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Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

Posted on: April 22, 2009 11:49 am
Edited on: April 22, 2009 11:50 am

Picture 1






















Picture 2





















Picture 3



















Picture 4


















Picture 5















April  Scoreboard
1. Gundy22 11
2. kmvenne 9
3. Mister Peabody 7
4. Tarheel_rockman 6
4. D2Moo 6
5. NFL-Solomon 4
5. BernieRotten 4
6. jtothed 3
6. bigriggs1 3
6. SaratogaRick 3
7. River_Rat 2
7. Gunner92 2
7. WarpedMind 2
7. howie115 2
7. ButkusPayton85 2
8. Stanley Ipkiss 1
8. GBEAR 1
8. Sunnysidez86 1
8. More...insulin! 1
8. jruss445 1                    
January Winner: BigBluMasochist
February Winner: kmvenne
March Winner:

2008 Winners: River_Rat, Train Derailer, Mister Peabody, turbozo, NFL-Solomon, Strictly Butta, Strictly Butta, Jalap, Badger_colorado, TennFan1972, kmvenne


How to Play:

It's simple, really. Look at the sports-related pictures above, and give us your funniest caption for any or all of them. You can write as many captions for each as you would like.

The contest runs daily, Monday-Thursday. Each day's contest will usually be posted by noon ET, and will usually end around 11 p.m. ET. If I decide that your caption is the funniest or most clever submitted for that picture, it will be declared a winner.

Winning captions will be announced when the contest ends. There will be one winner for each picture, and also one winner for the person who can string together the 5 best captions all with the same theme.

You will be awarded one point for each winning caption that you post. You will see a running tally on the scoreboard, which will be posted at the beginning and end of each day. At the end of each month a champion is declared, and we shower that user in praise and adulation! We add his screenname to the Wall-O-Fame, and then we start everyone's score back at 0.

This contest is just for fun, and there are no real prizes at this time. Who thinks they can make us laugh? :)


Since: Sep 2, 2006
Posted on: April 22, 2009 6:12 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

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1. "Holy #$%& dude! What is on your neck??"


2. YMCA of the 21<sup>st</sup> century


3. “He brings a cow; you bring a goat. That’s the Chicago way”


4. “Oh you don’t like me? Read b/w the lines.”


5. Giants from a long lost land are confused by the intricacies of soccer and wonder why such a small ball is used.


Since: Aug 23, 2007
Posted on: April 22, 2009 5:49 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?


 Michael Jordon Theme:

#1) Unlike how Jason did it, Derek is all juiced up by wearing the "customized" Air Jordan wristband

#2) The secret video footage of how Michael trained to improve his air time

#3) In a shrunken economy, some Chicago bulls fan are scaling back by bringing a goat to the game, instead of the bull that they have brought in the past.

#4) Today, #23 feels like a superman, and scored 3 goals in 3 minutes

#5) Wow, I can't believe that MJ is actually here in Germany watching our Handball game.


Sorry #5 is a stretch, but oh well...

Since: Aug 30, 2007
Posted on: April 22, 2009 4:51 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

"Ransom Note"

Ha ha! That's too perfect.

Since: Mar 25, 2008
Posted on: April 22, 2009 4:47 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

2)  In the finals of the World Charades Championship, Bill and ted play for keeps drawing the hardest clue of the tournament; Goldie Hawn. 

Since: May 10, 2008
Posted on: April 22, 2009 4:33 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

1) Whoa Jeter! Where's the Breathe Mint?

2) The Dueling Headstand part 1, The Flat on your Back Headstand was a drastic failure due to the missing Viagra from Phillipe's Gym Bag, however he didnt tell Geraldo for some reason.

3) Scuse me Sir! Your Carrying a Goat but your sweatin Like a Pig! Dare I ask why?

4) Oh yeah 3, Bring 3 yeah I said 3 friends and I still score on you all day and night.

5)  I know your suppose to throw it, However someone super glued the ball to my fingers you Jack A$$!

Since: Jan 23, 2009
Posted on: April 22, 2009 4:31 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

#2) I pray to God that thats his hand. 

Since: Jan 23, 2009
Posted on: April 22, 2009 4:27 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

To add to BuccinGators post:


Both #1 & #3 ) Bromance (one for NY the other for Chcago) 

Since: Mar 19, 2007
Posted on: April 22, 2009 4:22 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

#5)  An Average Day In the Life of a Handball Pro:

Bernie: "CARL!  CARL!  Listen to me..!"

Carl: "BERNIE??  What in the hell are you doing out here?  Hey guys, this is my accountant Bernie Swartz..."

Bernie: "Listen to me me Carl!  This was the only way I could catch up with you to let you know the IRS is auditing you next Thursday and your wife has just filed for divorce and she took the cat and your test results came back positive and you're being traded to Spain and ..."


Since: Aug 30, 2007
Posted on: April 22, 2009 4:09 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

Nice work on #1, Joe Thanks! Your numbers 1 and 5 had me laughing too. 



Since: Mar 26, 2009
Posted on: April 22, 2009 3:44 pm

Photo caption contest: Too close for comfort?

1. "Remember when I told them I had never used steroids?"

2. "This is 10 times better than that all male cheerleading team I was on"

3. "Cubs fans have turned to sacrificing goats in hopes of winning the World Series"

4. "Duuude, she let me use all three fingers this time.  It. Was. Awwwwwesome hohoho."

5. "Oooh, you do a have a long tongue.  Call me after the game, and bring your big yellow ball"


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