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The Media is to Blame for the Favre Debacle

Posted on: July 11, 2008 4:49 pm
I know most won't agree with me on this, but seeing as Brett Favre is my namesake on here (and the pseudo-religion I've coined using his name), I feel a need to defend both him and the Packers organization.

Who do I blame for this whole debacle? The media.

Each year, the media began a "Brett Favre watch" to see when and if he would announce retirement. Most players have the benefit of waiting the duration of the off-season with little or no scrutiny (like Johnathan Ogden of the Ravens, or Steve McNair). Instead, Brett felt additional pressure, as people began to proclaim him a "media queen" for drawing out the process of retirement each year.

In reality, Brett should have the right to that time without the media hounding him. Most players have an entire offseason to think about their future. This time, Brett was tired after a long season, and didn't want to put the team through the usual histrionics, and decided to call it a career in March.

While this was clearly a mistake (since Favre has obviously shown that he wants to come back), you can't blame Favre for that.

You can't blame the Packers for their actions either. They need to give Aaron Rodgers a chance to play. He showed flashes of brilliance in the Cowboys game, and was more efficient then the great #4 that game. The Packers decided to move forward assuming Favre was retired, a fair assumption considering how adamant he was in his initial retiring.

Now, Favre wants back. Yet the Packers have Rodgers and Brian Brohm waiting in the wings. They can't let him back on, since they have already moved on, they can't release him, due to the cap hit, and they can't trade him to any old team, as many teams might face the Packers. Yet, they have done nothing wrong.

This is all the media's fault, yet no one will ask what their role is in this. They've long scrutinized everything Favre did, asking whether "he still had it" for years, even when it was clear that while he had indeed lost a step (and what older QB hasnt?), it was the supporting cast around him which was preventing his skills from shining through.

This is the media's fault, plain and simple. I will of course root for the Packers, and if a team ends up signing Brett (other than the Vikings, Bears or Lions), then I'll probably root for them too, as a sort of surrogate team to the Green and Gold.

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Posted on: July 18, 2008 3:09 pm

The Media is to Blame for the Favre Debacle

Poor, poor Brett - he's just misunderstood.  Poor, poor Packers front office - they've been put in a no-win situation.  Poor, poor Packer fans - they have idolized a strong-armed gunslinger through alcohol, interceptions, pills, intercetions, bad mouthing players who were trying to put food on the table and don't forget...interceptoions.

Brett Farve has wasted all of his good 'ole boy capital and turned into just another selfish NFL diva.  I wonder if anyone can get a comment from Donald Driver about Farve without hearing somewhere within the first 10 seconds...I told you.

Brett Farve has nobody to blame by himself for the position he finds himself in today.  He has alienated the Packers.  He has erroded the good will earned through achievement that the Packer faithfull still hold for him, and everyday he continues this soap opera he becomes more of an embarrassment.

To be honest - the media is to blame a terms of the same facination some people watch racing to see the wrecks and the tendency in media is to build up stars only to tear them down.  But, again, Brett is the one putting himself in the cross hairs.

I think it was BRILLIANT for the Packers front office to declare the Vikes had tampered.  Minnesota would be a huge threat this year even with a diminished Farve at the helm. 

And let's face it, a 2008-09 version of Brett Farve in anything other than a Packer uniform would be a replay of Montanna in KC, Jim McMahon in Green Bay or YA Tittle at the end of his career.   Nobody wants to see him past his prime.  Somewhere in Alabama Bart Starr is waiting for Brett to ask.  Somehow I think Starr would advise Brett to just put the ball down, stay at home and enjoy what's remaining of his health.

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Posted on: July 12, 2008 4:01 pm

The Media is to Blame for the Favre Debacle

The Packers have invited Brett Farve back into the family as if he were ever really gone, but as a back up to Aaron Rodgers. I think this is only fitting, I don't know why this whole melodrama had to be played out in the public except that Bus Cook is some sort of slime.

Brett has lost some of my respect and tarnished his image as a whole in my humble opinion.

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Posted on: July 11, 2008 6:54 pm

The Media is to Blame for the Favre Debacle

I am a huge Packer fan, but let Farve go and let Rogers play. The only problem i will have is if he goes to Chicago or Minn.

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