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UFC 87 live results: Florian vs. Huerta

Posted on: August 9, 2008 10:37 pm
Edited on: August 9, 2008 11:06 pm
A lot of anticipation for this next fight: Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta.

Round 1: Florian is playing it more careful than usual. They circle for a bit with leg kicks and no real significant strikes before Florian gets a takedown against the cage. Florian gets his back. Huerta stands up and escapes. Florian throws a combo ending with a knee. Huerta returns with a combo and shoots for a takedown. Florian stuffs it. Florian clinches and then uses a Muay Thai clinch to land a knee to the head. Huerta tries the Superman punch twice. The round ends, and I've got it 10-9 Florian, but it's real close and neither guy was ever in much trouble.

Round 2: Florian throws leg and head kicks. Huerta forces him against the cage and Florian stuffs the takedown again. Florian shoots for a single leg and Huerta tries to take a kimura while defending. Florian trips him down with a body lock and gets Huerta's back quickly. Florian lands some strikes before Huerta escapes out the back door. They stand again, and Florian uses a leg sweep to trip Huerta down, but can't capitalize before Huerta gets up. Huerta with a straight right. Huerta fakes a Superman punch again. He does it yet again and take a body lock against the fence. Florian with a Muay Thai clinch and some elbow strikes. They exchange punches as the time expires on Round 2. Florian 10-9 again, but still, it's very close.

Round 3: Florian with a straight kick to the chest. He tries a guillotine and Huerta escapes. Florian comes alive, throwing flying knees and fists. Huerta clowns him a bit, but Florian's not joking, so he throws another flying knee in mid-mock. Florian muscles Huerta to the mat and takes his leg, but can't do anything with it. Huerta escapes. Florian with another knee. They exchange and Huerta largely misses while Florian connects. Florian tagging Huerta with jabs. Huerta with a combo. Huerta with a straight right. Florian with a knee to the body. Huerta lands a body kick and slips doing so. He's back up. Florian with a right hand and a takedown. Huerta stands up and Florian hits him with a series of knees. Florian dances away from Huerta and tags him with jabs to the face as the time runs out. I've got the fight 30-27 Florian.

Winner: Kenny Florian defeats Roger Huerta via unanimous decision (30-27) after three rounds.

Huerta suffers his first UFC defeat.  Florian says his strategy for the fight was to out-technique Huerta and stay away from fist-fighting him, due to Huerta's toughness. It paid off.

"I didn't want to get into a brawl with him," Florian said. "He's real tough."

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UFC 87 live results: Florian vs. Huerta


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UFC 87 live results: Florian vs. Huerta

 I lost all respect for Kenny Florian!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For a guy the Prides him self on "Finishing Fights" He sure ran like a little girl the whole time!!!  Guys like him and Machida are going to ruin this sport!!! Its about the challenge, the fight and the grind!!!!  not about doing as little as possible to win a fight!! from round one you can see all he wanted was to get a decision win!! to run and counter here and there to get a few points, just to win the fight!!! 

Kenny Florian should just become a Boxer cause thats why that sport is dieing out!!! To much running, not enough fighting!!!!

He should change his name to " Kenny Flor-I-Ran "

Grow a set Kenny!!!!

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