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BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

Posted on: January 3, 2009 6:06 pm
Edited on: January 4, 2009 1:25 pm

While many of the players from Oklahoma and Florida were preparing for their matchup to decide who will be crowned BCS Champion, they couldn't help but take notice of what Utah did against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last night.

Utah, which is the only undefeated team in the nation, knocked off the SEC runner-up 31-17, a wider margin than what the Gators did in the SEC Championship (31-20).

Jermaine Gresham says he'd prefer a playoff system.So does Utah deserve a share of the national championship?

"When they play big teams every week, maybe we can talk," said Florida safety Ahmad Black. "Not to take anything away from them, but their strength of schedule isn't up to par."

Despite beating four Top 25 teams throughout the season, including Oregon State, which was the only team to beat USC, the Utes SOS is ranked No. 57 according to, while the Gators' is ranked No. 3. Oklahoma's is No. 1.

"Utah played their butt off and very hard against a great Alabama team. They were the better team that night," said Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham. "I know they are undefeated and that's great, but we have to just roll with it."

How about one more game? Utah vs. the winner of Oklahoma vs. Florida.

"I don't mind a playoff," added Gresham. "I prefer it to this system. The problem is the teams that win now, they think they are the best. If we go to a playoff we can see. I think that would be right."

Stoops and Broncos

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops' name has come up as the NFL's Denver Broncos seach for a new coach, but that's news to Stoops.

"What situation? That's a rumor that I have not heard and no one has contacted me about that so I don't know anything about it," said Stoops. "We're preparing for a national championship and that's all my focus and all my concentration's on so obviously I'm not a candidate."

It's not the first time Stoops' name has come up for a NFL coaching job. The coach with a 109-23 overall record in ten seasons as Oklahoma, including 32-12 vs. ranked opponents, had his name come up for the Dallas Cowboys job in 2007 and the Kansas City Chiefs job in 2006.

Murray = Bush

Oklahoma will be without do-it-all sophomore DeMarco Murray, who is out after having surgery to repair a hamstring injury.

Murray finished the season with 1,002 yards rushing, while also averaging 27.6 yards on kick returns and scoring 18 total touchdowns. Chris Brown, who leads the team with 1,110 yards rushing and 20 touchdowns, gave Murray quite the compliment during Saturday's press conference.

"Whenever you look at us, DeMarco is like a Reggie Bush-type of runner, and I'll be the LenDale White," said Brown. "He can catch out the backfield like Bush and turn something small into a huge play. I'm more conservative and wait for things to develop."

Tickets, please

While Oklahoma has no players from South Florida (Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties), the Gators have plenty.

Florida has 17 players from the tri-county area, including safety Major White (Miramar/St. Thomas Aquinas), who was an honorable mention All-American.

"As soon as the game was over against Alabama, I got calls from people saying 'Can you get me this? Can you get me that?' I only get six tickets so I was only thinking about that."


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Posted on: January 3, 2009 10:43 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

Before last night, everyone said they Utah didn't want anything do with Alabama, and look how that turned out. Your argument is anecdotal at best, a d based purly on emotional beliefs - not on the field and hard data which supports the opposite view.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 10:34 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

No actually, he's talking about playing Miami and Florida State out of conference and then playing the likes of Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss (just saw what they did to one of the Big 12's big 3 this year), Kentucy and Vandy (both bowl winners).  Utah has a good team, but they don't have to get up week in and week out like the SEC does.  You little guys can compare all you want and when it's you against the world in a one game bowl situation where your team is playing for everything and the other team is disappointed they are playing you, then sure you can win.  On a week by week basis, a team like Utah would not be anywhere near undefeated in a major conference.  I think they would be about 3-4 in the SEC and the same in the Big 12.  You have to look at strength of schedule.  Congrats to Utah for a great season, but don't be deceived that they beat an uninterested, depleted offensive line, team in Alabama.  If you think Alabama was up for Utah in the sugar bowl when they missed out on the national championship game by one game, then you're crazy. 

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 10:20 pm

Ahmad Black is afraid...

...of what would happen if they had to face Utah in the BC$ NC game.  What a joker!  If Florida actually played anyone outside of the South East, and/or on the road, then maybe they would know what its like to be tested.  Utah dominated an SEC powerhouse in their own region of the country.  Get Florida out of their comfort zone and then, "maybe we can talk."

