tressel doesn't.

"I've got to be honest with you, I didn't feel for them, because I'd rather go," Tressel said of Boise State. "I'm a compassionate guy, but to an extent ... I'd rather the Buckeyes be there."

Boise will now take its show on the road to San Diego in what could be one of the best non-BCS games on the schedule.


... San Jose State (No. 70), Bowling Green (No. 80), Arkansas State (No. 84) and Louisiana-Lafayette (No. 92) are the only bowl-eligible teams not playing this postseason.

... The Hawaii Bowl features two of the lowest-ranked teams in the 120 -- No. 65 Notre Dame vs. No. 67 Hawaii.

... Florida Atlantic is the lowest-ranked team is the lowest-ranked team in a bowl game at No. 85. The Owls lost to Arkansas State 28-14 a few weeks ago, but didn't make a bowl game.



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Posted on: December 9, 2008 3:31 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise


Utah State is in the WAC you moron.   They get stuck playing them.  Someone (I can't remember who at the moment) bailed on Boise State and that's why we ended up playing Idaho State.  We had to play bowling green this year because we signed an agreement with them this year. 

All of your big non conference matchups besides Fresno were because they were willing to travel.  I think Boise St. should schedule some tougher opponents, but Boise St. wants to sign a two year agreement with each of them.  1 at your place . 1 at our place and technically i think that's only fair.  all these powerhouse teams would love for boise state to come play them, but they're too scared to go to boise for the fear that they might actually lose.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 2:43 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

I am a Ute, and I hope both Boise St, and Utah do well. It hurts the BCS busters when we represent like Hawaii did last year. Don't hate on the Utes, hate on how Hawaii represented the WAC last year. It helps you and the Broncos if Utah kicks some Bama butt.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 2:25 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

I think Boise State would beat Ohio State straight up. But here's my problem with Boise State's situation:

#1 - Get rid of the Smurf turf and level the playing field for visiting teams.

Several coaches and players have made comments about how difficult it is to see BSU players on that turf because their uniforms are exactly the same color as the turf. Even officiating crews have cited difficulties in counting the number of players on the field (which they have to do on every snap). It's a tradition and is unique to BSU,...I understand that. But, being left out of the BCS at #9 and undefeated is also unique to BSU.

#2 - Stop using the "nobody wants to play us" card.

You're a smaller school. You can't afford to pay large BCS schools from the SEC, Big XII or Big 10 to come to Boise. You just can't. A lot of those stadiums hold 80,000 or more fans and their not going to give up that money to come to Boise. You need to take a cue from Fresno State; Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime. You want BCS respect,....YOU need to travel, and that doesn't mean your annual contests against Oregon schools.

#3 - Treat your conference games as your non-con schedule.

Most bigger BCS schools tend to schedule a few cupcakes in non-con to prepare for a grueling conference schedule. I know you all believe the WAC is better than it gets credit for, but lets be honest about it. It may have a couple diamonds in the rough every now and again, but there is nobody competing on a regular basis. Reverse the theory and schedule your non-con so that it beefs up your SOS. It doesn't have to Florida or OU, but at least go for a couple of mid-tier Big 12 or SEC teams. It would serve you well to get away from MWC teams.

Again,....I like Boise State and I honestly believe they are better than Ohio State. However,....I cannot criticize the Fiesta Bowl for choosing Ohio State over BSU, because their 2 losses are to #5 USC and #8 Penn State. How would Boise State have faired in those two games. Personally, I gotta think the Broncos would have lost them both.

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Nobody "deserves" to be in a BCS bowl except for whoever the various bowl commitees invite, and since they have contracts with conferences and TV, they'll do whatever they think is "best" for their profitability.  We still live in the USA, so I don't have a problem with it -- otherwise I'd have to start thinking that anybody that can make a plausible claim on someone else's property "deserves" to get it (oh wait, that DOES sound like the USA these days -- never mind).

That said, I  think the chance for BSU to play TCU is a great opportunity.  Anyone who watched TCU-Utah knows that Utah is L-U-C-K-Y to be in the Sugar.  BSU has stats similar to TCU's with respect to offensive and defensive domination of opponents: while one can argue TCU's was applied against better teams, thei respective Oregon/Oregon State results argue for greater parity.

Good luck to both teams, who will play as hard as the "big boys" that have something to prove.  Too bad many fans from the "BCS" conferences won't bother to watch what will probably be one of the three best games this year, yet continue to dis' both teams as somehow being inferior to their own.   I can respect teams and players, but don't care much for loud-mouth posters who don't know enough about football to do anything above the level of "my-brother-can-beat-up-your-b
other" arguments that typically adorn this site. 

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Is anyone here willing to tell me that you HONESTLY believe that Boise State could blow through a Big Ten schedule AND a nonconference game against Southern California in their house...undefeated???

And is anyone here willing to tell me that you HONESTLY believe that Ohio State couldn't EASILY blow their way through Boise State's schedule, what with the formidable foes of the Western Athletic Conference??

You forgot one minor detail, give Ohio St. a 12 million dollar budget and a WAC affiliation in recruiting.  And give Boise a 50 million budget and a big 10 affiliation.  You know, if I had a multi-million dollar portfolio and good looks I could probably do better in getting dates.  And if I was homeless, ugly, and broke, I bet I wouldn't have many girls interested in me either.  Come on, such what if nonsense is just that, nonsense.  All I know is that every football poll in the nation rates Boise higher than Ohio St. Period.  Go play fantasy football somewhere else.



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So you want BSU players on the NFL?

Lagedu Nanee ( San Diego Chargers)

Kimo van Oelhoffen ( Super Bowl Champ with Pitt in SuperBowl XL and now plays for the Eagles)

Quentin Mikkel ( Corner, Philadelphia Eagles)

Orlando Scandrick ( Corner, Dallas Cowboys)

Derek Schouman ( TE, Buffalo Bills)

Chris Carr ( Special Teams, Tennessee Titans)

Do you want me to continue JACKA...?

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For your info RAID-r fan, changing conferences is a matter to get invited not so apply like JOB so get informed first and worry about your College Football call DAVIS Raiders..... they are a shame and embarrasment to the NFL. Did you see the Chargers-Raiders game? I think BSu can beat those clowns

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I guess that Oregon  is just a NOBODY TEAM


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Posted on: December 9, 2008 12:06 am 120 -- No BCS for No. 9 Boise

First: I live in California stupid Suckeye so I am not in a Red State

Second: Your team is better than Valium becase are so exciting to watch.

Third: So if is not about the game is about the money, this is another fu.... up system that doesn't work in this country that needs fixing.

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