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WEC live results: Faber vs. Brown

Posted on: November 5, 2008 9:47 pm
Edited on: November 5, 2008 10:02 pm

The main event is here, as Urijah Faber defends the featherweight title against Mike Brown. This fight should make up for the last one, at least.

Round 1: Faber throws a body kick. Big right hand by Faber. Faber traps the arm but Brown escapes. Faber with a head kick. Brown throws a pair of rights and Faber covers up. Brown forces Faber to the fence and tries for a takedown. Faber comes off the cage with a muay thai clinch and throws a knee. Brown takes down Faber and Faber stands back up, throwing a spinning elbow. But Faber is clocked by a right to the jaw on the elbow attempt and he's down. Brown goes to the ground with him and hammers away, including some uppercuts that snap Faber's head back, before referee Troy Waugh stops it. New WEC featherweight champion, Mike Brown. American Top Team members are jumping into the cage to celebrate and the crowd is on fire.

Winner: Mike Brown defeats Urijah Faber via TKO due to strikes at 2:23 of Round 1.

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Jeremy Stephens Interview after UFC knock out

Jeremy Stephens Interview after UFC knock out

Written by Penny Buffington

Jeremy Stephens threw a devastating upper cut at UFC 91 COUTURE vs LESNAR that brought Rafael Dos Anjos crashing to the floor in a very dramatic fashion. The lightweight was so excited he ran face first with great velocity into the octagon cage bouncing off with force. The event was held Nov 15th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. After being awarded the Knockout of the Night award Jeremy’s mixed martial arts record stands at 14 wins and 3 losses. With that lose Dos Anjos record is now 11 wins with 3 losses.

Jeremy explains to MMAmania what went on in the locker room while he was waiting his turn to fight,  “As usual: getting pumped up.  Just going through my regular warm ups. Dancing, moving around, trying to relax, stay calm and just go out there and perform.”

The first round didn’t look so good for Jeremy, “He took me down. I really wasn’t expecting for him to take me down. He is really strong.  I was trying to get back up, but he had a really, really tight jui juitsu. I couldn’t move. I’ve been working on getting up but he left no spaces. He did a good job holding me down. Once I was able to reverse, I made a mistake. He capitalized on it.  But you know I’m not going to tap. I’ve got to much heart. I have too much on the line.”

The upper cut came 39 seconds into round 3 after Jeremy redeemed himself during round 2. Jeremy tells us how he felt, “Explosive as you could probably tell! I ran into the cage! I was just so hyped up.  I have so much going on in my life and it was like I was reborn again. It felt really great.”  As to the run in with the cage Jeremy explained, “It left me with a black eye.”

The life of a fighter includes traveling around the country to train with the best in the business, “I met up with Hermes Franca. I flew out to San Diego to Saulo Ribeiro’s gym. We trained with Diego Sanchez a little bit. Went up to Throwdown Elite and trained with Baret Yoshida – not with Baret but with his gym- War Machine. (Former UFC fighter)  Moving around allot, then I went back to Davenport to finish up training and then I met Hermes a week before the fight out in Vegas.”

As far as taking time off to enjoy the win Jeremy tells us that isn’t his plan, “The first round I kicked him. It kind of messed up my foot. I’m going to take this week off then on Mon I am going to get right back into the gym. I expect to perform here very soon. Josh Near and Hermes Franca were both in my corner they are going to be fighting in Feb. I’m hoping to spend allot of time with those guys and train and fight maybe on the same card or afterwards.”
‘Lil Heathen” is the nickname given to Jeremy he says it comes from his mom, “My mother!  When I was a little kid I was more of a wild man I guess. That is the only way she could describe me. I spent allot of time with her when I was younger. She defiantly made me the best.”

Jeremy attributes some of his success to where he was born, “515 (area code) that is my city: Des Moines Iowa. If you throw a dart in the middle of the United States it would actually land on Des Moines Iowa. That is why we say we have allot of heart because Des Moines Iowa is the heart of the United States.”

Stephens gave shout outs to Cindy at the end of the fight. He explained, “She is my girlfriend of a little bit over a year. Tuesday she flew into Vegas, that week that was our 1 year, and she is currently pregnant. She is a little bit over 4 months and here in 2 weeks we are going to get an ultra sound and find out what sex our baby is. She is a real big help she is always there for me and it was all work for our baby so I had to give her a shout out.”

Jeremy is managed by   White Chocolate: White Chocolate Management. At1901 Harrison Street, Suite #208 Hollywood, FL 33020. Main phone: 954.921.1311


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Alvin Cacdac Interview Fighting Strikeforce Nov 2

Alvin Cacdac Interview Fighting Strikeforce Nov 21

Written by Penny Buffington

Alvin Cacdac is set to fight Friday STRIKEFORCE DESTRUCTION at the HP Pavilion at San Jose Friday, November 21. Cacdac has a record of 4 wins and 4 losses. Win or lose the scale is about to tip.  Alvin needs the win to further his career in the extremely talented world of mixed martial arts. Alvin tells, “It’s coming up in San Hose. It’s against Jose Palacios He is a tough guy a good kick boxer  so I’m probably going to take it to the ground hopefully end it with either a submission or ground and pound.” Jose Palacious record is 3 wins with 1 lose.
Alvin has prepared for his fight at a top notch gym. “I train at Nor Cal Fight Factory with little Dave (Dave Velasquez) over here in San Jose.” 

