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Photo Caption Contest: Bear Bottom

Posted on: August 19, 2009 11:40 am
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August Scoreboard
1. theriverrock 9
2. Train Derailer 7  
3. Beevillian 6
4. kmvenne 5
5. D2Moo 4
5. howie115 4
5. Tarheel_rockman 4
5. skinsinsk 4
6. EagleMtnAirTax 3
7. @mped 2
7. Mister Peabody 2
8. ktopp24 1
8. Gallagher005 1
8. billyxxxho 1
8. River_Rat 1
8. vol u me 1
8. DNates 1
8. bci_moss 1
8. NFL-Solomon 1
January Winner: BigBluMasochist
February Winner: kmvenne
March Winner: kmvenne
April Winner: kmvenne
May Winner: kmvenne
June Winner: BigBluMasochist
July Winner: theriverrock

2008 Winners: River_Rat, Train Derailer, Mister Peabody, turbozo, NFL-Solomon, Strictly Butta, Strictly Butta, Jalap, Badger_colorado, TennFan1972, kmvenne

How to Play:

It's simple, really. Look at the sports-related pictures above, and give us your funniest caption for any or all of them. You can write as many captions for each as you would like.

The contest runs daily, Monday-Thursday. Each day's contest will usually be posted by noon ET, and will usually end around 11 p.m. ET. If I decide that your caption is the funniest or most clever submitted for that picture, it will be declared a winner.

Winning captions will be announced when the contest ends. There will be one winner for each picture, and also one winner for the person who can string together the 5 best captions all with the same theme.

You will be awarded one point for each winning caption that you post. You will see a running tally on the scoreboard, which will be posted at the beginning and end of each day. At the end of each month a champion is declared, and we shower that user in praise and adulation! We add his screenname to the Wall-O-Fame, and then we start everyone's score back at 0.

This contest is just for fun, and there are no real prizes at this time. Who thinks they can make us laugh? :)




Since: Apr 10, 2009
Posted on: August 19, 2009 11:47 am

Photo Caption Contest: Bear Bottom

#1 looks like someone could have use a couple extra sheets of charmin

Since: May 13, 2008
Posted on: August 19, 2009 11:45 am

Photo Caption Contest: Bear Bottom

1. Bernie was never one to be predjudiced. Tall, short, standing, sitting, male, female - he'd help himself to all of them.

Since: Aug 30, 2007
Posted on: August 19, 2009 11:42 am

Photo Caption Contest: Bear Bottom

1. Desperate to dispel the rumors about himself and Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh takes matters in to his own hands. "Yeah... Get this on camera! Now everyone will know what kind of honey Pooh likes!"

2. "Remember that scene in Bloodsport , where Jean Claude Van Damme was all blind, and he had to fight by feel? He was all like 'BWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!', and he went all slow-mo, and hit the Chinese guy in the stomach with his palm! Man, that movie was awesome!"

3. "See. I was sitting around with it in there for so long that it lost all circulation. I basically had to come back or risk amputation."

4. 2200 miles away, Scott Howard breaks down in tears as he finally learns the whereabouts of his long-lost twin brother.

5. Frank and Bill were always worried that they would never be able to find the car after the race.

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