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SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

Posted on: May 6, 2008 11:19 am
Edited on: May 6, 2008 4:09 pm

I made this as an overall ranking for the 2007/08 season of football and basketball in the SEC.  The rankings use regular season and post season info for each school's team.  The rankings are my opinion but follow record pretty closely.  Please post your's if you would like, feel free to point anything out you don't agree with, thanks for checking it out. 

One question I have for you guys, should I add any other sports?  Oh and please reply to this, I think this could get some pretty good discussion.



1. LSU
- 12-2(6-2), Won SEC West, Won SEC Championship, Won National Championship, Final Ranking(AP #1, Coaches #1)
2. Tennessee - 9-4(6-2), Won SEC East, Won Outback Bowl, Final Ranking(AP #12, Coaches #12)
3. Georgia - 11-2(6-2), Won Sugar Bowl, Final Ranking(AP #2, Coaches #3)
4. Auburn - 9-4(5-3), Won Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Final Ranking(AP #15, Coaches #14)
5. Florida - 9-4(5-3), Lost Capital One Bowl, Final Ranking(AP #13, Coaches #15)
6. Arkansas - 8-5(4-4), Lost Cotton Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
7. Mississippi State - 8-5(4-4), Won Autozone Liberty Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
8. Alabama - 7-6(4-4), Won Petrosun Independence Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
9. Kentucky - 8-5(3-5), Won Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
10. South Carolina - 6-6(3-5), No Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
11. Vanderbilt - 5-7(2-6), No Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)
12. Mississippi - 3-9(0-8), No Bowl, Final Ranking(Unranked)


1. Tennessee - 29-4(14-2), Won SEC East, Won SEC Regular Season Championship, 2 seed, Lost in Sweet 16, Final Rank(AP/Coaches #7)
2. Mississippi State - 22-10(12-4), Won SEC West, 8 seed, Lost in 2nd Round, Final Ranking(Unranked)
3. Georgia - 17-16(4-12), Won SEC Tournament, 14 seed, Lost in First Round, Final Ranking(Unranked)
4. Kentucky - 18-12(12-4), 11 seed, Lost in First Round, Final Ranking(Unranked)
5. Vanderbilt - 26-7(10-6), 4 seed, Lost in First Round, Final Ranking(AP #25, Coaches #25)
6. Arkansas - 22-11(9-7), 9 seed, Lost in 2nd Round, Final Ranking(Unranked)
7. Florida - 21-11(8-8), 2 seed(NIT), Lost in Semifinals, Final Ranking(Unranked)
8. Mississippi - 21-10(7-9), 2 seed(NIT), Lost in Semifinals, Final Ranking(Unranked)
9. LSU - 13-18(6-10), Final Ranking(Unranked)
10. Alabama - 17-16(5-11), Final Ranking(Unranked)
11. South Carolina - 14-18(5-11), Final Ranking(Unranked)
12. Auburn - 14-16(4-12), Final Ranking(Unranked)


1. LSU
(Football #1, Basketball #9, Average #5) - National Championship reigns above all
2. Tennessee(Football #2, Basketball #1, Average #1.5) - 1st place finish in basketball and 2nd in football, they would be first place if not for LSU's national championship
3. Georgia(Football #3, Basketball #3, Average #3) - Football has a NC caliber team next year, after this great year.  Alot will not agree with my ranking of Georgia in basketball but they did win the SEC Tourney, their name will always be remembered for that
4. Mississippi State(Football #7, Basketball #2, Average #4.5) - Had a good year in both sports, surprise for football and great thing to grown on
5. Florida(Football #5, Basketball #7, Average #6) - Florida, boy are they stacked for some more Championships, next year in football and the coming years in basketball, in my opinion Florida is one of the best if not the best athletics programs right now
6. Arkansas(Football #6, Basketball #6, Average #6) - Basketball looked good, football shone bright at moments under D-MAC
7. Kentucky(Football #9, Basketball #4, Average #6.5) - Surprise year for Kentucky football under Woodson and a bowl win against FSU, bad start for Kentucky basketball but they did well in conference and still made tourney, Gillispie should have the Cats playing good.
8. Auburn(Football #4, Basketball #12, Average #8) - Good year in football, bad year in basketball
9. Vanderbilt(Football #11, Basketball #5, Average #8) - Once again another good year for Vandy basketball, a decent year for football, a Vandy bowl appearance could be imminent
10. Alabama(Football #10, Basketball #8, Average #9) - Good start for Saban but slow finish, I expect good things from Alabama football in the coming years, basketball saw a year plagued with injuries so they should rebound
11. Mississippi(Football #12, Basketball #8, Average #10) - Not a good year in football with 0 conference wins, the basketball team performed great and should have future success
12. South Carolina(Football #11, Basketball #10, Average #10.5) - Rough year for South Carolina, I expect success to come under Spurrier.  Hopefully Odom's replacement can help fire this basketball team up

Thanks for reading this guys, please reply and let the discussion begin....


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SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

Thats for the great article in your blog.

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Posted on: January 4, 2009 2:06 pm

SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

My only question is how did Tennessee get ranked above Georgia in football? Because they won the SEC East? Georgia finished with a #2/#3 national ranking and the Vols ended up with a #12 ranking. Georgia won the bigger bowl, and had 2 more wins and 2 less losses. Seems slightly biased to me. This wouldn't have an effect on your overall ranking, seeing as Tennessee would have a 2.0 average and Georgia would have a 2.5 average (even though you probably ranked Georgia a little high in basketball). Other than that, the idea and the mapping out of the rankings is far better than I could have done and certainly a solid entertainment value. Well done Rocky Top!

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Posted on: August 16, 2008 9:59 am

SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

Well thought out.  I am particularly impressed that the choices were determined by research.  Great blog.  I would say that Tennessee ranked second in football is a stretch since their QB situation seems to be one of concern.  Of course I have the advantage of posting in August while you wrote this several months ago.  This could be one of those years where Tennessee if the win they win the East does so due to some surprising losses by the Georgia and Florida late in the season.  I always hate that Tenessee plays Florida so early.  Tennessee always seems to be a late bloomer.

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Posted on: July 6, 2008 1:53 pm

SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

I agree with Kent0607. Kentucky football was a disappointment. I thought they had a good chance to win the east before their collapse.

I really enjoyed the combined rankings.

Go Vols!!!

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Posted on: May 8, 2008 10:35 pm

SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

Georgia shouldn't be ranked ahead of all those teams just because they got hot in the SEC tourney.  They didn't have a good season...Just a good tournament.  And we don't need to start the conference tourney argument.

As for you calling UK football a "surprise"...Really?  I would call it a disappointment.  We returned every skill position player from a 8-5 Music City Bowl Champion...And started the year 6-1 and ranked #6 in the nation before collapsing (blowing games against MIss State, at Georgia, and Tennessee AGAIN)...Nope...UK was a disappointment in football...Not a surprise.

Any team not named UK who followed up an 8-5 Music City Bowl win with another 8-5 Music City Bowl win with the same players would not be called a suprise! 

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 11:35 am

SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

Well if we can add womens basketball maybe tennessee and LSU can split the #1, seeing LSU was in the final 4 again. I think you have a balanced and well thought out point here. Rankings seem pretty close. How will it change this year? And I don't know about UK having the better football team to Tennessee...but man was that a game. Woodson's arm is amazing!

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 10:51 am

SEC Football/Basketball Combined 07/08 Rank

That was not a surprise year for the Kentucky football team.  They were expected to do that well if not better.  They actually should have done better.  The season was a little disappointing with a loss to Miss St and Tennessee, because I really think UK had the better team, just not on that particular day.

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