 Alvin only started training for mixed martial arts a short time ago, “Not that long, maybe 4 years. I was always into it in High School and throughout my life. A buddy of mine from work was like, o yeah I fight, I do MMA. I said alright cool. He got me in.”

 Sometimes family support is hard to come by, “At first they didn’t support it because they were like you could get hurt. But you can get hurt at anything. I think they support it though.”

 As always the life of a fighter is all time consuming, “I have to give up allot of my personal time, my free time. You have to be dedicated to it. The free time I do have, I spend it with family and my girlfriend.”

For this Fridays Strikeforce fight against Palacio- Cacdac has a game plan, “Allot of combinations, get him frustrated. Hopefully not let him get to much gap. I don’t want to get kicked or anything so hopefully just smother him and just give him hell.”

What keeps Alvin dedicated? “My family, my coaches, and myself of course.”

 When asked what his nickname is and where it came from Alvin replied, “The Pilipino Phenom, I don’t know where I got it from. Other than I’m Pilipino and my last 2 fights I slammed 2 guys in the head and they were like you are crazy, you are a phenom, so they go Pilipino Phenom.”

 If you would like to visit Alvin on the internet or sponsor him he can be reached through, “My manager, ( ) my coaches or my MySpace”:

“I’m pretty sure MySpace is a big thing now.”

Alvin’s Hit Em Up web page:


I asked Alvin if he looks up to anyone in the sport and without hesitation he answered, “Yeah BJ Penn. I’ve been watching him ever since I was in high school. I was like o man this guy is sick.”

To his fans and future fans Alvin said, “Thanks for all your support. Hopefully I will be victorious and I hope to put on a show.”

For the audio:


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Jeremy Stephens Interview post knock out

Jeremy Stephens Interview post knock out- Rafael dos Anjos UFC 91

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Interview with Tony Johnson Fighting Strikeforce

Interview with Tony Johnson Fighting Strikeforce Nov 21

Written by Penny Buffington



In October mixed martial arts fighter Tony Johnson stepped into the ring with 3 days notice and came up with an impressive knock out 25 seconds into round one. This made Johnsons career record 3 wins with no losses.  He shared his thoughts on his fight with MMAmania, “My last fight was with Marcus Gaines. We fought in Selland, California in the War God Show. It’s a local show here, but they are doing a reality show with it. It is airing on Comcast. It seems to be a bigger deal here in California. I train here at AKA in San Hose. One of our partners Nate Moore was getting ready to fight and in training he actually suffered a knock out with Trevor Prangley. So they needed someone to fill in last second. I took the fight on about 3 days notice. Jumped in there, I had no clue what Marcus was about. I knew he was a seasoned fighter. He had like 15 fights. Just went out there, 25 seconds, knocked him out! Got in and got out real quick. So it was pretty nice.” 

A great tool for a mixed martial arts fighter wanting exposure is to get themselves on the reality show on Spike TV – The Ultimate Fighter. Tony tells us, “In January I tried out for the reality show for TUF and so hopefully that will go through and I’ll get the nod on that.”

STRIKEFORCE DESTRUCTION is being held at the HP Pavilion in San Jose Friday, November 21, 2008.

205 lbs. – 5X5 – Renato “Babalu” Sobral (30-7) vs. Bobby Southworth (9-5) - Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship Fight
170 lbs. – 3X5 – Luke Stewart (6-1) vs. Joe “Diesel” Riggs (28-10)
164 lbs. – 3X5 – Yves Edwards (34-14-1) vs. Duane “Bang” Ludwig (17-8)
130 lbs. – 3X3 – Kim “Sugar Free” Couture (0-1) vs. Lina Kvokov (0-1)
175 lbs. – 5X3 – Lemont Davis (2-1) vs. Brian Schwartz (0-1)
135 lbs. – 3X5 – Brad Royster (1-1) vs. Darren Uyenoyama (4-2)
185 lbs. – 3X5 – Nik Theotikos (5-1) vs. Luke Rockhold (2-1)
185 lbs. – 3X5 – Tony Johnson (3-0) vs. Eric Lawson (7-2)
145 lbs. – 3X3 – Alvin Cacdac (4-4) vs. Jose Palacios (3-1)
155 lbs. – 3X3 – Bobby Stack (5-1) vs. Cyrillo Padilha (2-2)
185 lbs. – 3X5 – Kurt Osiander (3-0) vs. Josh Neal (3-6)

 Tony explains, “I fight Nov 21st at Strikeforce here in San Hose at the HP Pavilion. I am looking forward to this Eric Lawson fight. He’s 7 and 2 but, he is a real strong wrestler. He has really made a name for himself in Strikeforce. This will be a good fight. If I can look impressive and if I can get a good win here I’d like to make Strikforce my home, if the TUF thing doesn’t work out. But, I’m really looking forward to the reality show,

When asked where Tony finds the dedication from he replied, “Got to eat! I work at LA Boxing. I am a trainer. But that is it, a part time gig for some extra money. I live in an RV right now to be honest with you, in a parking lot. Every day I wake up in that RV in the parking lot, I know it’s time for me to go to work and after the fight is over I need to get paid and get to hell out of that RV.”

