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Allen Iverson Haters: Pay closer attention

Posted on: March 13, 2009 11:33 pm

Now this isn't just directed at Allen Iverson haters, but anyone that makes the assumption that the Pistons are better off without AI. You only hear people saying that because they either: a) have always hated him since his days on the 76ers and Nuggets, or b) don't pay close enough attention to the Pistons, or c) strong haters of the AI for Chauncey Billups trade, or d) all of the above. Everyone wants to keep saying "I told ya so" about the trade for AI, and the Pistons recent winning streak without him is their latest so called proof of this. Now I'm here to show you all that this is not only completely absurd, but complete ignorance to the fact that the Pistons went on a strong winning streak early in the season without another one of their important players. But how could that be? The media never told us about this?

Earlier in the season, not too long after Christmas Day, Richard Hamilton went down with an injury. The Pistons had to play an 8 game stretch without him, but to many people's surprise, they went 6-2 during those games. Now where does that look familiar? Why that's the exact same record the Pistons have right now without AI in this current 8 game stretch since he went down with his injury. Now I dare you to make the argument that the Pistons played tougher competition this time and played easier teams when Rip was out. Go ahead, you'll just make yourself look foolish. In fact, it's almost the exact same in each of the stretches. The Pistons have beat both the Magic and the Nuggets in both the stretch without Rip and the recent one without AI. Now you might say, "But they beat the Celtics this time!" Let me remind you they don't have their most important player and their cornerstone on defense in Kevin Garnett. If the Pistons played the Celtics when Rip was out, and KG was out then too, then the Pistons would have beat them then. Also, let's look at who the losses were against each time. Without Rip, the Pistons lost to the Trail Blazers and the Jazz (at Utah). Now those two teams are doing pretty well for themselves if I remember correctly. Now without AI, there two losses are from the Hawks and the Knicks. The Knicks are no where near the Blazers or Jazz, and the Hawks were on their bad streak when they beat the Pistons.

So continue to make the foolish assumption that the Pistons are better off without AI, but you're only saying that because you already have that instilled in your mind because of your hate/bias for Allen Iverson, or because the media has been feeding you this garbage and you can't think for yourself. The fact is, the Pistons are a team that knows how to play with great teammwork and defense, and they know how to continue to play at that high level and get wins even without some of their key players. So whether be AI, Rip, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess, Rodney Stuckey, or any other Pistons player, the Pistons can easily go on a good winning streak with any of them being injured. The Pistons have been very streaky this year, and that is not something you can blame on AI alone.

Morale of the story is: Things are not always as they appear.


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Posted on: March 14, 2009 1:53 pm

Allen Iverson Haters: Pay closer attention

When they went 6-2 without Rip THEY HAD CHAUNCEY.

Sorry man, but the Pistons got Allen Iverson in November and Richard Hamilton was out for those 8 games in December-January.



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Posted on: March 14, 2009 12:54 pm

Allen Iverson Haters: Pay closer attention

You know, I'm not an AI hater by any means. But if you think that Billups to Iverson move was for anything else besides clearing up cap space for 2010 I think you're kidding yourself.

And honestly that 8 game stretch of them winning without Rip does nothing to convince me of anything.

Bottom line: They've been a perrenial Eastern Conference Finals contender for years before having a HUGE dropoff this year.

When they went 6-2 without Rip THEY HAD CHAUNCEY.

I'm not gonna say AI is a terrible player, he's not, he's a fantastic scorer.

I'm not even going to say that AI is the reason for the huge dropoff directly.

I just think the Pistons dug their own graves by throwing Billups away and moving Rip out of the starting lineups.

Rip is one of the best shooters in the league, he's impossible to chase off the ball through screens, he's a fantastic passer, and quite possibly one of the best at defending 2 guards ever.

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Posted on: March 13, 2009 11:36 pm

Allen Iverson Haters: Pay closer attention

I would not only love to hear everyone on the boards response to this, but I would also like to hear what CBS's so called NBA experts/analysts would have to say in response to this. But I know they don't believe I'm worthy of a response because I'm only some guy posting on an internet sports site, and they are some big shot writer for CBS. Tongue out



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