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TBDPITL: Week 6 (10.6.08)

Posted on: October 6, 2008 1:55 pm
This past weekend wasn't as wild, but we got a start on some awesome conference match-ups.  We are now down to 15 undefeated teams in Div 1A, with a guaranteed reduction of that list by two this weekend since we have Texas vs Oklahoma and Oklahoma St vs Missouri.

Quick shout out to my alma mater, North Alabama, as they move one step closer to a shot at another D2 national championship.  They are now 6-0 this season, out scoring their opponents 272-71.  They are currently ranked #2 and will be facing the #3 Valdosta State, conference rival and defending national champs, on 10/25, homecoming no doubt.

  1. Oklahoma (5-0)
  2. Alabama (6-0)
  3. Texas (5-0)
  4. Missouri (5-0)
  5. Penn St (6-0)
  6. LSU (4-0)
  7. Texas Tech (6-0)
  8. BYU (5-0)
  9. Georgia (4-1)
  10. Southern California (3-1)
  11. Florida (4-1)
  12. Utah (6-0)
  13. Vanderbilt (5-0)
  14. Georgia Tech (4-1)
  15. Ohio St (4-1)
  16. Virginia Tech (5-1)
  17. Kansas (4-1)
  18. Illinois (3-2)
  19. Boise St (4-0)
  20. Ball St (6-0)
  21. Wisconsin (3-2)
  22. Texas Christian (5-1)
  23. Cincinatti (4-1)
  24. North Carolina (4-1)
  25. South Florida (5-1)
Player of the Week:  Juice Williams

Games to watch:

Clemson @ #21 Wake Forest
(10/9, ESPN, 6:30) -- Despite their early losses, Clemson can still win the ACC but they have to start by beating a tough Wake Forest team on the road.
#5 Texas @ #1 Oklahoma
(10/11, ABC, 11:00) -- Surely I do not need to explain the importance of this game to anyone....
Nebraska @ #7 Texas Tech
(10/11, 2:00) -- Is Nebraska due for another butt kicking or did they learn their lesson?
Notre Dame @ #22 North Carolina
(10/11, ABC 2:30) -- Anyone else find it odd that these teams have the same record but Notre Dame is NOT the ranked team?
#23 Michigan State @ Northwestern
(10/11, ESPN2, 2:30) -- Northwestern is looking to move to 6-0 for the first time since 1962.
#17 Oklahoma St @ #3 Missouri
(10/11, 7:00) -- Missouri survived an early season shoot-out with Illinois but OK State's O is way more explosive.  Keep the beer close, you won't want to miss a single down in this game.
#4 LSU @ #11 Florida
(10/11, CBS, 7:00) -- Florida has already lost once at home can LSU copy Ole Miss?
#6 Penn State @ Wisconsin
(10/11, 7:00) -- The Badgers may have fallen out of the AP rankings, but they will still be Penn State toughest test to date.
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Posted on: October 6, 2008 5:49 pm

TBDPITL: Week 6 (10.6.08)

Yeah, OK State is just on the outside of my poll, I'm not sold and am waiting for them to hit some opposition.  Sure, they're undefeated, but I'm not impressed with who they have played.

You nailed my reason for leaving Illinois in there, both times they lost to ranked teams in (fairly) close matches.  That doesn't make them worse than the teams I have below them, regardless of record.

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Posted on: October 6, 2008 4:29 pm

TBDPITL: Week 6 (10.6.08)

Nice work here. I have a few differences, but that is just opinion. Most of the teams are ranked about the same.

I was a little surprised that Oklahoma State didn't make your list somewhere. I really like North Carolina and think they are being underrated by the other polls.

I am also surprised that you have two Big Ten teams with 2 losses in your rankings. I guess it is tough to be too upset with Illinois' losses (to Missouri and AT Penn State). I figured most people would most Wisconsin out of the top 25, but they are a really tough team (I moved them to 'on the cusp'.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. Who knew that Oklahoma State at Missouri would be a big game? And what about Northwestern hosting Michigan State being a big game (Am I in the nexus of the universe?)?

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