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TBDPITL: Week 4 (9.22.08)

Posted on: September 22, 2008 10:11 am
Alrightee then.....  Well, Florida manhandled Tennessee and the LSU/Auburn game delivered some quality entertainment.  USC and Oklahoma sat on their butts and looked pretty doing it, while Missouri, Texas, Georgia and Alabama easily took care of business.  I didn't really see much need to move the top 10 around, and didn't feel a need to punish Auburn for barely losing to the higher ranked team.  If you rank one team #7 and one #11, then #7 should beat #11.  To drop #11 in the polls means you believe you shouldn't have ranked them that high to begin with.
  1. Georgia  (4-0)
  2. Southern California  (2-0)
  3. Oklahoma  (3-0)
  4. Missouri  (4-0)
  5. Florida  (3-0)
  6. Texas  (3-0)
  7. Louisiana State  (3-0)
  8. Wisconsin (3-0)
  9. Alabama  (4-0)
  10. Pennsylvania State  (4-0)
  11. Auburn  (3-1)
  12. Ohio State  (3-1)
  13. Brigham Young   (4-0)
  14. Texas Tech  (4-0)
  15. Kansas  (3-1)
  16. Illinois  (3-0)
  17. Utah   (4-0)
  18. South Florida  (4-0)
  19. Cincinnati   (2-1)
  20. Georgia Tech  (3-1)
  21. East Carolina  (3-1)
  22. Clemson  (3-1)
  23. Fresno State  (2-1)
  24. Oregon   (3-1)
  25. Purdue   (2-1)

Games to watch this week:*

  • Alabama at Georgia -- (Saturday, 6:45 ESPN) -- This will be the game to let us know if Bama is "back" or not.  Two wins against top 10 teams is a good season in anyone's book.
  • Illinois at Penn St -- (Saturday, 7:00 ABC) -- This game may end up being a deciding factor in who wins the Big Ten this year.  Ohio States crown is vulnerable and both of these teams are vying for it.
  • USC at Oregon St -- (Thursday, 8:00 ESPN) -- This is a game to watch just because it is only the Trojan's third game in five weeks.  Stacking the bye weeks early may hurt them later, but for now they should be well rested.
  • TCU at Oklahoma -- (Saturday, 6:00 FSN) -- The Sooners play their first ranked team; let's see how they do.  I don't have any doubts about this one and think that Cincinatti would be ranked except they had the misfortune of playing Oklahoma early.
  • Maryland at Clemson -- (Saturday, 11:00 Raycom) -- This is a must win if either team wants a shot at the ACC title.
*All times Central because that's where I live   :-P
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