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My AP 25 picks: Week 8

Posted on: October 15, 2008 5:49 pm
I survived semi-intact last week.  I got the Texas game but missed the Oklahoma one.  Mississippi State and South Carolina showed signs of life to knock off Vandy and Kentucky respectively, so that messed me up a bit too.

Last week:  14-4
On the year:  109-25

We've got some more good match-ups this week, quite a few of them outside the top 10.  The ACC picture will get either clearer with a Wake Forest win or murkier if they lose.

#1 Texas vs #11 Missouri    Texas
This could be an upset for Texas, but I think they'll stay focused.  Texas' D will give Daniel more of the problems that he experienced last week, he's a prolific passer, but not when the D is in his face.

#2 Alabama vs Ole Miss    Alabama
Ole Miss has already pulled a upset on Florida or else I'd be a bit more worried about this game.  Alabama should come out focused to take care of business.  By showing their hand against Florida I think Ole Miss got Alabama's full attention.

#3 Penn St vs Michigan    Penn St

As much as I love Michigan, this will be an ugly game.  Penn State is looking very much like a team from yesteryear; tough, focused and ready to play every down.  Michigan may make a quarter look interesting, but Penn State will rule the day.

#4 Oklahoma vs #16 Kansas    Oklahoma
Kansas has gotten in trouble early their past two games and Reesing has gotten them out of it.  That won't fly against Oklahoma.

#6 USC @ Washington St    USC
The Hollywood Trojans pull out a scripted win over their cardboard opponent Washington State (1-6, 0-4).

#7 Texas Tech @ Texas A&M    Texas Tech
The Aggies' woeful season continues with a loss to Texas Tech.

#8 Oklahoma State @ Baylor    Okla St
This OSU will have no problems this week, for their northern cousins it will be a different matter.

#9 BYU @ TCU    TCU
One of the tougher picks this week.  BYU is looking great this year, but so is TCU.  I think TCU's defense will give them the edge and the win.

#10 Georgia vs #22 Vandy    Georgia
If Vandy wants to win the SEC East, they'll have to do it here.  However, I see Georgia having no problems dispatching the Commodores.

#12 Ohio St @ #20 Mich St    Mich St
#13 LSU @ S Carolina    LSU
#14 Utah vs Colorado St    Utah
#15 Boise St vs Hawaii    Boise St
#17 Va Tech @ Boston Col    Va Tech
#18 N Carolina @ Virginia    N Carolina
#19 S Florida vs Syracuse    S Florida
#21 Wake Forest @ Maryland    Wake Forest
#23 Pittsburgh @ Navy    Pittsburgh
#24 Ball St -- OFF    n/a
#25 California @ Arizona    California
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Posted on: October 17, 2008 9:22 am

My AP 25 picks: Week 8

TCU's defense made a bigger impression than I though they would...

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Posted on: October 16, 2008 11:53 pm

My AP 25 picks: Week 8

While I appreciate the props, none of my pick are against the spread so it's a bit easier.

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Posted on: October 16, 2008 7:43 pm

My AP 25 picks: Week 8

Yo, 109-25? Thats swami-esque sickness dude. You should post your picks on this site It ranks your picks against other fans and has a marketplace where you can post your picks for sale. Keep rollin

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