Finishing the interview with Tony he said,

 “Check out my web page on Hit Em Up Fighter” :


“And check out my myspace too”:


“I’ve got my sponsors up there, Guard Ya Grill, Hit Em Up, Toons Night Club.”
“Come check out my fight. It is going to be a hell of a fight. I believe it will be on HDNet, you can watch on TV.”

To hear the audio from this interview:

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WEC live results: Faber vs. Brown

Dreamweaver: Urijah Faber WEC 36 interview exclusive with
By: Penny Buffington

WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber has emerged as the face of World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), racking up five consecutive wins for the Zuffa-owned promotion. In fact, he has not tasted defeat in 13 fights — an impressive streak that dates back to 2005.

His record, fighting style and personality have thrust him to the forefront of the MMA scene. And the “California Kid” will once again be back in the bright spotlight at WEC 36: “Faber vs. Brown,” defending his 145-pound title against number one contender Mike Brown in the main event live on Versus at 8 p.m. ET on November 5.

It’s perhaps the toughest test to date for the 29-year-old fighter.

“Mike Brown is a really tough guy,” Faber recently told in an exclusive interview. “He is 19 and 4 out of American Top Team. He fought his last fights in Japan and he has fought before in Russia a little bit. He is tough. He is well rounded and, well, I think I’m going to beat him up.”

Faber is infamous in industry circles for his tireless work ethic and dedication to training inside the gym. While most fighters are associated with big name camps like ATT, American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) or X-Treme Couture, among others, Faber spills his blood, sweat and tears in his own facility.

“It’s my own gym, downtown Sacramento,” Faber says of Ultimate Fitness. “I feel like it is one of the best facilities in America. We’ve got a lot of top-notch trainers and a lot of great fighters that are going to be coming out of here and making a real big splash in the sport. It is an awesome facility — I spend most of my time here.”

Naturally, Urijah trains under different trainers depending on the discipline being taught. When asked who his trainers are Urijah replied, “My Muay Thai instructor, boxing instructor is Master Thong. He is a really accomplished trainer. He has four WEO champions, two kickboxing world champions and over 300 matches for Muay Thai itself. And I have Fabio Prado — he is my Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach now. There are a lot of guys on our team that help out as well.”

The lone blemish on Urijah’s professional record is courtesy of top UFC lightweight contender Tyson Griffin. It’s a result that still eats at him to this day. And even though he compete at 145 pounds and Griffin is entrenched in the 155-pound division, Faber is eager for a rematch.

“Yeah I think it could happen,” Faber says about fighting Griffin again. “Maybe not right away, but something, before I’m done fighting and he is done fighting, hopefully, for sure will happen.”

As for the difference in weight, Faber has a solution to make the fight happen.

“I’d have to go up in weight,” he says. “I wouldn’t necessarily switch over to the UFC. Maybe they would do some kind of cross promotion. I’m not sure how it would work. I’m not really thinking that far into the future right now. I’m just trying to focus on what’s at hand and go day-by-day.”

Of course, Faber would be unable to do what he does and enjoy the success that he does without the support of those closest to him … even if they can’t bear to watch him get punched in the face.

“My family support is great,” he says. “My mom doesn’t like to come watch me fight. She can’t handle the brutality of it. The idea of me getting punched and stuff like that. But she will watch it after she already knows the results. She has always supported me in my life in just about everything I’ve done. The rest of my family loves it! They know I’m following my dreams.”

Those dreams will continue to be reality when Urijah meets up with Mike Brown next Wednesday night. He’s prepared as usual, ready to represent the WEC as the face of the promotion with his trademark smile and action-packed performances that have helped elevate him to the upper echelon of the sport.

“Thank you so much for all the support,” he says. “I really feel the love. Keep on watching and check out and enjoy the fight. It is going to be exciting.”

That’s quite the understatement as far as Urijah Faber is concerned.

To check out the complete audio of Penny Buffington’s interview with WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber click here. In addition, fans may be very interested to know you can go to or for a chance to win a VIP trip to Sacramento to see Urijah Faber and his Ultimate Fitness gym for an exclusive training session with the champ. The contest begins on November 5.

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WEC live results: Faber vs. Brown


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WEC live results: Faber vs. Brown


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WEC live results: Faber vs. Brown


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WEC live results: Faber vs. Brown

Not to sell brown's win short but did anyone notice faber run into brown's fist.

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WEC live results: Faber vs. Brown

This was the first fight I've seen that I would say Urijah was a little intimidated.  I think he realized within the first 30 seconds of the fight that his speed was not going to get it done by itself.  He made a move but Mike was ready for an off the cuff move and connected with a very powerful shot and the fight was over.  If Urijah had hit that elbow.........we will never know but the fight may not have gone any longer, just a different winner. 

With that said, I can see this being a big payday in the future for both fighters. 

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