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Third Annual Old-Man Football

Posted on: December 13, 2010 10:09 am
Edited on: December 13, 2010 10:13 am
In the Third Annual Old-Man Holiday Flag Football game, the goal remained the same ... have fun and don't get hurt.

I wish we could say we accomplished both.

As it was most our final game before turning 40-years old next year, it might have been a sign that the morning before our game one of my friends, Daryl, texted me saying he hurt his shoulder last night.

Then out at the field on the first play of the game, somebody got hurt. First play!

Bang! Two players hurt after one play, including one at home.

My friend Andy, who is a local police officer, went across the middle for a pass and ended injuring something. Knee, shoulder, ankle? The only thing I remember is him on the ground saying he was hurt and the rest of us laughing "First play! We couldn't even make it one play without getting hurt?"

Aren't we such good friends?

But Andy bucked up and finished out the day. Poor guy got hurt again, diving for a catch and landing on his shoulder. There was no laughing this time around as we thought he might have separated it.

But after a few minutes on the ground Andy got up and said "It's just stinger." Thankfully he was fine, because our orginal eight players was already down two players. That's right another guy, Chris, pulled his hamstring in the first game of the day.

Yes, we are getting old, but nothing beats tossing the ball around with friends of 20+ years. It wasn't pretty, there were plenty of missed coverages, dropped passes and bumps and bruises, but it was great to get out to the park and chuck the ball around.

After three quick games to 22 (score three touchdowns and go for a 2-point coversion at least once. If you miss it, you must score a fourth TD) it was time to bring all the kids out and that was quite comical.

There is even talk of playing another game before the Super Bowl! I think we could all use the month of rest to heal the injuries.

Game 1
Team Red: Scott, Darst, Jose
Team Blue: Chris P., Chris, Andy
All-Time Offense: Troy

Final: Red 22, Blue 7
RED -- Troy 30 pass from Darst (EP taken)
RED -- Scott 20 pass from Troy (EP taken)
BLUE -- Andy 20 pass from Chris P. (EP taken)
RED -- Jose 20 pass from Scott (Scott run)

Game 2
Team Red: Jose, Darst, Andy
Team Blue: Chris P., Scott, Troy

Final: Blue 26, Red 14
BLUE -- Chris P. 30 pass from Scott (EP taken)
BLUE -- Chris P. 25 interception return (EP taken)
RED -- Darst 15 run (EP taken)
BLUE -- Chris P. 30 pass from Scott (pass failed)
RED -- Andy 1 pass from Darst (EP taken)
BLUE -- Troy 45 pass from Scott (not needed)

Game 3
Team Red: Jose, Darst, Troy
Team Blue: Scott, Chris P., Andy

Final: Red 22, Blue 7
RED -- Troy 40 pass from Darst (EP taken)
RED -- Troy 30 pass from Darst (EP taken)
BLUE -- Chris 30 pass from Scott (EP taken)
RED -- Jose 3 pass from Darst (Darst pass from Jose) -- Note: Troy INT return set up game-winning TD

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 11:14 am

Third Annual Old-Man Football

It was a blast!  Not sure to be proud of the fact that we are all still able to play or sad that we are slowly losing the limited skills we had 20+ years ago!  It is fine when we are all on a level playing field, but when you sprinkle in the 25 year olds, you can see quickly what we have lost!   

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