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People who drive me nuts at gym: NoFormusFemales

Posted on: October 21, 2008 1:23 pm
Edited on: October 21, 2008 1:39 pm
You've noticed this person before. Maybe you are this person. Maybe you have your own person.

Maybe I'm this person to you. Woman

This person drive me nuts.

(Eric, we've been down this road before. More people drive you nuts than don't)

True, but this particular person falls into a nice category -- people at the gym who drive Eric nuts or PAGDEN.

Today's PAGDEN is NoFormusFemalus.

Habitat: A structured class, possibly kickboxing, boxing or some sort of cardio.

You may notice her ... at the front of the class, at the front of a jog, at the front of any exercise involving getting from point a to point b to point c.

What drives her nuts: Uncertainty. Not knowing if it's 30 crunches or 35 sends her world into chaos, and her...

...Distinguishing habits: Sacrificing form for speed. If the task is 20 curls, she'll race through those 20 by ignoring things like extending the biceps fully, or breathing.

Co-habituating with NoFormusFemales means listening to her complain about the pace of the class and why things are so easy.

(Eric, it sure is amazing how easy things are when you don't give a damn about actually doing the task at hand, ain't it?)

That's how I get through work! Ba-zing.

The deal with NoFormusFemales is she's all about fitness. But she puts more emphasis on the destination than the journey. Watching somebody do that drives me nuts.

Who drives you nuts at the gym? Next Tuesday we'll have another PAGDEN.

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A simple "I object" would do

Since: Dec 21, 2007
Posted on: November 4, 2008 4:35 pm

People who drive me nuts at gym: NoFormusFemales

How about the muscle heads that are so big in the arm and chest region but have these tiny ankles with no calf muscle and they walk around thinking they are Gods gift?

Since: Feb 4, 2008
Posted on: October 26, 2008 8:08 pm

People who drive me nuts at gym

Eric-  please don't take this personally if the following describes you and/or your fan base.

The worst people to see at a gym are middle-aged men who have no shame or vanity.  You know that guy.  He's about 50-100 pounds overweight but still insists on wearing loose tank tops so you can get a glimpse of his manboobs.  He has more hair on his back than the top of his head.  The gym is 50 degrees and he still manages to leave puddles of sweat on every single piece of equipment.  And he always stares and drools at the young women when he thinks they're not looking (umm, we can't see you staring in the mirror, moron). 

Alright, I'm done venting.  I'll go take my prozac before I flip out like O.J.


Since: Sep 12, 2007
Posted on: October 25, 2008 1:08 pm

People who drive me nuts at gym: NoFormusFemales

GRUNTUSMAXIMUS is what bothers me the most when I go to the gym. The type of guy whose grunting and heavy breathing is echoed throughout the place, saying, "Hey look at me, I'm lifting weights!! And they're so heavy that I need to grunt when I lift them!! Oh man, they're heavy!!"

The way I look at it, unless you're lifting over 300 pounds there should be no grunting involved.

Since: Jun 30, 2008
Posted on: October 22, 2008 2:21 pm

People who drive me nuts at gym: NoFormusFemales

LOL that statement is particularly funny with that avatar...

Since: May 4, 2008
Posted on: October 21, 2008 11:48 pm

People who drive me nuts at gym: NoFormusFemales

I go to the gym and I am all business, what I don't like is all these chicks approaching me with their small talk, I am not there to get picked up. I know the good looks and disarming smile can be overwhelming at times, but please girls, just let me work out in peace.

Since: Jun 30, 2008
Posted on: October 21, 2008 4:40 pm

People who drive me nuts at gym: JACKEDANDTAN

JACKEDANDTAN. This is a guy who has the perfect physique and wants to make sure everybody knows it. Other defining characteristics include spiked hair, a bandana of some sort, a wife beater, and the accessory every macho man is sure to carry: the iPod mini.

You most likely see this guy with his shirt off at the bench press.
You are more likely to hear this guy first, even before you see him.

To JACKEDANDTAN, I respect your self-confidence, but I don't need it flaunted in my face. I already understand how HGH works, so please keep your biceps away from me. Thank you.

Since: Feb 15, 2008
Posted on: October 21, 2008 3:50 pm

People who drive me nuts at gym: NoFormusFemales

I would say the one who drives me nuts at the gym is TALKUSALOTUS.  This person just stands around and gabs all workout long with no real effort being placed on the actual workout.  This is usually fine except when that person starts looking around for new people to chat up.  I go by myself to workout not meet new and interesting people to chat with. 

The only thing that is worse is when this person thinks it's their place in life to inform everyone else how their doing it wrong. 

Great topic.

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