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Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

Posted on: November 25, 2009 12:49 pm
Edited on: November 25, 2009 1:30 pm

If Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma and Boise State beats Nevada, the Broncos will most likely be left out of the BCS.

The Fiesta will most certainly take Oklahoma State to replace Texas and match it up with TCU. The Sugar Bowl is projected to have the loser of the Alabama/Florida game vs. the Big East champion, while the Orange Bowl will match up Georgia Tech/Clemson winner against either Penn State or Iowa. The Rose will have the Pac-10 champion vs. Ohio State.

So what happens to Boise State?

The Poinsettia Bowl, where the Broncos played last year, was talked about a few weeks ago. Boise State would replace a Pac-10 team, but that can't happen now because the conference has seven bowl eligible teams.

It could take one of its WAC bowls -- Hawaii, Humanitarian or New Mexico Bowl, but neither of those bowls have very appealing matchups for the No. 6 ranked team in the country.

The best option for the Broncos is to grab one of the at-large spots available in the GMAC, Little Caesars Pizza, EagleBank or potentially the International Bowl (if UConn doesn't get bowl-eligible).

"I would assume like in most in years, a Boise State or any highly ranked team that gets left out of the BCS, it is going to want to play the best available team," said Little Caesars Pizza Bowl and International Bowl Executive Director Ken Hoffman. "The Mid-American Conference is going to have a couple of them that are very good, in particular Central Michigan, Temple and Ohio are likely to have strong records and likely ranked at that point."

Boise State could take on the MAC Champion in either the GMAC or Pizza Bowl. Temple is 9-2, while Central Michigan has one of the most exciting players in QB Dan LeFevour and is also 9-2.

"I would think there will be a real good option for Boise State to play a 10- or 11-win team out of the MAC in one of those locations. I can speak for Toronto and Detroit, we would be very interested in that. And I'm absolutely certain Mobile would be interested in that."

Another solution for the Broncos and the WAC is to maybe trade a tie-in with another bowl.

"In the past we've looked at trading teams and trading bowls," said WAC Assistant Commissioner for Media Relations Director Dave Chaffin. "A few years ago Boise State went to the Liberty Bowl ... we had no tie-in to that. That type of situation could happen again this year. We just to have to wait to see what happens."

After this weekend, things will get much clearer.


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Posted on: November 27, 2009 5:23 pm

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

JB30 what did a bunch of us just say! You can't just join a conference because you wantto.

Since: Nov 4, 2009
Posted on: November 27, 2009 1:58 pm

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

Well, they have VaTech in D.C. next year for a $1.25m payout.  Their roster is stacked for 2011 when Moore will be a senior.  They're not demanding $1m for an OOC away game but if their home games earn more than $1.5m its stupid to schedule body bag games for peanuts when the going price for a top 25 team is over $1m.  BSU will still be a big draw in 2011 or 12 as they have been since 2004.

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Posted on: November 27, 2009 1:50 pm

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

In a word, yes. OK State does deserve the BCS. Put BSU in the B12 and they will be in the bottom half, period. They are a good team, but they do not play tough teams day in, day out. Say what you want about the b12, but the only reason Texas is undefeated is that becasue they are that good. The field of B12 teams are quite good and I would put them up against any SEC team there is. OSU beat UGA t the beginning of the year. Ok State has faced setbacks no other team has faced. week after week, we have lost players. OU is the only team that comes close to the losses we have faced. I would gladly face BSU in the Fiesta, I would actually prefer that to TCU. We have played TCU before (and beat them handily), I want to play BSU. And so do most of the Cowboy faithful. If we don't get to the BCS, it won't be a tragedy, We will gladly take on LSU and that jack*ss Miles.

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Posted on: November 27, 2009 11:59 am

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

Boise St. and BYU should join the PAC-10. Both teams would get greater exposure to California recruits and they never go undefeated again so they don't have to worry about being left out of a BCS bowl.

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Posted on: November 27, 2009 11:46 am

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

yeah so should oregon, especially when they wear all green on the green grass and then lose to them two years in a row.  what a disgrace.

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Posted on: November 27, 2009 9:41 am

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

After Utah's strong showing last year, leaving out Boise, the #6 ranked team in the country who dominated probable Rose Bowl winner Oregon, would further expose college football for the joke it is.
What will be even funnier is to have some upsets in the final games.  Texas presumably gets a BCS bid even if they lose to Nebraska (who thus gets the automatic bid and OK State is out).  If Cinci loses to Pitt (who thus wins the Big East bid), does a one loss Cinci get in over two loss Iowa or Penn State?  Does an undefeated Boise State, who arguably won only one game, get in over a two loss Penn State team that arguably only played two games?
The bottom line is that BCS level college football is about MONEY and there is no true champion in this sport, unlike all other NCAA sports.  Just accept that it is a joke, and that nothing important is left to chance on the field. Kind of like pro wrestling.

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Posted on: November 27, 2009 5:04 am

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

Normally the second I post tha targuement the haters die off for a bit until it gets to the next page or something. You really can't argue it.

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Posted on: November 27, 2009 4:57 am

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

Yep, Darst gets it. I am so tired of the "join a BCS conference" argument. That is like saying I should show up at Microsoft and proclaim myself the CEO. The other conference actually has to WANT to expand. Last I saw no BCS conferences were handing out invitations. On the subject of BSU wanting money. Why not? Oregon versus BSU got a ton of national hype and extra revenue. Would anyone have tuned in to watch Oregon versus Chattanooga?

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Posted on: November 27, 2009 1:51 am

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

What dribble!  "They beat everyone who would play them, is it their fault they are in a rotten conference?"  If that is the best Boise fans can come up with as justification for a BCS bowl game, just stay home.  For years Boise has been puffing up their record based on philosophy of playing cupcakes. 

If you want to avoid being "slighted" at the end of the season, grow up and play somebodies; Oregon is not enough.  Your next 3 highest ranked opponents are WAC schools - Nevada and Fresno St (both of whom have lost every game they have played against legitimate OOC schools) and, Idaho (who was anihilated by Boise and Nevada - arguing for a mercy rule) and has not played a decent OOC school.

If your program is built on a transparent "play weak OOC opponents and crush the mushy WAC" philosophy you can expect to be taken as seriously as, as, as, as blue turf.

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Posted on: November 27, 2009 12:38 am

Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?


Where does Boise go if it is left out of the BCS?

there is a real reason no one will agree to schedule them in the next couple years that boise doesnt want the public to hear.  boise will not agree to play any of the bcs schools unless that school guarantees paying boise $1 million dollars.  there is no guarantee boise will be any good in 2 years, while they are a quality opponent now, lets face it, they are still boise.  no athletic director is that flat out stupid to guarantee a non-bcs school $1 million.  bcs schools not scheduling boise st. is nobodys fault except boise st.

It is true Boise is asking for a large guarantee to play a single away game.  But what you seem to not understand is that large name schools dont pay $1million to teams they think will be quality opponents, its true.  The teams that are deemed to be quality in years to come have home-and-homes arranged.  Large named teams pay $1million plus every year to play "cupcakes" so they get a tune-up game and a sure W.  Boise is just asking that they get market value to travel across the country to play.  Oh and by the way, of their 22 starters, between 10-14 players are freshmen and sophmores.  In other words, they should remain as good as anyone for years to come.  Its time other teams take from Virginia Tech's example and man-up.

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