Thanks to the BS (I mean BC$) we won't be seeing the Utes advance to beat Florida.  The Utes are the #1 team...hopefully the AP voters are smart enough to recognize what should be obvious.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 10:07 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

This just shows how sometimes people aren't consistent .  I totally agree that the Utes haven't been given their due---non-BCS  teams have shown that they can compete with the "BIg Boys" for a number of years now---the complaint that they don't get enough respect because people don't know about them applies just as well to the Ole Miss Rebels.  They beat Texas Tech in what was essentially a home game for the Red Raiders in the Cotton Bowl and did it by nearly 2 TDs (13 pts).  This is no cupcake team and folks shouldn't look at the Gators loss to them as any more of an embarassment than OU losing to Texas or TX losing to TTech. 

I agree that I wish that there was a way for the Utes to actually PLAY for the NC, but the idea that losing to Ole Miss at home makes Florida undeserving is a crock.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 9:58 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

Utah No. 1? 

You better believe it.  They are the only team that is undefeated. Michigan @ Ann Arbor; OSU; Alabama; TCU; BYU. 

I don't give a rats what anyone says, they deserve to be N.C. They beat two teams that will likely end in the top 10.  What else do they have to prove? 

Come play Utah @ Rice Eccles before you start running your mouths.  The thing is, teams like Florida, OU, tOSU, and Texas won't schedule the Utes, because they are afraid to.  They know that it's a risky move and that it would have to be at the beginning of the season, and they don't want to risk a loss.  I believe we played USC in the Las Vegas Bowl in 2001, and we beat them.

Not to take anything from Florida, OU, USC, and Texas, but how can you say that Utah wouldn't beat you?  Is this just your way of trying to make up for your ONE LOSS teams?  Is this some imaginary game that you people play in your heads?  Give Utah some credit, because they just put a hurting on Alabama, and I venture to say that they could do the same to your teams.

How many of the abovementioned teams are undefeated? 

In the end, we all agree that this system sucks and has once again failed.

Go Utes!!!

No. 1


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Posted on: January 3, 2009 9:20 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

this would be a great time for the AP voters to send a message to the BCS and NCAA that this system sux, and everyone wants a playoff, vote Utah #1 and split the national titles, then the outrage across the country will force them to address this crap system that makes teams have a month off between games to get rusty and the games arent as good giving lesser teams better chances. Instead of taking a monthoff, start a playoff the week after the conf champship games (for those who have them) then seed 1-8 or 1-12 or 1=16 whatever, i prefer 16, championship would be about the same time and we as cf fans wouldnt have to hibernate for a month. IF D2 AND EVERY OTHER LEVEL OF FOOTBALL KNOWN TO MAN CAN DO IT SOOOOOOOOOO CAAAN YOOOOOOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 8:58 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

Ole Miss stands to say Florida aint #1.

Oregon St stands to say USC aint #1.

Texas stands to say OU aint #1.

Texas Tech stands to say Texas aint #1.

Aint no one standing to say Utah aint #1.

Since: Jan 3, 2009
Posted on: January 3, 2009 8:52 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

You think one guy would have made such a difference? Alabama's offense was embarrassed, he may have reduce the bleeding, but wouldn't have prevented the mortal wound. The 2nd string tackle got hurt because he couldn't handle the Utah defense. So your second argument actually weakens your argument. And last time I checked the Utah offense racked up 31 and possibly could have scored more. Did that 'Stud Offensive Tackle' also play defense?

Yes, Utah did win one game. In football one game is all you get and you have to make it count. Utah made it count, and Alabama couldn't keep up. You want a series, watch baseball.

Believe me Utah does want USC, or Florida, or Texas, or OK because win or lose at least Utah has the chance to prove themselves. Saying they wouldn't want them is like saying 'believe me, you wouldn't want the responsibility of being extremely wealthy, so just let me have all the money.'

Just keep up the SEC Wizard of Oz act ('Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.')

Since: Aug 23, 2006
Posted on: January 3, 2009 8:47 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

Utah's not so much a strong #1, as Alabama was a weak #4.  Thanks for embarassing us Bama'.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 8:46 pm

BCS Championship Notebook: Utah No. 1?

Utah is great they should have a share of the national championship. They are a great team and are improving.

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