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TBDPITL: Week 5 (9.29.08)

Posted on: September 29, 2008 2:34 pm
Edited on: September 29, 2008 6:49 pm
It's losing season and not everyone got their inoculations in time.  USC was the first to come down with a case of losing, but was quickly followed by several of the ranked teams.  That made way for lots of new teams, but we'll see if they can weather the season without coming down with a case of losing as well.
  1. Oklahoma (4-0)
  2. Alabama (5-0)
  3. Texas (4-0)
  4. Missouri (4-0)
  5. Pennsylvania State (5-0)
  6. Louisiana State (4-0)
  7. Texas Tech (5-0)
  8. Brigham Young   (4-0)
  9. Georgia  (4-1)
  10. Florida (3-1)
  11. Auburn (4-1)
  12. Southern California  (2-1)
  13. South Florida  (5-0)
  14. Utah   (5-0)
  15. Vanderbilt (4-0)
  16. Georgia Tech  (3-1)
  17. Wisconsin (3-1)
  18. Ohio State  (3-1)
  19. Oregon   (4-1)
  20. Kansas  (3-1)
  21. Illinois  (2-2)
  22. Fresno State  (3-1)
  23. Cincinnati   (3-1)
  24. Texas Christian (4-1)
  25. Boise State (3-0)

Games to watch:

La Tech @ #17 Boise State (10/1, 7:00 ESPN) - Why?  Because it's Wednesday and there's college football on.  No other reason needed.
Oregon St @ #15 Utah (10/2, 8:00) - I'm not sure if it will be televised, but it will be a much more compelling game than Pitt @ S Florida which is also on Thursday.  Can the Beavers do it again or is Utah the real deal?
Duke @ Ga Tech (10/4, 11:00 ESPNU) - Can Duke keep the dream alive?
Illinois @ Michigan (10/4, 2:30 ABC) - Can Michigan prove last Saturday wasn't a flash in the pan?  Or does Illinois get their season back on track?
Kentucky @ #2 Alabama (10/4, 2:30 CBS) - Each week has been proffered as some test for Alabama, this is the hangover test.  Kentucky is looking to prove they are undefeated for a reason.  If you're lucky (or unlucky), you might get a glimpse of yours truly at this game.
#13 Auburn @ #19 Vandy (10/4, 5:00 ESPN) - Auburn hasn't shown much offense while Vandy has shown great defense.  Can Vandy get the big win in front of a national audience?
#23 Oregon @ #9 USC (10/4, 7:00) - USC has beaten a pitiful Virginia and stumbling Ohio St.  How will they fare after losing to Oregon St?  This is only their fourth game and they still have plenty to prove.
#14 Ohio St @ #18 Wisconsin (10/4, 7:00) - Both have Big Ten title hopes, but Wisconsin couldn't get a win in the Big House and has to win this one to stay in the hunt.  Ohio State is looking to build on last week and prove they're a different team with everyone healthy.

Player of the Week: Jacquizz Rogers, you can't beat him if you can't catch him...
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Posted on: October 1, 2008 5:18 pm

TBDPITL: Week 5 (9.29.08)

I missed the Michigan game b/c I was with family the whole weekend.  As a fan I'd love to see them win out; as a critic I'm still waiting for them to show me they know what they're doing.

USC vs Oregon could be very close or it could be the wrath of Carrol visited upon a flock of fowl.  USC certainly looked suspect in their loss with their defense showing a lack of discipline in their assignments.

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Posted on: October 1, 2008 1:53 pm

TBDPITL: Week 5 (9.29.08)

Michigan looked good in that second half.....I hope Threet can continue to improve and play well agains't a fast Illinois defense. It'll be interesting to see how Michigan's defense holds up too. Maybe it can get through the first half without allowing points for the first time this year!

I think the game to watch will be OU/USC. USC is looking to recover from a bad loss and Oregon is looking to continue in stride and dissolve all hopes of USC making another BCS bowl bid.

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