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Red/Blue Wrap-Up (1 Nov 2008)

Posted on: February 1, 2009 1:16 pm

November 1, 2008 9:34 pm
Some quick takes after just having returned from the Red/Blue Scrimmage...

Returning players

  • Jordan Hill: appears to be in very good shape, and has worked on his mid-range jumper; still does not have a good, quick post-up move and was fenced in several times when he hesitated to take it to the rim.
  • Chase Budinger: has really stepped it up and looks and acts like the team leader, made some nice outside jumpers, and looks to be very fit; still has that tendency to get lost on the offensive end and get stuck behind defenders.
  • Fendi Onabun: must be bench-pressing small European cars now with those guns, can get up remarkably well, and was a reliable free-throw shooter; is still trying to find that mid-range jumper and stay out of foul trouble (I think he had 6 by half-time).
  • Jamelle Horne: as I predicted, looks to be the breakout player this season, with fantastic athleticism (he's in tiptop shape), sweet outside stroke, and fearlessness at the rim; tries to do too much with the ball and really doesn't have a guard's handle (yet).
  • Nic Wise: did not play...he had a soft cast on his left ankle that looked like sprain protection; his absence on point was noticeable (see below).
New faces
  • Brendon Lavender: my favorite new guy...has heart, talent, and its clear the upperclassmen like and respect him, has a really good range, is rock solid on free throws, can handle the ball well, and fly with the other freaks of nature.
  • Kyle Fogg: a serious outside threat when he warms up, he drilled two straight 3's and looked like he could do it all day; unfortunately, after the second he ran to the other end of the court and committed a dumb foul...he also shows the perpetual Arizona guard habit of overdribbling and overpenetrating before giving the ball up.
  • Zane Johnson (I know, but he played last year for like 3 minutes ): seems to be proving he has a solid outside shot as he hit several, and appears to be in the best shape of all the underclassmen; committed some fouls that made even the fans groan.
  • Garland Judkins: contributed significantly to the game with points and passes, I think he's going to get some decent playing time this season; same overdribble overpass tendency as Fogg, with a lot of giveaways.
  • Kirk Walters...I mean Alex Jacobson:  seriously, he even had Kirk's boy-man facial hair, however he also has Kirk's junior year build and more hops; Hill had fun pushing Jacobson around, which hopefully means the Center-in-progress will be presentable by season's end.
I'm actually excited about this year...we can all set our expectations super low and then be pleasantly surprised when the team pulls it together about 5 games into the Pac 10 schedule.

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