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Tigers Lose Championship, Claim FT's Too Easy

Posted on: April 8, 2008 12:23 pm
Edited on: April 8, 2008 12:25 pm
After their 75-68 overtime loss and collapse to the Kansas Jayhawks, the Memphis Tigers were pointing fingers at the NCAA for making the free throws too easy a shot for their team to make. Despite hitting nearly 50% of their field goals in the regular season, Memphis' Achilles Heel has always been their free throw shooting, which cost them the title game in the final minutes as they could not sink 50% of them to save their season.

"It's a tough shot to make because it's so easy," said Memphis head coach John Calipari. "We practice harder shots like running 3-point jumpers. We even asked the ref if late in the game we could take a fall-away jumper from mid-court instead, but he said we had to stand on that damn foul line. That just doesn't seem fair, that thing is so close to the basket and no one is in your face trying to block it! But I don't like the whole system they have in place, the only way to win a basketball game shouldn't be only to make more baskets than the other team. What is that teaching out kids? That basket-maker is the only profession which will get you success in this world? Last time I checked there weren't many basket-weaving millionaires. Sportsmanship, defense, and which mascot could eat the other one in a real fight should all factor in to the outcome. I think we would have gotten the victory then."

It's back to the drawing board for Memphis after their record 38 wins, but failure to capture a championship. A note was found in their lockeroom after the Finals, it read "If anyone wants to take us on with real shots instead of these pussy free throws, we'll be back next season. Go s*ck a hawk d*ck Kansas. -Memphis"


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Tigers Lose Championship, Claim FT's Too Easy

Heard anything on the tournement seedings of Sisters of the poor (PA) or The Prostetic school of Autism (austin)? Who happened to win the McDonald's House All- America this year, who might be a future top NBA draft pick.?

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