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BCS Championship Notebook: UF's Double Trouble

Posted on: January 4, 2009 1:41 pm
Edited on: January 4, 2009 10:24 pm

When the Sooners line up on defense for the BCS Championship on Jan. 8, they are going to see double on the Florida offensive line.

But nothing's wrong with their eyes, it's just the Pouncey twins Mike and Maurkice.

Mike is the second-team All-SEC right guard, while brother Maurkice, the honorable mention All-SEC, lines up right next to him at center.

Like any twins, the two remember the days of their mom dressing them alike when they were kids and playing tricks on friends. But it was hard for them to pull the classic twin move and switch classes to fool their teachers because the two were always in the same class. Even now the two are in the same classes together at UF.

One way they could fool their teammates and coaches as adults would be to switch jerseys.

"We haven't done that because we play difference positions and we'd have to learn that overnight," joked Mike. "We'll probably do it one time, but this is too big of a game."

Even with their jerseys on -- Mike is No. 55, Maurkice is No. 56 -- not everybody can tell who is who.

"They do everything the same," said safety Major Wright. "I know it's Mike and Maurkice, but I can't tell them apart. I just say 'Hey Pounce' or when they are together 'Hey twins.'

"Ahmad Black knows them apart, so whenever I need to ask one of them a question, he helps me out. I know the numbers, 55 and 56, but I can't place which face with which number," laughed Wright.

Along with tackles Phil Trautwein, Jason Watkins and guard Jim Tartt, the Gators have allowed only 16 sacks, including just two in the past three games.


Oklahoma safety Nic Harris was the king of the cliches and one-liners during Sunday's player press conferences. A quick look at some of his better moments:

On the Big 12 defenses: "If you are going to do something good, you're going to do something bad. At the end of the day, we just got to make sure we come out with a win on the 8th."

Threat of Florida's option: "At the end of the day, football is football. It doesn't change the game."

On Oklahoma's last time in the Miami, losing to USC (2004): "Different team, different year, different outcome."

On whether two Heisman candidates facing off for the second time in history is cool: "Cool for who? Cool for the fans? Cool for the critics? At the end of the day, it's not cool for us. I could care less who won the Heisman, doesn't matter to me."

On Oklahoma being ranked 99th in pass defense: "Numbers are for you guys. When we come out and score more points than Florida on the 8th, you won't worry about those numbers anymore."

On making a big hit early to send a message to Florida's offense: "We want to get a hit on them early, hit on them at the end, hit on them at halftime, gonna get a hit in the second quarter, gonna get a hit in the third quarter, we plan to hit on all cylinders."

And this exchange...

Reporter: "With your offense so explosive, they get all the stories written about them, you don't hear alot about your defense nationally, do you guys get overshadowed a bit?"

Harris: "How often do you hear about offensive lineman?

Reporter: "Not too often."

Harris: "Not much, but you need them, right? At the end of the day as long as we are winning we are fine."

Calling the Plays

Despite offensive coordinator Dan Mullen coaching in his last game before leaving to take the head job at Mississppi State, there is no question on who will call the plays.

"Nothing has changed. I'm not calling the plays for this game. We're business as usual right now," said assistant Steve Addazio, who will be promoted to offensive coordinator next season. "We have our staff that works together, always has and will work together. That's just the way we do our business. We have some great football coaches and they're all assigned areas of specialty, and we just kind of work together towards that game plan situation and calls during the course of the game."

Addazio has been with Florida since 2004, serving as a tight ends coach, offensive line and offensive assistant.

Ravens Connection

The Baltimore Ravens, who are in town to play the Miami Dolphins in the first round of the AFC Playoffs, were staying at the same hotel as the BCS media and press conferences.

As Tim Tebow was leaving, he ran into former Gators' co-defensive coordinator Greg Mattison from 2005-07, who is currently the Ravens' linebackers coach. The two shared a hug and a laugh amid heavy security.

The Ravens don't have any former Florida Gators players, but do have three former Sooners, including Mark Clayton, who is the school's all-time leader in receptions (221), receiving yards (3,241) and touchdown catches (31).

BCS and the Past

Miami Herald writer Jeff Shain looks back at the past to see what would have changed if the current BCS system had been in place. Some great stuff, including some of the best games in history that never would have happened.

Richard Billingsley and Wes Colley supplied historical rankings for all years in the survey and Shain used AP's rankings because the Harris rankings weren't around until 2004.

My favorite was 1983, where Miami beat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl 31-30 to win its first national title. If the BCS were in place, the national title game would have been Nebraska vs. Texas, because Texas was No. 2 and undefeated at the time. Remember, the Hurricanes were ranked No. 4 in the AP and would have been No. 5 in the computer rankings.

No Show

Freshman Travis Lewis was supposed to be available for interviews, but wasn't there. An assistant team media relations director said Lewis had to take care of a non-team related issue and will be available for Monday's Media Day.

Lewis has been one of the top freshman linebackers in the nation, leading the team in tackles with 137, while recording 11.5 for a loss and grabbing four interceptions. He was named Big 12 defensive newcomer of the year and was the defensive freshman of the year in the conference.


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BCS Championship Notebook: UF's Double Trouble

What are u smoking??  Utah beats a depleted Bama team playing for nothing and that is supposed to mean something?? Have you looked at their schedule?  Notre Dame would have gone undefeated with that schedule!!Please tell me u r kidding.  If Bama hadn't lost their best guy maybe the win would look a little better, but they did lose their all american left tackle and couldn't even run the ball and still almost came back on Utah.  Im sorry, but it was just a decent win.  Now if Alabama's guy hadn't been suspended it would have been a good win; not great, as Bama was playing for nothing and Utah was playing for everything but it would have been a good win.  As it is, just a decent win, but the only one on the whole year for them in my opinion.

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BCS Championship Notebook: UF's Double Trouble

Utah is number # 1, the cover up by espn is ridiculous!  They are more focused on ratinga and promoting a false Natioanl Championship game than being honest and just tating the obvious that Utah is the best team in the country this year.


I am a struggling ND fan but am a realist and this is a no brainer, also non BCS teams are 3-1 in bowl games so chew on that espn!

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