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BCS vs Playoff

Posted on: January 16, 2008 9:36 am
Edited on: January 16, 2008 9:37 am
Once again, we just finished a season that started off with an amazing victory by an underdog surprising the entire college football nation. If we all need to be reminded, Appalachian State defeated Michigan Labor Day weekend in the Big House 34-32. App State's win over the Wolverwine's opened up one of the craziest seasons I can recall in recent years in Division I. My problem is how the BCS is set up, there were several team's that should have had a chance to go for the National Championship and were unable to, because the system is set up wrong. Several of the bowl games were simply boring.

The NCAA has a playoff system set in place for every other level of college athletics, why is Division I College Football different? The difference my friends is greed, plain and simple, in order to be bowl eligible, you have to win six games, which, I think is absolutely ridiculous. Oh shew, we have won our six games, we will get our bowl invitation. What ever happened to the hard work ethic for each game, giving it your all each time you lace up your cleats and put your pads on? The NCAA could put in place a playoff system in Division I, it would work, and they could still utilize the bowl sponsorships but in a different manner. Each round could be at the same locations of the bowl sites, and be sponsored by the same sponsor, for instance the Chick-fil-A round in Atlanta, GA. This would work, and they would still get the money.

In recent year's team's have not been put in the championship game because they were not a championship caliber team. Who's place is it honestly to make this decision? Why are they robbing us of a potentially exciting and new championship run? This year team's were left out of the BCS Championship that were late number ones Missouri and West Virginia, but then had to play in their Conference Championships. Both of these team's lost in their Conference Championship's and the door to a BCS Championship was abruptly slammed on them. In a playoff system at least these team's would have been given an opportunity to demonstrate that they were championship caliber team's, and their own destiny was in their hands.

Bottom line the system is broken, it needs to be fixed. Look at the FCS (formerly Division I-AA) their 16 team playoff system works, has for years, find something that works and implement it. I guarantee fans will be a lot happier.
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Posted on: January 16, 2008 3:00 pm

BCS vs Playoff

I'm all for a playoff if they can figure out a way not to kill the golden goose. So many people spend money on bowl games because each one is like their own little Superbowl and they are willing to travel to see that one game. That might not be the case with mutliple playoff games. I know some of you justify a playoff system because it works in D1-AA etc (I know it is a new name Dook...Division 1 or whatever...Its still D1-AA to me). However, how many people really travel to those games? Usually it is a small crowd in a small stadium with mostly home crowds there. Their budgets are small and the money made from the games doesn't have to be that large of an amount for it to be viable system in the lesser divisions. However, D1-A teams, especially BCS conference teams. have significantly higher budgets and expenses...besides having to feed the other sports programs the major colleges have (womens tennis, horseback riding, etc.) and making sure the revenues still come in mass quantities is the key to success or failure in a playoff system scenario.

Whether or not people would travel to see multiple games remains to be seen. I know I wouldn't fork out thousands of dollars to travel to football games 3 weeks in a row. TV contracts won't be as big as they are for individual bowl games if the stadiums aren't packed either and the TV audience must reflect good ratings, too. There are only so many dollars people will spend for entertainment and the masterminds who craft a playoff system will have to insure that revenues don't go down and that they milk every dollar that they did before and then some or else people are gonna look back at that change years later as a stupid mistake. One way or another, they are gonna have to make sure that we still foot the bill.

Having multiple games, may also allow others who could not go to a venue an opportunity to get to the second game, or perhaps, that working dad, who has to work that day a chance. Your big spending alum's will go to every game, they will ensure they get their ticket allotment.

Shoot for the sake of argument, the NCAA could implement a playoff system for five years, run with it, and tweak it, and if it does not work they could always fall back on the BCS. I truly believe once in place, it will work, and be HIGHLY profitable for the universities, sponsors and the NCAA and the fans and the athletes. Everyone will win.

