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Posted on: February 5, 2010 5:53 pm
The NBA Member Mayhem is a contest designed to show your off your knowledge of NBA basketball while competing against fellow NBA fans. It also gives you a chance to represent and show how much you care about your favorite team. For anyone that is familar with how other Member Mayhems have worked in the past (NFL Member Mayhem, NCAA Member Mayhem), except with an NBA theme. Starting right after the NBA All Star Break Weekend, we will have questions for our participants to answer. They will give a response in an essay format (350 word limit) and it will be then evaluated by our judges and given a score. We will also have the responses put up for everyone else to vote on in a poll. Two representatives (one per each 30 teams of the NBA) will be matched up (based on actual NBA schedules of the teams) and whoever has the most total points (from the judges score and the poll combined) will win the matchup. We will have an entire "regular season" which will last from the first day after All Star Break Weekend (Monday February 16th, 2010) that will last all the way until the end of the NBA season. Follow the "regular season" we will have playoffs (seeded by records and points in the regular season) and go through those to find our eventual champion.

Right now we have all the rules & regulations spelled out, we have the schedule down, we have our front office members, and we have most of our team representatives ready to go. We still need 7 team representatives to fill up all 30 teams so we can have this thing officially ready to go. I will have here links to the Rules & Regulations, the Schedule, and the Team Representatives & Front Office members. If you wish to take over as a representative for one of the remaining teams, please let me know by either go the NBA Member Mayhem thread on the NBA boards, posting here, or even sending me a PM wherever you wish to get ahold me.

We have a lot of the best NBA posters from all of CBS participating in this contest. If you want to prove how smart of an NBA poster you are and how much NBA knowledge you have, this is the contest for you. Join now while spots are still available, and even if you don't sign up feel free to follow us along throughout our season so that maybe next year (if this thing runs well enough in it's first year, you better believe I'll make this an annual contest) you can get involved.

Rules & Regulations


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Posted on: February 10, 2010 8:26 pm

NBA Member Mayhem Home Page

WOOO!!!! Lets get this Going! Suns nation has a title to win!

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