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Dwyane Wade will cook your beef

Posted on: March 10, 2008 1:54 pm
Edited on: March 10, 2008 2:11 pm

Driving back from work the other night I noticed a revamping restaraunt just a few minutes from my house. I was saddened, because I liked the old restaraunt. So I drove slowly past the newly labeled establishment to see what exactly this place would be called, hoping it wouldn't stray too far from the high-end BBQ joint I sort of liked. And you know what the name of that restaurant is?

D Wade's Sports Grill. Kay's Korner gives the to-be-coming-soon D Wade's Sports Grill a thumbs down.

Yes, Dwyane Wade is opening a sports grill minutes from my place. (Of note, some guy named Dwayne Wade will be making appearances)

So here's my beef with this grill.

This just doesn't feel right. I mean, what can somebody a year younger than me, who's probably never cooked his own meal, bring to the sports grill table? Not that he'll be doing the cooking, but hopefully you're smelling what I'm cooking. So this brings me to Kay's Korner Kan't Do 48:

"I will not, at least until I re-evaluate this position at age 30, wine, dine or offer a dime, at any establishment bearing the name of a celebrity younger than me."

I want my sports grill (preferably with an e on the end, to boot) experience to be offered by someone typically twice my age. There's just something about going to a sports bar and knowing that it's some old fart athlete or coach trying to make a buck because he's shafted on the pension front -- Bob Brudzinski (Bru's Room), Bernie Kosar (Bernie Kosar's Steakhouse) or Don Shula (Shula's Steakhouse) -- or trying to stay active in a competitive industry after their sports glory days are over, or winding down.

It's one thing for Roger Dorn to open a restaurant. It's another for Rick Vaughn.

So I probably won't be seeing ya, D Wade, when you make your "appearances" at the grill bearing your name. But I won't fret, you're the third or maybe fourth eating establishment to try this location since I moved down here (two years ago), so I'm guessing something new will be there before you even stop on in.

Hey wait a second. D Wade's Sports Grill is about to open? Dwyane Wade shuts down with 21 games to go? Maybe he WILL be making appearances.

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Posted on: March 10, 2008 3:29 pm

Dwyane Wade will cook your beef

Thanks bud! Unless he's cooking up hot dogs and serving Old Style, what does this place really bring to the table? Unless of course, all the menu items are named after injuries the model/baller has occured...that I'd pay for.

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Posted on: March 10, 2008 3:08 pm

Dwyane Wade will cook your beef

Excellent article man, You had me rollin' back in my chair.  Anyone else see this Wade injury coming weeks ago. Why is Miami too afraid to just say that they don't want Wade getting hurt, they have been eliminated from the playoffs, and they just want to secure him for next season. Is it because they think the ticket holders would get upset?  Wade is from Chicago, who do you know from Chicago that knows how to grill it up? Nobody.

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