P.S. Why are you worrying about important men stuff here Dook? Shouldn't you be thinking about women stuff like which shade of rouge to use today or what time you need to cook dinner and wash the dishes?
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Posted on: January 16, 2008 2:50 pm

BCS vs Playoff

Keep the BCS.  It makes every Saturday meaningful (whereas college hoops are a veritable snooze for another month or so) and the debate is fun.  Besides, these kids commit so much time and effort, their seasons shouldn't extend any further.Every Saturday until your team reaches six wins, that is. Then hit the snooze button and stretch into the rest of the season. How can you say that college basketball is boring, look at the debate that has taken place over the Indiana v Illinois game from last week, I certainly beg to differ.

The divisions that utilize the playoff system in college football were finished playing by mid-December, in my eyes this does not extend the team or as you put it "kids" season any further, they are finished. Where as, those that are competing in post-holiday and New Year's bowls still have practice, I rather see this extending their season don't you?

You believe the debate is fun? I believe it's gotten tired, like a Florida retiree who can not decide which plaid pants to put on in order to make his 4:00 early bird diner engagement.

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 2:02 pm
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BCS vs Playoff

You go girl Tell it like it is. I agree with you 110%.  I will read your blogs everday and twice on Sunday.


I guarantee fans will be a lot happier

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 12:36 pm

BCS vs Playoff

Bottom line the system is broke, fans are ticked, it needs to be fixed. My alma mater, Appalachian State, plays in the Division I FCS Playoffs (formerly Div I-AA), it is a sixteen team playoff, it is exciting. Imagine how much money a university can bring in by making the next round.

Please tell me what is SO special about Division I Football that you need to have numerous bowls? Some of the bowls in that were in this year's bowl schedule was a yawn fest, I would have rather scrubbed my kitchen floor than watch some of these games. Make it more interesting, give the fans what they are demanding, CROWN a TRUE NATIONAL CHAMPION!!

Food for thought, Boise State last year had one of the best record's, but was not a Championship caliber team, but by far, played in the most memorable bowl game from last season...given a chance to play for the championship...oh man what a playoff that could have been.

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 12:29 pm

BCS vs Playoff

Now with the BCS you have teams 3 and 4 arguing over who should have played for the championship, if you make it an 8 team playoff you'll have teams 9 and 10 saying they should have got in... Either way someone will be unhappy, a playoff waters down the regular season, losing a game doesnt matter, in this year losing 2 or 3 wouldnt have mattered, I like it when every game means something, however with that being said the playoff would make the end of the season a lot more interesting and may even draw some fans that dont dont normal watch college football.  Smilar to the NCAA Tourny, people watch to see if there brackets are right and the atmosphere of a playoff/tourny is better, or like the NBA, some people are only fans during the playoffs because thats when the games get more intense, baseball to for that matter... there are positives and negatives both ways, but I personally would love a playoff system.  I would want to include more then 6 or 8 teams which seems to be the whats being talked about.  I would make it 16 to 32 games and we would skip that whole month of off time and get the brackets out and ready to go 2 weeks after championship week.  32 games make it a 5 week tournement and anyteam who can even form an argument would be included, 16 teams would be 4 weeks and you'd prolly still have some people crying over not getting in but oh well.  All games would be played at the topped ranked university's home feild until the final 4, making doing well in the regular season still mean something.  Final 4 would be played in a nuetral site that would move every season like the superbowl and each game could be sponsored by companies willing to participate once it dwindles down to the final 8 so that way it will still have the bowl sponors and the money coming in... sorry got to ranting but it is a good topic and I think the NCAA should give it a go under there own guidlines they aint gotta listen to me 

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 12:25 pm

BCS vs Playoff

There goes Dook making sense again.
I am having a good day! rofl

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 12:04 pm

BCS vs Playoff

There goes Dook making sense again.  I think there needs to be a playoff but I don't see it happening anytime soon 

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 11:35 am

BCS vs Playoff

I agree completely with your comment about the greed.  They should start out with a 24 team championship just to see how it works. This would bring in mad money. You could have the first round games played at a neutral site which would only be 12 games, also sponsored by various companies, Meineke, Chik-Fil-a, Mcd's whatever. the next round the same thing sponsor the games. as you get down to the semi and the finals have your big sponsors kick in like Nokia and Pepsi.  They are acting like babies because they would have crazy money with a playoff system.

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