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All Time NBA Defensive Teams: 2nd Team

Posted on: August 4, 2008 2:07 pm
Edited on: August 4, 2008 2:08 pm
I decided that it would interested to gather up the greatest defenders in history and make teams of them like they do each year for the best players in the NBA. So I will find the greatest defenders at put them at their respective positions. Forgive me though, if I don't put them at their primary position, but there is too many great defenders that played center, and I couldn't fit them all onto 3 teams (I'm only going to a 1st team, 2nd team, and 3rd team). So you will some a PF instead of center. Also, players that played multiple positions will be put at whatever position I feel like. If you don't like it, than too bad.

2nd All Time NBA Defensive Team:

PG- Maurice Cheeks

4 All NBA Defensive 1st team selections and 1 All NBA 2nd team selection

Mo was one of the greatest PG defenders and is only rivaled by Gary Payton IMO. He wasn't big and strong, but he was very speedy and quick. He had quick hands and knew how to stay in front of his man and keep him from doing damage. He was a big part of the 76ers success in his career, most notably the 1983 NBA Championship he won with teammates Moses Malone and Julius Erving. He isn't given as much credit because he was overshadowed by the two stars Malone and Dr. J, but he has contributed just as much as they did. He never put up amazing numbers outside of steals, but he was one amazing and underrated player.

SG- Sidney Moncrief

2 Defensive Player of the Years 4 All NBA Defensive 1st team selections and 1 All NBA 2nd team selection

He won the very first (and second) Defensive Player of the Year award. Moncrief was a defensive specialist that was underrated on the offensive end. He was overshadowed by the dominating Lakers and Celtics during the 80s, but his Bucks had the 3rd best winning percentage behind those 2 teams over the decade and he definitely was a huge part of that. He was possibly the best on ball defender in history. Michael was quoted saying about him: "When you play against Moncrief, you're in for a night of all-around basketball. He'll hound you everywhere you go, both ends of the court. You just expect it." If a player like MJ respects your defensive skills that much, you know you were one of the best.

SF- Scottie Pippen

8 All NBA Defensive 1st team selections and 2 All NBA Defensive 2nd team selections

Pippen, along with his Bulls teammates MJ and Rodman, was a defensive beast. Everyone knows how great the Bulls offense was, but it was their great defense that won them their championships. Pippen was known as one of the best defenders in his era, and he played in one of the best (if not the best) eras in basketball. He was selected to 10 total All NBA Defensive Teams which is 1 shy of the record. He could play great man defense, rebound, and had some quick hands as well.

PF- Alonzo Mourning

2 Defensive Player of the Years and 2 All NBA Defensive 1st team selections

Zo was a beast of a defender, but didn't put up great numbers over his entire career due to the fact that he had some bad injuries. Still, when he was healthy in his prime he was a monster on the boards and in the post on defense and played against some of the game's greatest centers like Shaq, Hakeem, The Admiral, Ewing, etc. He was very athletic and versatile for a big guy as well, and he used it to his advantage when defending his opponent. Zo would make it very difficult for anyone to score in the paint and get rebounds.

C- Dikembe Mutombo

4 Defensive Player of the Years 3 All NBA Defensive 1st team selections and 3 All NBA Defensive 2nd team selections

Mutombo was one of the greatest defenders in his prime. He won 4 DPOYs which tied with Ben Wallace for the record. He could go toe to toe with the best centers as well and was an amazing shot blocker and rebounder. He is 2nd on all-time in blocks with 3,256 over his career. His famous finger wag made him popular with fans but not with the officials. He was a monster and 7'2" 260 lbs that would lock down the paint and make it nearly impossible to score at times.

Just to keep track of all the teams:

1st team:

PG- Gary Payton
SG- Michael Jordan
SF- Dennis Rodman
PF- Bill Russell
C- Hakeem Olajuwon

2nd Team:

PG- Mo Cheeks
SG- Sidney Moncrief
SF- Scottie Pippen
PF- Alonzo Mourning
C- Dikembe Mutombo

Coming up in a few days: 3rd All NBA Defensive Team

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All Time NBA Defensive Teams: 2nd Team

HAHA. Wow and still no Jones. Im sure because you didn't see him play your obviously partial but how a guy can be tied for the most all-nba defensive teams all-time and not be one of the two best defenders at his position. Jones was a lockdown defender. Pippen and Rodman over him is a crime.

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All Time NBA Defensive Teams: 2nd Team

Now we should get some opinions now that there is 2 teams to compare.

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