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UFC 93 live results: Coleman vs. Rua

Posted on: January 17, 2009 4:48 pm
Edited on: January 17, 2009 5:21 pm

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman fights for the first time since Oct. 2006, in a PRIDE rematch against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Both fighters have a lot to prove here, with Rua not only looking to avenge the prior loss to Coleman, but also looking for his first UFC win.

Coleman has a very serious look on his face as he enters to AC/DC's "Back in Black." Among the men in his corner is "New York Bad Ass," Phil Baroni, who is animated enough for the both of them.

Round 1: Shogun avoided eye contact with Coleman during the staredown. Both fighters got a kind reaction from the audience and they shook hands beforehand. Rua hits Coleman with a big right and Rua nailed him with a knee at the same time. Coleman connects a few times with some strikes as Rua tries to get up. Rua is rolling for a kneebar but Coleman escapes. Shogun with a big right hand. Coleman takes him down. The crowd is now chanting "Shogun." Coleman looking for ground and pound and Rua takes his arm. Rua escapes to him feet and actually takes Coleman down and passes his guard. Rua with side control, close to the fence. Coleman turns his feet to the cage and tries to use the fence to brace himself and escape from the bottom. Rua striking down at Coleman as Coleman punches upward at Rua. They're back to their feet. Coleman with a left, but he's looking tired already. Rua with kicks. Coleman shoots for a takedown. Coleman tries to get up and Rua attempts to take his back. Rua decks Coleman with a right and Coleman slowly falls down, appearing more exhausted than hurt. Coleman throws some hands but Rua answers with jabs and knees as the round ends. 10-9 Rua, and Coleman looks completely out of gas.

Round 2: If Coleman can't finish Rua early, he's doomed. Rua with leg kicks. Coleman hits a pair of nice jabs. Rua with an uppercut. Coleman shoots for a takedown and gets it. While Coleman catches his breath, Rua is back to his feet. Rua tries a takedown and Coleman powers him over to thwart it. Coleman with a jab, but he drops his hands after every throw. Rua is jabbing and taking it slow as well, but you get the idea he could finish Coleman if he wanted to. Rua with a body kick and a jab. Rua's nose is bloody. Rua with a Thai clinch but Coleman takesh im down before he can do any damage with it. Rua escapes and Coleman decks him hard as he stands up. Coleman with another takedown and it looks like Rua is gassing now, too. Rua takes a shoulder lock with his legs. Coleman is hanging on but Rua doesn't look to have the energy to complete the submission. And he doesn't, as the buzzer sounds. 10-9 Rua again, and if Rua is as tired as he looks, Coleman might actually have a chance.

Round 3: Coleman throws a weak punch and then shoots for a takedown. Rua elbows Coleman in the head but Coleman completes the takedown. Coleman pounds away at Rua's jaw with elbows from the top. Coleman with fists to the ribs as well. The crowd is now chanting "Coleman." Rua goes for a heel hook and he can't finish it. Coleman pulls Rua back to his knees and keeps punching him in the face. Coleman has very little on those punches but Rua just can't do anything about it. Rua gets to his feet and Coleman is still on his knees, but Rua takes a Thai clinch and knees him in the body. The ref thinks the knee landed on the head, so he warns Rua and stands them up. They're duking it out. Rua throws a combo that finally drops Coleman to the canvas for good, and the ref calls it off. Coleman is upset at the stoppage, but he took about seven clean shots including an uppercut that clearly put Coleman out on his feet.

Winner: Mauricio "Shogun" Rua defeated Mark Coleman via TKO due to strikes at 4:36 of Round 3.

Rua told Joe Rogan he's back at 100 percent. I hope that wasn't 100 percent, for Rua's sake.

"I'm really upset and disappointed with myself. A good fight's not good enough. I came here to win," Coleman said. He also proclaimed his respect for Rua, and asked for a rubber match.

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Posted on: January 21, 2009 1:54 pm

UFC 93 live results: Coleman vs. Rua

Rua is continuing the trend of major PRIDE stars that are failing in the UFC - Hendo and Jackson being the obvious exceptions.  One has to wonder if the much more stringent drug testing in the UFC has to do with that - Hendo made comments that he is tested far more frequently here than in PRIDE and many doubt whether he ever took the drugs in PRIDE - possibly why there was little to no drop-off in his performance *ahem* Cro Cop *ahem* Wandy etc etc

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Posted on: January 18, 2009 1:53 am

UFC 93 live results: Coleman vs. Rua

Both fighters looked BAD.  Real bad.  Neither one of these guys should ever fight on a PPV.  Dana owes us a fight for that mess.  Chuck will hurt Rua.

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Posted on: January 17, 2009 8:38 pm

UFC 93 live results: Coleman vs. Rua

I was very diapointed in Rua after the Griffin fight, but hoped it was due to the knee and maybe first time in the cage jitters.  But todays performance seemed almost less impressive.  With out soccer kicks and head stomps Shogun looks like an average fighter to me.  There is no killer instinct anymore.   

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